3rd Mega Cultural Episode of ‘One India’ brought to a successful close at Lovely Professional University

*Two Day Event idolized India’s Freedom Struggle & Role of the Leaders to the core

* Many thousands of students the great historic aspect in grand glory of India

Jalandhar: 3rd Mega Cultural Episode of ‘One India’ brought to a successful close, today, at Lovely Professional University. The Division of Student Affairs of the University had taken a patriotic initiative for organizing two days to memorialize India’s Freedom Struggle & Role of the Leaders towards India’s Freedom from British Rule. The colourful closing ceremony, where students from 28 states performed the symbolic folk dances of their respective states in full attire added flavour to the real spirit of one India, transforming LPU Campus to Mini India, remained bewitching throughout. On this occasion, the Chairman of Lovely Group, Mr. Ramesh Mittal, Vice Chairman Mr. Naresh Mittal, Chancellor of LPU, Mr. Ashok Mittal, Pro Chancellor Ms. Rashmi Mittal, Vice Chancellor Dr. Rameswar Kanwar, Director General Er. HR Singla and other invited guests were especially present.

Wishing all the best for the next ‘One India’ episode in the next session of 2012-13, the Pro Chancellor of the university, Ms. Rashmi Mittal motivated all: “I personally visited all the stalls and am very happy to see the enthusiasm and the effort put in by the students.” She added: “Our University will keep boosting and facilitating all those students who bring glory and fame to India and its cause.” Continuing she said: “We must adhere to our national character to bring peace and prosperity not only to India but to the whole of the world. The national level celebrations like One India have special motive of awakening and mutual understanding among students, thus developing them to grow into true denizens of this world.” 

The second phase of the event featured more glimpses of the freedom struggle that makes the Indian culture stand apart. The special attractions of the event remained One India Express, Exhibition of Different Indian States, Rhythmic Performances, Light & Sound Show, which were totally designed to raise awareness about the different aspects of Freedom Struggle, Unity in Diversity, Indian culture & civilization. From beginning to the end,  the miniature forms of full brimming various states, like Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Orissa, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry and Rajasthan, remained visible to all on-lookers to earn kudos for both the performers and the participants. 


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