Many thousand Students thronged in supposedly India's largest CAREER cum JOB FAIR-2012 at Lovely Professional University

*More than 15,000 students from different near and far-off states of India participated

*Near 70 MNCs and other National Companies recruiting the Industry ready students as per their   requirements

*"To be only employed is to be at risk, to be employable is to be secure": Chancellor Mittal

*Students of other colleges, universities availed the golden chance in large number

*About 2000 students got shortlisted on the first day

*Job aspirants seen enthusiastically queued up to meet prospective recruiters of their choice

*Spectacular Multi-Industry Job Fair will conclude on 22nd April

Jalandhar:  Said to be India's largest two- day Multi-Industry Job Fair is being held at Lovely Professional University to conclude on 22nd of April. On the first day, the fair has witnessed an over-whelming response from 15,000 job seekers. About 70 Multi National & national companies, from across India, have also reached the campus to recruit the best human resource. The event saw job seekers, from Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, walk-in to seek better paying jobs with some of the most renowned companies, spanned across 15 different Sectors,  including IT, ITeS, Insurance & others, like Maruti Suzuki, Dell, Vodafone, Godfrey Phillips, AIRCEL, Gen Pact, SBI Life Insurance, Techies, Spirex Pharma and many others participating at the fair. Most of the participating companies and job-seeking candidates got enthralled who achieved their goals, even at the first day closure; they also liked the venue and the ambience for recruitment on such a massive scale. Hiring companies have also reported that this participation helped them in closing target vacancies with ease. More than 2000 job-seekers were given on the spot-offers & also shortlisted on the first day.

Greeting all recruiters and job-seekers who revealed faith in mega job fair of the University, Chancellor LPU, Mr Ashok Mittal said:  "Fulfilling one of the prime responsibilities, our University has conducted this job-fair.  In addition, pulsing our corporate responsibility, too; we have also opened this massive job opportunity not only to our students but also to the near and far off students of other colleges, Institutions and Universities." He added: "Through this job fair we want to inculcate among the present day Indian students a very positive attitude about their potentialities, efficiencies leading to their desired employability. We also want to let them keep this in mind that Indian Economy is the third largest economy in the world, in terms of purchasing power which is going to be the third largest economy of the world just after US and China by 2035, as predicted by the Global Investment Bank. That is why, about top 70 Recruiters are thronging the Campus for employing the industry fit human resource."  He also awakened the students towards their being employable: "Employability is about more than just getting a job. To be only employed is to be at risk, to be employable is to be secure. It's about being employable which means having the attributes and skills that will help you to get a job, succeed in that job and change jobs, on needs as per your worth."

Clutching multiple copies of their resumes, the students waited eagerly in long queues, which seemed inconsequential to aspirants who were at LPU to sure utilize this opportunity. Companies too were seen very eager to hire the best talent for various desired functions and levels.  The companies and candidates have got benefited immensely.

At the end of the day, based on almost all companies' feedback; the LPU Job Fair proved very positive towards the targets.  Commenting on the Job Fair, one of the Staffing - Recruiters, said:"The volume of walk-ins was pretty good and so was the quality. Worth mentioning is that handling our processes, we have been able to achieve our target for the best human resource. Our association with organizers is very productive and we intend to continue to build the relationship in the coming future as well." Some of the Job-seekers, Peeha from Dehradun and Abdul from Bangalore said: "We were looking for the right job after completing our degree; and, after reading about the job fair in various blogs we decided to come here. We have already appeared in three of our dream companies and we are very hopeful to get the result tomorrow of getting selected."


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