AIU’s All India Inter University Women Boxing Championship Concluded at Lovely Professional University

 *Mamta of MDU Rohtak adjudged as the Best Boxer

*Maharishi Dayanand University lifted overall championship Trophy with 57Points

*AIIU Men Boxing Championship will remain continuing up to 7th March, 2012 

Jalandhar: All India Inter University Women Boxing Championship for 2011-12 concluded with a great day of boxing at Lovely Professional University, revealing an enthralling display of agility and aggression. The judges declared Mamta of Maharishi Dayanand University Rohtak, who competed in 48 Kg weight category, as the Best Boxer; whereas, Priyanka of Kurukshetra University, who competed in 50 Kg, as the Best Looser. MDU Rohtak lifted overall women championship trophy with winning eight gold medals and earning 57 points.  With Chief Guest of the Day, Chancellor of LPU Mr. Ashok Mittal, accompanied by Pro Chancellor Ms. Rashmi Mittal, Vice Chancellor Dr. Rameshwar Kanwar, Director General Er. HR Singla as well as Prof. Ash from Israel, in the attendance; all the boxers put on great performances with MDU Girls reigning hooks and punches in the rings. Following the footsteps of their state comrade, Beijing Olympic Medal Winner Vijender Singh and inspired by their idol MC Mary Kom, they all seemed future-ready to shine with glory in the world of women’s boxing.

Congratulating all the women winners and highly motivating all other participants, Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal attributed them the title of “heroines of the championship” as they nourished within them enough courage to rise to the occasion of championship. Overwhelmed with all appreciation for their performances, he said: “The performance on display, particularly, at the final day of the women Championship by these Medal winning girls speaks volumes for the kind of talent India is nurturing in the sport of boxing. Our University will ever be ready to act for prospering of such talents through means that our University is required of.” He added: “On these lines, we are according special sports scholarships to the talented students. Moreover, we are letting students have all the possible facilities at the campus so that they may keep on nourishing their talents, ultimately bringing glory to their alma mater as well as country on national as well as international platforms.” 

All the Gold Medalists had their winning spree under spectacular performances claiming the titles. They proved menacing best as they devoured their opponents. The MDU boxers never allowed others any of the fleeting chances to settle down, they led throughout the championship finally claiming the women trophy with whopping points. 13 other silver medalists and 26 bronze medalists also displayed brilliant skills in their respective weight categories to register similar victories and claimed the respective white or dark-brown metal of their win. 

On contacting one of the coaches who accompanied boxing-teams from 28 states of India, Dr. G Krishna Reddy, Physical Education Dept Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam said: “We are very happy to receive all around boosting atmosphere for the general encouragement of the contesting students. At least ,I presume that the efficiency utilized in the organization of the championship for all factors whether related to lodging, boarding, mess, hospitality, medical aid, discipline- all has not been seen anywhere else prior to this. Moreover there had been not even a single controversy in the Judgment; all went on smoothly for the positive attitude making of the students for such competitions.”

Tableau of Punjab received first prize at 3rd Mega Cultural Episode of ‘One India’ at Lovely Professional University

*Chairman of Lovely Group Mr. Ramesh Mittal exclaimed: “Such event organisations help in achieving our vision progressively.”

*Two Day Event adored and admired India’s Freedom Struggle & Role of the Leaders  from different parts of the country

*Cash Prizes for many thousands of Rupees distributed to the students under motivation

*Many thousands of students contributed and understood a lot about the grand glory of India

Jalandhar:  A large number of Tableaus and stalls depicting 28 states of India in miniature remained centre of attraction for all onlookers at Lovely Professional University. The occasion was 3rd Mega Cultural Episode of ‘One India’. It was a patriotic initiative to adore and admire India’s Freedom Struggle & Role of the Leaders towards India’s Freedom from British Rule. The student groups responsible for organising displays and stalls of 28 states were honoured with cash prizes of many thousands of Rupees under motivation and encouragement.  Different Schools of the University had actively participated towards this and transformed LPU Campus to Mini India. On this occasion, the Chairman of Lovely Group, Mr. Ramesh Mittal, Vice Chairman Mr. Naresh Mittal, Chancellor of LPU, Mr. Ashok Mittal, Pro Chancellor Rashmi Mittal, Vice Chancellor Dr. Rameswar Kanwar, Director General Er. HR Singla and other invited guests were specially present.

 Expressing great happiness on the marvellous organization of ‘One India’, the Chief Guest of the Prize Distribution Ceremony, the Chairman of Lovely Group Mr. Ramesh Mittal exclaimed: “For the last two days, India's Freedom Struggle, vibrant cultural heritage, its impressive achievements of might through the contributions made by all martyrs, freedom fighters and other leaders from every nook and corner of the country were really on a majestic display by our students.” He added: “Such event organisations help in achieving our vision progressively.” 

During the closing ceremony, all groups representing 28 states had arranged peculiarities of the states assigned to different schools of the university where School of Electronics and Communication Engineering was declared first and won Rs 20,000 for the marvelous representation of Punjab State; School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering won second of Rs 15000  for Nagaland, School of Mechanical Engineering third of Rs 10,000 for depicting-Arunachal Pradesh; whereas 4th was shared for Rs 5,000 each by School of Fashion Technology  for Mizoram & School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering for  depicting Jharkhand. 

