Global Bonds Strengthened at Lovely Professional University During Inaugural of two-day International Fest celebrations- "ONE WORLD"

 *Many hundred International Students and Faculty from 26 Countries at LPU exhibited Fairs and Festivals of their respective country
*Hundreds of foreign students shared their culture & traditions along with thousands of Indian ones
*The theme this year was "International FESTIVALS" in contrast to yester year's Songs, Dances, and Tourism
*LPU EYE- Giant Wheel, remained centre of attraction, fun and frolic for all*26 Special Stalls exhibited the exuberances of different countries in the form of varied articles and forms like clothes, ornaments etc

Jalandhar: Fairs and Festivals of 26 Countries across world were showcased at the campus of Lovely Professional University, during its annual programme 'One World'. The countries, which participated, in this event, included students from Norway, Germany, Afghanistan, Iran, Rwanda, Bhutan, Indonesia, Italy, Bangladesh, Burundi, DR Congo, Nepal, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Cameron and more. Opening the fest, a huge colourful cultural procession, comprising of more than 700 participating students, proceeded, dancing, singing, stamping and thumping on the beats and rhythms of their region, to assemble at the celebration point made at Campus Stage of the University. Shrieks, yells and yelps of enchantment and transcendental ecstasy pervaded all the way, where they continued non-stop display about thematic peculiarities of their respective country to highlight festive occasions, dances, melodies, attires. Also, the day saw the inauguration of 26 Special International Stalls, from where the other on looking students came to know about the facts and figures of countries new for them for currencies, royal heritage, geographical history, Customs, Costumes, Languages, and meals.

After unveiling the sculptured structure of "Global Peace" incarnated, and elaborating about the event, the Chancellor of LPU Mr Ashok Mittal expressed: "Yesterday's world was set on its differences; today's world has a propensity to unification. On these lines, we, too, want to have our international students from across the globe to get integrated into culture of the University which is to up hold virtues and goodness prevailing all around the globe, through varied customs, traditions, fairs, festivals. Organization of "One World" is for the students to learn and respect not only their own culture but that of other countries as well." He added: "In this era of globalization, it is most important to have knowledge and awareness about living in a unified world. So, the students belonging to different countries must strengthen the common string that keeps binding all together in oneness. In fact, we are trying hard to disseminate knowledge in such a way that LPU students may prove themselves as truly globally fit citizens. "

Celebrating the theme of the year, International students put on view the fairs and festivals of their respective countries like Seizdahbedar, Navrooz, Calabar, Falgun, Boisakh, Eid, Saba Saba, Nane Nane, Umuganura, Kiota Izina, Yalda, Thimpsu, Tshechu and many more. Students kept swinging on the tunes of these celebrations and tried to learn the special trends, bends and twists of a particular country. It remained fun and merry-making the whole inaugural day under a perfect global understanding. They also enjoyed the high ride on LPU EYE-Giant Wheel to have an aerial view of the whole of the University.

On this celebration, Christophe and Ange from Rwanda said: "We are very happy to represent our country. We saw that other students enjoyed visiting different kiosks with a feeling of visiting the whole of world itself. This celebration has definitely made us more practical with an elaborated insight into how world can be one leaving aside all self interests." Dorji Wangchuk and Jigme Tenzin from Bhutan hold: "We understand that the task of our time is to bring ourselves to the realization that the unity of the human species lies in its diversity. That is why the Festival's events are designed to enable distinctive cultural expressions to gather more closely together."


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