Enchanting Performances by Famous Rappers Enthralled students at Rap Concert of Lovely Professional University

Jalandhar:  In order to make students feel free from stress of coming Examinations, the Division of Student Affairs of Lovely Professional University  organised a Rap Concert, which enthralled all the students. The concert witnessed captivating Raps, Hip Hops, Rhythms, Songs, Dances and varied special Performances by famous  ‘Desi Beam’, ‘Beat Boxing’,  ‘2 Shades’, ‘Crew 172’ and Students themselves. The big-name rappers made the ‘Students- Only Show’ as one of the biggest event of the session 2012, at center stage of the University. This concert has certainly put LPU on the map for notable concerts of the year. In fact, the concert proved itself as war of Rap.

While wishing the students good luck for the best of results in the coming examinations, the Pro Chancellor of the University, Ms. Rashmi Mittal cheered up the students: “The present concert is only to make you more relaxed and relieved towards the best preparations and performances for coming examinations. It is highly expected that you prove your professional learning by scoring for great CGPAs to make your teachers and parents feel proud of you.” On asking the positive nods from the students, in this context, the multitude of them assured of their best outputs under unanimous sound of ‘yes’.

On the other hand, during the concert, Desi Beam came out with their most popular "Main haan Desi", “Naa Dassja" and with more to bring the life to the real hip hop through their six singers. Beat-boxing revealed musical sounds using mouth, lips, tongue, vocal imitation of Turntablism, the simulation of horns, strings, and other musical instruments, connected with hip-hop culture. The song by ‘2 Shades’ spawned dozens of remixes, parodies and remakes. Crew 172 also presented marvels.

The craze for the concert was very much among the students that they tried to have good seats in the front rows. Wisdom Omarin Emmanuel, a BCA (Hons) student at the University from Nigeria, Gagandeep, Tavleen and some others also presented their scintillating presentations on this eve.  Towards this organization, Jatin who had compeered for the melodious DJ numbers said: “This concert has really provided a motivating start up for the examinations. Now, we will indeed become much devoted to our studies, after this much of entertainment.”


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