Lovely Professional University welcomed Hundreds of Boxers from Universities across India at inauguration of All India Inter University Boxing (M/W) Championship

*101 Universities are participating under the slogan of “the Fighter-A Hero will Rise”

*From February 23 the championship will be up to7th March, 2012 for 720 league matches

*LPU is hosting National Championship under the aegis of AIU (Association of Indian Universities)

*Boxing Championship will be one of the biggest sports’ event happening in India

*All at University would view hooks and punches live on their laptops and PC Screens

*Prof. A.D.N. Bajpai, Vice-Chancellor, H P U, Shimla and Secretary General, AIU, inaugurated the mega event by hoisting the Sports Flag

Jalandhar: For the last one month, Lovely Professional University has devoted itself in bringing the best of boxing to the campus to enhance sports fervour among students to earn international eminence. In this regard, LPU is hosting All India Inter University Boxing (M/W) Championship under the aegis of AIU (Association of Indian Universities) from February 23 up to 7th March, 2012. Under this, 101 Universities from every state and Union territories of India are participating under the sizzling slogan of “The Fighter-A Hero will Rise”. Today, Prof. A.D.N. Bajpai, Vice-Chancellor, H P U, Shimla and Secretary General, AIU, inaugurated the mammoth National level event by hoisting the Sports Flag. He was accompanied by the Chancellor of LPU Mr. Ashok MIttal, Pro Chancellor Ms. Rashmi Mittal, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Rameshwar Kanwar & Director General Er. HR Singla. 

Amid welcoming celebrations, motivating the “Fighters” from all the four zones of India, the Chief Guest Prof Bajpai extended his good wishes to all individuals for their glorious outcomes of the event: “Translate your potential into actions under true sportsman spirit of vigour and rigour. Also learn different things from other participants in relation to their culture, customs, languages, rituals.” Acknowledging his second visit within a session to the LPU Campus, he wanted all of them to try to be ambassadors of LPU in their cities as such Unique Institutions do a lot towards the over-all personality development of their students through teachings of co-operation and good understanding.

Wishing all the best to contestants to gather laurels for their respective Universities, the Chancellor of LPU, Mr. Ashok Mittal said: "It is indeed the largest national event ever held in the area prior to this.  Our country has already won grace at many International contests in this field; and, I personally feel that the Indian youth will add more chapters of glory to the history of sports.”He added: “We are striving for our students that they may come out as Gold Winners at Olympics. On these lines we are soon going to have a spacious Indoor Stadium and Swimming Pool maintaining modern International Standards.”

In this event, championship for women will be up to Feb 27; whereas, for men from 29 Feb to March 7, 2012 at central place of the University. The championship will be for 13 Women Weight categories and 11 Weight Categories for men from 101 Universities across India, where a huge participation of, up to, 200 Women and 600 Men Boxers is anticipated. 

In women category, bouts will be for 160 league matches, 26 semifinals and 13 finals; on the other hand, in men category for 560 league matches, 22 semifinals and 11 finals. During the organization, about 400 top team managers, coaches and other officials are supposed to keep thronging the LPU Campus, to assist their respective teams, from each and every nook and corner of the country.  In this organization, Women are going to capture 13 gold medals, 13 silver, 26 bronze medals and one best boxer award. Similarly, men will grab 11 gold, 11 silver, 22 bronze medals and 1 best boxer award.

Winners of the event will play international events representing India in near future. Likes of Virender Singh have also shined on International Platforms after showing their might in similar events. One of the interesting for this event is that LPU is streaming the event over the internet and all students and members of the staff will be able to watch the whole of it on their laptops. The event is also being broadcasted on 27 different Screens spread across the Campus, including Hostels and cafeterias. 

On the eve of the Championship after the Managers Meet; Yi LPU Run- a marathon run of 5.5 kms was also organized in and around the campus to keep the sports spirit alive delivering a great message to the students to always stay fit. Yi (Young Indians) is an integral part of the CII (Confederation of Indian Industry). More than one thousand LPU Students, Faculty and Members of Staff participated in this run, along with industry personalities from Techno Campus, Prime Publicity and Crompton Greaves.

3rd Mega Cultural Episode of ‘One India’ brought to a successful close at Lovely Professional University

*Two Day Event idolized India’s Freedom Struggle & Role of the Leaders to the core

* Many thousands of students the great historic aspect in grand glory of India

Jalandhar: 3rd Mega Cultural Episode of ‘One India’ brought to a successful close, today, at Lovely Professional University. The Division of Student Affairs of the University had taken a patriotic initiative for organizing two days to memorialize India’s Freedom Struggle & Role of the Leaders towards India’s Freedom from British Rule. The colourful closing ceremony, where students from 28 states performed the symbolic folk dances of their respective states in full attire added flavour to the real spirit of one India, transforming LPU Campus to Mini India, remained bewitching throughout. On this occasion, the Chairman of Lovely Group, Mr. Ramesh Mittal, Vice Chairman Mr. Naresh Mittal, Chancellor of LPU, Mr. Ashok Mittal, Pro Chancellor Ms. Rashmi Mittal, Vice Chancellor Dr. Rameswar Kanwar, Director General Er. HR Singla and other invited guests were especially present.

