Lovely Professional University Extended Today’s working Hours up to 8pm to Ease out on Rush of Admissions

* Extension in hours mainly to accommodate:

i) Students reaching LPU from different parts of the world & distant corners of India

ii) Heavy rush of Students to make the most of 31st July, the last day of Scholarship Scheme

Jalandhar: In context to the heavy rush of students for admission in the Programmes of their preference at the Lovely Professional University; the Chancellor of the University, Mr. Ashok Mittal informed, While talking to the media: “We have extended working hours of the University, from 5 pm to 8 pm for Tuesday i.e. on 31st July 2012, mainly for two obvious reasons: The first one is to ease out the admission process for a large number of students reaching LPU from different parts of the world & distant corners of India. The other is to accommodate all those meritorious students who are strongly keen to make the most of 31st July, the last day of LPU Scholarship Scheme.”  Continuing he said: “LPU’s foremost motto is that an aspiring student should not remain devoid of education, so up holding students request that they should be allowed some extra time to avail this opportunity, in case of delays due to certain unavoidable reasons. That is why, this special extension of three working hours is made to facilitate students.”

Illustrative, the last day of admission at LPU with scholarship scheme is 31st July, 2012; whereas, the last day of admission without scholarship scheme will remain up to 20th August, 2012. In fact, due to onset of Monsoon and heavy rains in some parts of the country, many of the students are reporting at late hours in the university because of train delays. Moreover, the Chief Warden of the Hostels has also assured the students the co-operative support to continue beyond 8 O’clock in the evening hours, for their settlement in the hostels. Also, Transport Department of the University has planned transport services from Jalandhar and Phagwara Bus Stands & Railway Stations to help out students reaching the university easily and well in time, with their baggages.

Lovely Professional University Scholarship Scheme is closing on 31st July 2012

*Scholarship Scheme is up to one lakh per student per year, depending on Programme

Jalandhar: Believing strongly that deserving students be benefitted and any monetary constraint may not be hindrance for students to have access to quality education; Lovely Professional University is offering India’s largest private Scholarship and Financial Aid Scheme of  more than Rs 100 Crore. Scholarship Scheme is up to one lakh per student per year, depending on the study Programme. This initiative of the University is to benefit the talented students to let them continue higher education of their choice. The last date to avail relevant scholarship is July 31, 2012. This scheme towards Scholarship is based on the percentage of marks in Eligibility Qualification (70% aggregate marks or above) or the relevant entrance national level test like AIEEE, CAT, MAT, XAT etc or State level . But in case of the Post-Graduation program scholarship has been also provided on the basis of the class 12th marks on the demand by the students that it is very difficult to score high in Graduation. 

Also trying to provide opportunities to student with special talent like sports or other extracurricular activity LPU has also extended the scheme on the basis of the Performance in Sports, Cultural, Co-curricular, Social Service & Bravery acts. 

In this regard, the Chancellor of LPU Mr. Ashok Mittal elaborated: “Deriving from University’s thematic slogan- ‘Transforming Education Transforming India’; LPU has drawn out its morale and has been regularly benefitting the students who have performed well in their qualifying examination. This year, too, LPU wanted to honour the students who performed well in their last examination and to help them grow with quality education. Year on year, this scholarship scheme for meritorious students is gaining tremendous response. Till now more than 20000 students have availed or availing scholarship at LPU”. He further said: “continuing with the trend from last year, this year also we are closing the scholarship policy on 31st July, 2012 and this year again we are happy that we are able to support such a large number of students with their academic pursuit.” 
Suggala Prudhui Sa, one of the students from Khammam, Andhra Pradesh who has enrolled this year in the B. tech (Hons.) ECE program of LPU mentioned: “Even after scoring 93% in the board exam I was not sure if I will be able to pursue my dreams to become an Engineer, as my father is from the poor background. But, because of the LPU’s scholarship policy I can now pursue my dream.”  Illustrative, Suggala Prudhui Sa has got a scholarship of Rs. 1 lakh every year from LPU. 

Thousands of New Students will be welcomed at Lovely Professional University under Ten Days’ Freshmen Induction Programme-2012’ from 30th July onwards

*Cultural Shows, Movies, Presentations, Carnival, City & Campus Tours will be there to welcome & motivate new students

*Special Information Booklet with important Phone Numbers, University Rules- Regulations will also be distributed to all  new entrants

Jalandhar: In order to get the many thousand fresh-students fit into the environment of the University; Lovely Professional University is going to conduct a ten-days gigantic 'Freshmen Induction Programme-2012', from 30th July, 2012 onwards. With an elaborated informative & entertaining Schedule to continue up to 8th August, 2012, different sessions are planned at different Blocks of the University.  Students will be introduced, in batches, to the university facilities, policies & procedures, On-Line Resources, Examination System, Tips to Perform Better, and security. Continuous Cultural Shows, Movies, Presentations, Carnival, City & Campus Tours have also been arranged to help themselves with old students. In addition, special Information Booklet with important Phone Numbers, University Rules- Regulations will also be distributed to new entrants for required know-how about the University.

Felicitating the new students on going to become an essential & integral part of the University, as would-be LPU ‘VERTO’ (which means transformer), the Chancellor of the University, Mr. Ashok Mittal said: "Freshmen Induction Programme has been designed in such a way that the new students may get very easily familiarized with all the resources of the university and various LPU rules- regulations, in the shortest possible time-frame. As such, the new phase of students’ lives with the University will open as an open book, quenching all their queries in regard to the University environment."  Reminding them about the great slogan of the University “Transforming Education Transforming India” and letting them clear the meaning of LPU “VERTO”, he said: “Each and every new entering student is to pass out as VERTO”. As such, we expect each student at LPU to enhance their intellectual and professional aptitude to gain competency to transform the society for better tomorrow.”  He further alerted the new entrants: "All fresher-students should attend all the sessions scheduled for them, as these are going to get them well acquainted with the culture, important rules and regulations about the University prior to formal commencement of first term of their related programme.  There will also be ice-breaking sessions and activities which will energize new students to exhibit their potentialities and talents to get more closely connected to LPU by embracing the culture and traditions of the University."

