Academic Leadership Workshop by Two Renowned American Faculty Members Concluded at Lovely Professional University

* LPU & PTU jointly funded the conference to prepare leaders of tomorrow

* "Effective leadership is to build a community of Colleagues": Educationists from IOWA State & San Francisco Universities of US

*45 LPU and PTU Deans, Directors and Department Heads got guided towards leadership for 21st century educational systems

Jalandhar: A massive conduction of two-Day Academic Leadership Workshop by two US Deans, to prepare leadership for 21st century educational systems, concluded on very positive notes at Lovely Professional University.  The renowned American educationists, Dr James L Melsa, Dean, College of Engineering IOWA State University & Dr. Walter H Gmelch, Dean, School of Education at University of San Francisco, explained about perception of academic leaders’ roles, through different sessions in two days, to all the 45 senior participants. The workshop also focused to have world class Universities in Punjab. On this occasion,  LPU Pro Chancellor, Ms. Rashmi Mittal, Vice Chancellor Dr. Ramesh Kanwar, Vice Chancellor PTU, Dr. Rajneesh Arora, Registrar Dr. HS Bains, Dean Dr. Nachhattar Singh; Prof Dr. OP Verma of Beant College of Engg & Tech Gurdaspur; Principal, CEC Landran, Dr. HS Sareen and other Deans and Department Heads for their respective Institutions were present as workshop participants.

During Workshop, Dr. Melsa & Dr. Gmelch advised the participating new leaders: "Be very clear why you want to be in a leadership position; become centered in your philosophy, values & beliefs; build a multilayered support network; develop your team; pay attention to national issues; collaborate well with others; find personal-professional balance; and, above all, take care of yourself-physically, socially, intellectually." Both of them made the participants awakened about the conceptual understanding towards the workshop: "Effective leadership is to build a community of Colleagues; Setting Direction; and, empowering others."  The Deans are also supposed to help Top Management Team to help in preparing next five year strategic Plan- extremely important for future.

Thanking the visiting US scholars, on behalf of all the participants, the Vice Chancellor of LPU Dr. Kanwar assured them that the training at the workshop is certain to bring forth trained academic leaders to achieve excellence in Research and Education not only in Punjab but India also.  On contacting, Dr. Verma and Dr. Sareen, respectively from Gurdaspur and Landra, also revealed their enthusiastic happiness towards the productive conclusion of the workshop.

The day two of the workshop covered seven valuable topics: Measurements; Team-work; Facilitative Leadership; Empowerment; Performance Backing; Personal Development; and, Chairs and Deans Reading. Whereas, day one had elaborations on Adventures in Academic Leadership-transition from academic to leader; Strategic thinking; Visionary Leadership; Values and Systems Thinking; Decision Making; Communications; and, Conflict Management. In fact, the main   objective of the conduction remained to explore the key skills of effective leadership and to develop strategies for effectively leading academic leaders.

It is worth noticing that of the two key speakers at the workshop, Dr. James Melsa serves on many boards and advisory councils for academic and professional programs. He has also co-authored many books. Whereas, Dr. Walter Gmelch has written extensively on the topics of leadership, team development, conflict, and stress and time management.


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