Wishing all the best for the next ‘One India’ episode in the next session of 2012-13, the Pro Chancellor of the university, Ms. Rashmi Mittal motivated all: “I personally visited all the stalls and am very happy to see the enthusiasm and the effort put in by the students.” She added: “Our University will keep boosting and facilitating all those students who bring glory and fame to India and its cause.” Continuing she said: “We must adhere to our national character to bring peace and prosperity not only to India but to the whole of the world. The national level celebrations like One India have special motive of awakening and mutual understanding among students, thus developing them to grow into true denizens of this world.” 

The second phase of the event featured more glimpses of the freedom struggle that makes the Indian culture stand apart. The special attractions of the event remained One India Express, Exhibition of Different Indian States, Rhythmic Performances, Light & Sound Show, which were totally designed to raise awareness about the different aspects of Freedom Struggle, Unity in Diversity, Indian culture & civilization. From beginning to the end,  the miniature forms of full brimming various states, like Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Orissa, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry and Rajasthan, remained visible to all on-lookers to earn kudos for both the performers and the participants. 

Lovely Professional University organizing 3rd mega cultural episode of ‘One India’

*Event to bring students from different states of India (presently 28) to understand each other culture better

*Students put in various stalls depicting food, dresses, dances etc

*Great Effort to let students have mutual respects for each other’s heritage

Jalandhar:  Having many thousands of students from almost all Indian states and territories, Lovely Professional University has been continuously in letting the students bring closer and increase the appreciation of different culture under the umbrella of annual mega cultural episode ‘One India’. An event depicting the great oneness amid vast diversity of India. This year, University has taken a patriotic initiative for 3rd episode of ‘One India’ to memorialize India’s Freedom Struggle & Role of the Leaders from different states in gaining the golden day of 15thAugust, 1947 for all Indians. The special attraction remained the great Progression of One India Express (Cultural Procession), where 28 contingents from all the states of India constituted by different schools of the University depicting contributions in freedom through their respective state. One was having the Group of Maharani Lakshmi Bai, the others of Saheed Bhagat Singh, Maharana Partap, Veer Shiva Jee, Mangal Pandey, Chander Sekhar Azad and so on other sung and unsung martyrs and leaders of freedom struggle. Starting from one corner of the campus it culminated on the other with enthusiastic high volume “Vande Matram” and other patriotic slogans all the way of its progression. It was followed by exhibition of different Indian States, Rhythmic dance and song performances, and in the evening enchanting Light & Sound Show. The whole programme was intended to raise awareness about the different aspects of Indian culture and bring students closer. 

Addressing the students, the Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal said: “Having more than 25000 students from various states and cultures all over India; the University strongly pulses its prime responsibility to let students have mutual understanding towards each other’s cultural heritage, customs, traditions, languages and related specialties. As such, it is very important that they should realize the One-Ness that keeps binding all Indians together.” He added: “The cultural mega event ‘One India’ of the University plays a great required role on these lines. During this year event, we are idolizing India’s Freedom Struggle & Role of the leaders from different states for Independence, under factual depictions.

In fact, it is all for the general benefit of the students so that they may keep remembering the big stories of sacrifices and struggle which are letting all of us live in the present atmosphere of ease, peace and prosperity. After invocation to all the martyrs for their sacrificial fearlessness and gallantry, the show  took off with the cultural dances of various states like Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Orissa, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry and Rajasthan. Students had set up kiosks at the different parts of the campus to put on view the better aspects in relation to national character and patriotism in their respective states. The tomorrow of this big show will reveal Exhibition of different states, Rhythmic performances at Campus stage and Prize Distribution. 

On contacting, Mishara, an international student at the University, who has come from Sri Lanka, said: “I was not fully aware about India but visiting different kiosks, I have a great feeling of travelling various states of India to experience the country with such diverse cultural heritage. Also, this event has definitely given me a detailed insight into how India got Independence from British Rule.” 

Lovely Group Started a New Initiative “Lovely Academy” for Competitions Aspiring Students

  *Dedicated & Experienced Team of Faculty from Kota, Delhi, IITs 

*Coaching for all subjects under one roof for IIT/AIEEE/Medical competitive exams

*“Decreasing the stress and increasing the success chances for the students by delivering scientifically structured programme will be the sole aim of the Academy”, said Mr. Ashok Mittal 

 Jalandhar: Understanding the great need of aspiring students for many national level Engineering and Medical competitions and to let them maximize their potential; Lovely Group has recently started a new initiative of Lovely Academy (LAC), at Lovely Mall, Dr Ambedkar Chowk, Jalandhar. This strenuous effort is to provide coaching to the students for top competitive exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT and other Medical/Engineering competitions. For this, dedicated Team of Faculty with years of experience, from Kota, Delhi, IIT, has been specially engaged.

Talking to media Mr. Ashok Mittal, Chancellor, Lovely Professional University mentioned that the core competency of the Academy is its scientifically designed and structured program. The program has been made by the research teams who have many years of experience in delivering results. He further added that, in addition to having scientifically designed fully comprehensive Study Material covering complete course, students will also undergo regular monitoring & analytical approach through review tests & Classes. There will also be series of Mock-Tests with result analysis to further improve upon.

To ensure a professional atmosphere for grooming a state of the art facility has been created. As most of the exams are going online a very sophisticated computer lab with the facility for online mock test is also provided. Lovely Academy will be the only coaching institute in the region to have such modern facility to prepare students for the competition world of tomorrow which is going digital. 

Understanding that it is an equal pressure for parents to see that their kids perform well the academy has deigned online and SMS system where in parents can monitor their wards performance. Also, through the same online system student will be able to monitor his/her compete performance as well. 

Thriving on the quality, admission for a very limited number of seats has already been opened. The batch for the most comprehensive 4 weeks crash courses of AIEEE/Medical- 2012 is going to start on 27th March, 2012. To further help students Academy will also be offering scholarships to the meritorious students based on their class 10th Grades/Percentage. 

Admission to other Regular  Class Room Programmes for 2 Years  Foundation Course( 11th class Students),  One Year Nurture Course( For 12th) &  One Year Target Course(for 12th Pass/Appeared Students) has already been started. Details for the Programmes being offered by the Academy  & Fees  can be had from

3rd National Level Management Fest 'Le Mélange' inaugurated at Lovely Professional University

*Learn Management Skills from day to day life: Chancellor Ashok Mittal desired from students

* More than 34 B-schools from across India participating in the event 

Jalandhar: Le Mélange, 2012- the 3rd national Management Fest of Lovely Professional University has been inaugurated today by the   Chancellor, Mr Ashok  Mittal, at SBRM Auditorium of the University by lighting of the lamp. The best of management skills of students from various B-Schools of the country will be projected here for the benefit of one and all remaining present on the two days of the 'Fest'.  More than 20 events are being hosted for which 2000 students from LPU and other 34 B-schools across India, IIIT Jabalpur, Osmania University Hyderabad, Pacific Business School Udaipur, IIHMR Delhi, IIPM Chandigarh, AIMT Ambala, Tecnia Institute Delhi, Chitkara University, Haryana College and others are participating for competitions like Case Analysis, Creative Marketing, B-Plan, Strategy Making, Panel Discussion and various other Fun oriented Competitions as well. The events are open to all commerce and management students only. 

Welcoming all the students, Corporate Partners and congratulating the organizers, Chancellor, Mr Ashok Mittal demanded of all students to learn management skills from day to day life starting from the home itself. He said: "This Festival is an effort to realize LPU's vision of transforming India through quality education in various disciplines, adopting innovative pedagogies, providing the students a stage to imagine, ideate, innovate, discuss and come up with solutions to various issues confronting the industry in particular and society at large."  He added: “The sole purpose, here, is to let the young minds collaborate and compete, under an initiative to bring together B- Schools' students across India enabling them to learn through showcasing their talents." In French, "Le Mélange" means "The Mixture" and that's what students are going to find here. Mainly and primarily, the fest is towards showcasing of the management aptitude of students, bringing together budding leaders and entrepreneurs of India. 

On contacting the organizing student, Prashant said: "No doubt, learning management is a serious business, it can still be fun. Le Melange 2012 is providing all of us such a platform on these lines. It will start as a management event but all participants will remember it as an everlasting experience filled with toil, excitement and lots of learning." In this regard, a host of events Vishleshan": Case Analysis Competition,"The Mighty Pen": Essay Writing, "Biz Wiz": Business Quiz, "Srijan": Creative Marketing, "Chhavi": Business Simulation Games, "Chehre pe Chehra": Face Painting, "Spark": B-Plan, "Khel Khel Mein": Management Games, "Manthan": Information Analysis, "Kriti": Logo Designing, "Expression": Role Play, "Punch Mantra": Tag-Line, "Waad Wiwaad": Debate, "Cresendo": Ad-Designing, "Talash": Treasure Hunt, "Rann Neeti": Make Your Strategy, "Yogyta": Panel Discussion, "Aaina": A Documentary Making; and, "Pixetra": The Photography Competitions will witness enthusiastic student-participants up to 18th February, 2012. Many attractive stalls in relation to students’ necessities, Eatables, Fun-Games are other attractions of the fest.

4th Annual Athletic Meet at Lovely Professional University declared Pawan Kumar and Mamta Lohani as the fastest Man and Woman of the University

 *Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal urged all University Sports persons: "Aim on Olympics 2016"
* The overall trophy was won by Faculty of Education & Humanities
*More than 1200 student Athletes & 500 Staff-members competed in 58 competitions, in both men and women category.

 Jalandhar:  Celebrated on the standards of National Sports Festival, the two-day 4th Annual Athletic Meet of Lovely Professional University drew to a close under notes of new promises to achieve more at the international level.  Congratulating all the winners, participants and the organising team for hitherto the best Athletics-Meet by the University, the Chancellor, Mr. Ashok Mittal urged all the University Sports men and women to aim at Olympics- 2016.  He said: "Aim on Olympic Win and start working for the same right from now.  Indeed, LPU will continue working industriously and according facilities towards developing sports potential and script possible success stories at international level participations, to bring more and more glory to India." He added: "The enthusiastic approach of the students towards massive participation, particularly from the science and technology students, has indeed pleased me much.  The judgments have hinted that the potential is tremendous; of course, there is a distinct increase in performance level than the last year. Now, responsibility lies with our Department of Sports to ascertain international achievements." He also announced the opening of a new sports arena of the University with Spacious Indoor stadium to hold nine Badminton competitions or Three Basket-Ball Games, at a stretch. It will also see a world class Swimming Pool with amenities for all weather and seasons.

This year, 'Meet 2011-12' witnessed the finest sporting feats, displayed by more than 1200 athletes and 500 members of staff of different departments and schools of the University.  A Number of records were also made as the grand Meet met with intense 58 competitions, with maximum number of 449 participants from the Faculty of Technology and Sciences of the University (LFTS). The overall trophy was won by Faculty of Education & Humanities (LFEH) with 750 points; whereas, LFTS remained Runners up with 575 points. ND Pawan from LFTS became the fastest man ticking an amazing 11.05 sec to win the gold in 100 mts race; whereas, Mamta Lohani from LFEH is the fastest woman with 14.4 secs. The honour of Best Female Athlete of the year also went her credit; on the other hand, Jaskirat Singh & Raghbinder Ghosh were jointly adjudged as the Best Male Athletes.

The two day events ended with Prize Distribution Ceremony, where Winning Athletes were honoured for their splendid performances. The winners of various medals at AIU & Other National Competitions were also specially honoured. In the end, the very interesting Tug of War was organized for faculty and staff-members, where Rest of LPU Team stood on first Podium letting Division of Security & Safety at second. The vote of thanks was followed by colourful dances by the students of Department of Cultural Affairs and National Anthem. 

On asking, some of the Gold Medal Winners in different events, Ranjit, Jaskirat, Sonia, Mamta, Ajay, Amritpal Kaur, all said in a voice: “We will strive hard to bring more name and fame not only to our University but our country also by winning coveted medals on international platforms."

4th Annual Athletic Meet Inaugurated at Lovely Professional University

* More than 1200 students and 500 members of the Staff participated for 58 competitions of Races, 
   Jumps and Throws
* The Chancellor mentioned: it's time to prepare Winners for International Competitions
* Yester-year winner of 1500 Mts Race (Men) Jaskirat Singh bagged Gold Medal this year too; Amrit Pal Kaur declared first among women

Jalandhar:  Organized with the national level fervour, the 4th Annual Athletics Meet of Lovely Professional University was inaugurated today, where more than 1200 students and 500 members of the staff participated for 58 competitions. The event began with Torch Relay followed by unfurling of University Flag, release of balloons and Pigeons by the Chief Guest Mr. Ashok Mittal, Chancellor of the University. On this occasion, Chairman of the Lovely Group Mr. Ramesh Mittal, Vice Chairman Mr. Naresh Mittal, Pro Chancellor Ms. Rashmi Mittal, Vice Chancellor Dr. Ramesh Kanwar, Director General, Er. HR Singla, Senior Deans, Deans of the University and other invited guests were prominently present. The Torch-Relay had started from the Chancellor's Office for the University Sports Stadium at Hardaspur Ground and was led to the Sacred Cauldron by Amit Hans, the Base Ball Gold Medal Winner for the University, held by AIU (Association of Indian Universities), as All India Inter University Championship. This two day meet will conclude with prize distribution & cultural celebrations. 

Congratulating and boosting all the participants to reveal true spirit of sportsmanship for the honour of LPU and glory of Sports, the Chancellor Mr.  Ashok Mittal said: "The participating students should come out with new records so as to cross hitherto kept standardized sports data at AIU Level. It is also a challenge for our Departments of Sports and Physical Education to ascertain the preparation of maximum number of students for participation at International competitions." He added: "Such organizations invigorate students' capability to take on academics more efficiently. On these lines, our university also accords scholarships to the students of such caliber and abilities. "

On this inaugural day, after the March Past by contingents of the University representing different Schools, Departments and Wings of the University, on the melodious tunes of the specially invited Punjab Police Band Team, all the participants took an oath under the leadership of Amritpal Kaur, who has already exhibited her athletic worth at All India Inter University Athletic championship. Competitors participated in the events like 100m, 400m & 1500m track race, Shot Put, Discus Throw, Long Jump, and Javelin Throw etc. The first event of the day was for 1500 meters races for men and women separately. For men, Jaskirat, Amrital, Vinod were declared winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals, respectively; whereas, Amrit Pal Kaur, Roopvati, Neelam were honoured with same medals, in women category. The Department of Cultural Affairs also entertained the spectators through Butterflies Dance by Bodo Girl-students from North Eastern states, Rajasthani Dance and famous Jago and Giddha of Punjab.

Popular Punjabi Actress Neeru Bajwa Enthralled all at Lovely Professional University

* Delivered numerous CDs of the Film Songs to the students

Jalandhar:  Famous Indian model turned actress Neeru Bajwa enchanted students and everyone at Lovely Professional University. She had visited the campus for promotion of her forth-coming Punjabi Film, “Pata Nahi Rabb Kehdeyan Rang ch Raazi.” She compelled all the students to dance and sing along with her on the famous numbers of this film. She herself presented numerous CDs of this film’s songs to students. She has many blockbusters to her name in Punjabi Cinema.

Born and brought up in Canada, she delivered a great message to her fan students: “Education is very important for every field of life- whether it is Reel or Real. I too want to afresh my student life at lovely ‘LPU”, as getting educated in such an environment and with class fellows like you will certainly make me learn life more and more.” She has acted in Punjabi cinema with Harbhajan Mann, Jimmy Shergill, Amrinder Gill, Gippy Grewal, Diljit Dosanjh and others. 

HCL Comnet selected 63 Students of Lovely Professional University at a package of 2.75 lakh per annum

*More than 6000 LPU students have already been placed with many top companies so far

Jalandhar: A leading IT Company & recognized worldwide as a pioneer of remote infrastructure management services, HCL Comnet has recently selected 63 (Sixty Three) students of Lovely Professional University. Selected under a Joint Campus Drive, these students of B.Tech ( CSE/IT/ ECE), Batch 2012 (Final Year)  will join their new assignments as Trainee Software Engineers, at Salary Package of 2.75 lacs per annum in the month of June 2012. Prior to this selection, the students had undergone a very meticulous recruitment criterion. In fact, many other renowned IT, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Management & Hospitality Sector companies recently visited University campus for suitable placements of students. On these lines, more than 6000 LPU students have already been placed with many top companies so far. 

Congratulating the brilliantly successful students, the Director General of the University, Er HR Singla said: “Students getting recruitment at such a reputed firm is indeed a moment of pride for us.” He also said: “Sincere efforts made by aspiring students for such placement drives are worth commendation. We regularly try to provide the best placement to our students, believing and persevering that maximum number of students get placed every session.” He also expressed his happiness on seeing the students’ propagation towards becoming the proud alumni of their alma-mater, within a very short span.  

As per the survey for the last 4 years consecutively, HCL Comnet is amongst the only 2 companies to be ranked in the Best companies to work for in India. The HCL team comprises 24,000 professionals of diverse nationalities, who operate from 26 offices across 15 countries including 170 offices in India. HCL has global partnerships with several leading Fortune 1000 firms including several IT and Technology majors.

On this radiating success, some of the selected students, Ajay Kumar, Akansha Sood, Anil Kumar, Anudeep Kaur, Gogi, Harpinder Kaur and others said jointly: “We are really elated to the core on being selected by a leading conglomerate in India. We will soon be learning with it great Practices. We hold that this all is due to the motivations met to us through our mentors at the University.  We are yet in our initial twenties & these new assignments would enable us to grow differently with multiple career opportunities waiting ahead. We assure all our benefactors that we will continue following the techniques taught to us at the University.” 

63rd Republic Day celebrated at Lovely Professional University with zealous Patriotism & National Character

* India's largest University celebrated the Great Constitution Day of the largest Democratic Country  of the world
* Always think Big to be Big; LPU is in transition towards being Global Brand: Chancellor Ashok Mittal
* LPU will definitely participate in next year's Republic Day Celebrations in New Delhi: Chancellor Ashok Mittal

Jalandhar: Commenced with spectacular Flag-Hoisting & echoing National Anthem on the campus, the 63rd Republic Day Celebrations at Lovely Professional University proved a smaller replica of National Parade held every year in New Delhi, on the National festival Day of 26th January. A grand March Past was organized at LPU through the contingents of Security and Safety staff members, Security Officers, Ceremonial Guards, Hostel Wardens, NCC Cadets, NSS Volunteers, Students Discipline Committee of Hostels,  Separate groups of Sports Men-Women & the Department of Physical Education of the University, on the rhythmic blowing of bag-pipes and drum beats  made by specially invited Army Band. The band also played melodious tunes of famous folk songs of Himachal, J & K, Rajasthan, Punjab etc, under attractive antics of theirs.  One of the highlights of the day remained the show of prompt emergency actions by the ever-ready fire-tenders of the University Fire Brigade Unit, which displayed its potentiality to extinguish fire even on the 15th floor of a multi-storey building.  The cultural programme by student-groups of the university, hailing from different Indian states and other countries, filled all with saluting remembrances towards Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, Martyrs and great Indian leaders through patriotic songs, folk dances and other colourful presentations. The invocating slogans of Vande-Matram, Jai Hind remained echoing throughout the celebrations.

Prior to this, the Chancellor of LPU, Mr Ashok Mittal had hoisted the Tri-colour, followed by befitting Parade Inspection and Guard of Honour. Under passionate patriotism & ardent national character, wishing all students, members of staff and participants a very prosperous and mirthful Republic Day, the Chancellor Mr. Mittal delivered words of inspiration and determination. He not only reciprocated salutes from the students but also motivated them: "We should all be change elements towards propagation of our country by always thinking big on positive lines. Taking our University as an example, which is in regular transition from a small Institute to a national brand and now emerging to be a global brand, we should surely adopt 'we can do' philosophy. In fact, we all should continue strivings to achieve more and more, as we have already established our worth in different fields of Scientific Research Initiatives, Academics, Technology, Sports, Cultural Activities, Placements etc." Seeing the decorum and dignity of the national level parade, at the campus, based on different constituted contingents, he revealed his determination: "Sensing potentiality of the students; LPU will definitely participate in next year's Republic Day Celebrations in New Delhi, in one or the other form." On this occasion, the Pro-Chancellor Ms. Rashmi Mittal, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Rameshwar Kanwar, Director General Er. HR Singla, Senior Deans & Deans were also prominently present among many thousands of students, who witnessed all celebrations passionately, remaining spell-bound throughout the festivity.

Students at Lovely Professional University given hands on training on Immunodiagnostics

Jalandhar: The Vice Chancellor of Lovely Professional University, Dr. Ramesh Kanwar informed that the School of Biosciences at the University hosted a three-day workshop on Immunodiagnostics for the students of M.Sc. Bio-Technology & M.Sc. Microbiology. It was conducted by Biotech Study and Research Center, Chandigarh, wherein students were given hands on training on Dot Blot(Dot blotting allows the antigen of interest to be directly attached to the membrane from a protein solution), Immune-fluorescence Microscopy, Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) and PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction). The aim of workshop was to make the students learn and further experiment on the recent applications of above cited techniques in immunodiagnostics.
These techniques are powerful, rapid, economic with a broad range of applications in the field of public health, medical diagnosis and biological research. Immunodiagnostic tests are analytical methods that use antibodies as reagents whose results are used to aid diagnosis and are widely used in many scientific disciplines and in many different ways. Perhaps the most widespread and obvious use is in clinical applications, but immunodiagnostic tests are also used in other fields such as forensic science and environmental and food analysis. The different types of test range from simple manual methods to fully automated systems with sophisticated integrated detection.

Republic Day Will be Celebrated with Full Patriotic Fervour at Lovely Professional University Today

*Different Participating groups of the university have been continuously undergoing rehearsals for the last ten days

Jalandhar: The Director General of LPU, Er. HR Singla has informed that the 63rd Republic Day will be celebrated with full patriotic fervour at Lovely Professional University: "The celebrations will begin with the Tri-colour hoisting by the Chancellor of the University, Mr. Ashok Mittal, followed by parade inspection and receiving of the Guard of Honour. In this regard, rehearsals have been continuously going on at the University for the last ten days. The students, members of the staff, different constituted contingents based on security staff members, hostel wardens and different student-groups are full prepared to show their performances for the on-lookers."

Elaborating further, he added: "This year, there will be a grand march-past from the contingents of Security Officers, Ceremonial Guards, Hostel Wardens, NCC Cadets, NSS Volunteers, Students Discipline Committee of Hostels, Sports Men-Women & two separate contingents  of boys and girls from the Department of Physical Education of the University, on the rhythmic bag-pipes and drum beats of Army Band.  The band display will be enchanting of applauds. One of the highlights will be the show of prompt emergency actions by the ever-ready fire-tenders of the University fire brigade unit, which will add more to the spectacular view. It will be followed by cultural programme revealing unity in diversity through patriotic songs and folk dances."

Seven Days Winter Camp of NSS Volunteers from Lovely Professional University Concluded at Village Raipur Prohala

*Volunteers learnt and displayed human values visiting Pingalwara, Jallianwala Bagh, Golden Temple
* White washed the School Building; cleaned and leveled the cremation ground & roads of the village
* Provided Free Medical Facilities and check-ups, through University Hospital to 350 villagers
*Students vowed to change the mindset of others for better results for the society
Jalandhar: Community Services Cell of Lovely Professional University has successfully organized Seven Days Winter camp by NSS volunteers at a nearby village Raipur Prohala.  Specially chosen 70 volunteers (49 Male & 21 Female), from 10 Units of National Service Scheme at the University, made their main stay on all the days and nights at Government Senior Secondary School of the village. The concluding ceremony was chaired by Pro-chancellor of LPU, Ms. Rashmi Mittal.  The Director General Er. HR Singla  and Deputy Diretor, Mr. Aman Mittal graced the occasion as Guests of Honour; whereas, Senior Leader Paramjit Singh Raipur, S Nirmal Singh Sangha, Sarpanch Desraj, Senior Members of Panchayat along with 50 other eminent persons of the village were specially present on the occasion.  After welcoming the dignitaries, the Head of community Services Cell presented detailed report about the success of the Camp. The volunteers presented cultural programme in the honour of their all inspirers under the notes of the thematic song - "We shall overcome..."
Having a deep interaction with all the volunteers, Pro-Chancellor, Ms. Rashmi Mittal inspired them to work more and more towards the needs of the society to prove themselves as true citizens: “There is really a great need of many such marvellous camps filled to the core with milk of mankind. That is why we are having 10 Units of NSS at the University. Students should themselves forward new projects and initiatives to eradicate ills from the society." She added: "A day's help to someone does not mean much. Think for the genuine help so that it may be carried forward so that it may prove to be a help throughout someone's life; moreover, students should learn all values preferring their studies."
As per the report, after the inauguration of the camp, the volunteers started with the schedule of cleaning of the entire school campus to make it more habitable; organized a Free Medical/ Paramedical/Physiotherapy/Eyes-Check-up camp, where a Medical Team of 35 Doctors and medical staff from SBRM Hospital of the University, examined 350 patients of the village; whitewashed the entire building of the School; visited Pingalwara & Jallianwala Bagh under humane and patriotic fervour;  got spiritually charged by reaching Golden and Durgiana Temples; levelled the boundary wall of the school and village roads; and, swept and cleaned the premises of village dispensary, veterinary hospital and cremation ground. Also, all the volunteers enjoyed daily Morning Yoga, Prayer, Evening sessions comprised of declamation contests, Poetry recitation, Group song, Patriotic song competitions and various sports activities.
On asking volunteers they all said excitedly that it had been a wonderful experience: "We will convey to all other students at the University that NSS is a great platform which surely helps us to make our society filth-free. We all have learnt that serving humanity is real enjoyment."

MBA Student Amandeep of Lovely Professional University brought laurels for proposing the Best Business plan throughout India

*Bagged first prize worth Rs 1.5 Lakh for National Competition 'ET Prodigy: The Quest of Excellence-2011'
*Underwent scrutiny & evaluation of the highest degree by KPMG Global services
*Occasion was a country-wide Case Study Competition by the Economic Times
*Effectively showcased her clarity of thought and creativity

Jalandhar: Talking to Media the Director General of Lovely Professional University, Er. HR Singla, informed that an MBA student of the university, Ms Amandeep Kaur has brought laurels to the University by bagging first prize worth Rs One Lakh & Fifty Thousand for  a National Competition 'ET Prodigy: The Quest of Excellence.' It was a country-wide Case Study Competition by the Economic Times, where she proposed the Best Business plan, throughout India, by effectively showcasing her clarity of thought and creativity. Undergoing scrutiny & evaluation of the highest degree by KPMG Global services, she proved herself the best among all entries made from reputed educational institutions throughout the country. Congratulating Amandeep Kaur, her guides and parents, Er. HR Singla motivated all other students to follow the foot-prints formed by this winning student.

On contacting, triumphant and thrilled Amandeep Kaur said: "Competing in ET Prodigy seemed to be serendipity for me. Now the fruitful result has added immeasurable amount of confidence, self belief, courage and rationality in me, for taking calculative risks. Initially the "Business Plan" I proposed for competition was being labeled as ineffective; however, the introduction to the word- perseverance, which I only learned at LPU, enabled me face my critics. I have also learnt through my teachers and mentors that "I CAN" is far more important than one's Intelligence Quotient."  She further shared: "In the year 2007, I had stepped in LPU for my B. Tech- Biotechnology (MBA Integrated) Programme, with an aim to be an entrepreneur. I am really indebted to my faculty guides who put in great efforts while shaping my thoughts for such a brilliant outcome."

The ET Prodigy is an initiative by The Economic Times to nurture and encourage excellence amongst the youth through a Case Study Competition. It is to recognize the need to engage the young minds of India and offer them a platform to showcase their ability to solve problems effectively. In this Competition, participants were tested through the use of the case study methodology - designed and evaluated by KPMG- a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Advisory and Tax services. For this, participants undergo scrutiny of the highest degree so that most deserving young Indian minds may be awarded cash prizes: 1st Prize - Rs 1.5 lakh,  2nd - Rs 1 lakh & 3rd Prize - Rs 50,000.

Bengaluru Chapter of Lovely Professional University Alumni Association successfully launched

*1st mega reunion event organised at Hotel - President, Jaya Nagar Bangalore

Jalandhar: In addition to many thousands of regular students, Lovely Professional University is in continuous connection with old students as well. Recently, the Bangalore Chapter of LPU Alumni Association has been successfully launched with the 1st reunion event organised at Hotel President, Jaya Nagar Bengaluru. It was a mega reunion, where LPU Alumni gathered with their families, to reminisce, network, get updated and reconnect with friends around the country and the world. The meet was inaugurated with the lighting of the Lamp.

On this launch, the Pro- Chancellor of the University, Ms. Rashmi Mittal said: "The launch of this chapter is to perpetuate the tradition of quality holistic excellence as an umbrella organization to amalgamate Alumnus with the alma mater. As most of the LPU students have been suitably placed with many reputed IT companies in Bengaluru, that is why we are happy to see this chapter there. “She added: "We are further looking forward to develop new Alumni Chapters across India; and, planning for these chapters in major cities and almost all states of India. In fact, University has thousands of students even from remote areas like Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh etc."  

On this occasion, the election of the office Bearers of the Alumni Association was also held.   Mr. Aseem Puri, a pass out of 2009 batch, currently working with Honeywell has been elected  as the President of the chapter;  whereas, Ms. Meghna Saxena, a pass out of 2008 batch, working with Infosys, the Vice President; Mr. Raghav Sharma 2009 pass out, the Secretary; and, Mr. Neeraj Churiwalla as Treasurer of the association. The bye-laws and memorandum of understanding of the alumni association were also discussed. On intervals, various fun activities kept entertaining the alumni and their family- members. An opportunity was also given to all alumni to share their experience at LPU, and its impact on their career. Some of them reminisced about the nicest stay at LPU. All the participants opined that the alumni could play an active role in the growth and development of LPU and also pledged their active support for the same.