 Illustrative, on the respective, Day One of the Programme, after reporting at University Main Gate; the new entrants will receive massive central addresses full of great messages and information. In this regard, LPU Pro Chancellor Ms. Rashmi Mittal will accord her mesmerizing welcome with lecture on Holistic Development; Vice Chancellor Dr. Ramesh Kanwar, on Opportunities in India and abroad; Director General Er. HR Singla, on Moral values and Ethics; Heads of respective Faculty, on Academic Excellence; Deans Departments, on Insight and opportunities in respective Discipline; and, Director-Division of Students Career Services, on Employability, at the SBRM     Auditorium of the University. This day will also include interactive "Introduction” to respective Schools; University Management System (UMS) Presentation by Heads of Schools, Head & Co-ordinators of Departments in respective classrooms.  The evening will witness Cultural Showcase at University’s Central Stage; Interaction with Parents over tea; and, Presentation on Residential and security services.  On this day, special UMS presentation for parents will also be there.

Day Two will have interactive "Presentation of Academic & Examination, Student Affairs, Career services; Ice-breaking session in School Class Rooms and fun events, adventure sports, Friendly Matches in Hostels; and, above all popular Movies near Division of Student Affairs. Third Day will have University Campus Tour, Registration to clubs and Student Organisations, Exhibits of student projects, Carnival (Food and other stalls) and city Tour as well. On this occasion the talented students of the University will entertain and motivate the fresh students through their enchanting performances depicting great unity in cultural diversity. The new students will also get chances to exhibit their inborn talents, shedding away all their hesitations and complexes.

America’s Top Scholars from University of Illinois did Faculty Development workshop on ‘Best Teaching Practices for Improved Learning’ at Lovely Professional University

*The Faculty Development Programme was organised for adopting top teaching standards

 Jalandhar: Under a Faculty’s Development Programme towards enhancing teaching excellence; a team of three illustrious educationists from prestigious University of Illinois (UoI), Urbana-Champaign, USA, did workshop on “Best Teaching Practices for Improved Learning” for the academic staff members of Lovely Professional University.  Eminent workshop speakers  from UoI were Ms. Cheelan Bo-Linn, Senior Specialist in Education, Center for Teaching Excellence; Dr Walter L Hurley,  Professor of Animal Sciences, UoI’s Distinguished Teacher Scholar; and, Dr. Prasanta K. Kalita, Professor of  Soil & Water Resource Engineering. More than 300 Deans, HODs, Professors & Lecturers of LPU attended the workshop, organized at SBRM Auditorium of the University, towards academic pursuits.

Feeling exalted on the presence of the prominent personalities from American University in the LPU Campus, the Vice Chancellor of LPU, Dr. Ramesh Kanwar informed: “Mainly and primarily this faculty development workshop was to explore and discuss the importance of the concept for effective classroom instruction and improved student learning. In this ever-changing environment, it is very important for faculty to upgrade their knowledge & teaching style. This Workshop helped the participants to identify preferred style of learning; how preferred learning styles are related to one’s teaching methods; determine a variety of instructional methods, assignments, and evaluations that will improve learning and retention for students. Continuing he said: “As each and every individual has a unique way of perceiving, processing and interacting with information; the workshop presented the most suitable and preferring ways that are to take-in and give-out information whilst teaching and learning.”

The contents presented and discussed during the workshop were-‘Responsive, Effective Teachers: Understanding How Students Learn’; ‘Teaching Styles – Learning Styles: Match or Mismatch?’; ‘Engaged, Participatory Students through Active Learning’; ‘Engaging Students in Active Learning and Effective Questioning’; ‘Engaged, Participatory Students through Experiential, Authentic Tasks’; ‘Experiential, Authentic Tasks in the Classroom’; ‘Experiential, Authentic Learning Using Problem-Based Tasks and Field Work’; ‘Creating an Environment to Promote Significant Learning Experiences and Enduring Understanding’; and, ‘Informal Timely Feedback for Teaching and Learning Enhancement’.

In this context, Ms. Cheelan Bo Linn said: “I and other team members from UoI are very happy to come to India for sharing the excellence in teaching and learning. No doubt, the teaching style is different in US and India; yet, the remarkable energetic zeal, here in India, to adopt the best of US pedagogy and other techniques to become more independent in learning is highly applauding. We will continue remaining in touch with LPU for further achievements through such more workshops, in future as well.”

Illustrative, Ms. Bo-Linn’s primary responsibilities are to provide consultation; and, to develop programmes for faculty, unit heads, academic departments. Her most recent workshop topics are on effective student teams, inquiry learning, student motivation, and teaching philosophy and portfolios. Co- ordinating with her, Dr. Hurley is author of over 100 peer reviewed publications and book chapters; and, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Spatial Hydrology, Dr. Kalita is currently the Assistant Dean of Research in the College of ACES at the University of Illinois.

Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad honoured Lovely Professional University for organising Voluntary Blood Donation Camps

*The honouring celebration was organized by Indian Red Cross Society  New Delhi

Jalandhar: Recently, Shri Gulam Nabi Azad, Hon’ble Union Minister for Health & family Welfare, Government of India  has awarded Lovely Professional University in the event of the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS), Delhi, for co-ordination towards collection of 3000 Blood Units in co-ordination with IRCS. The Minister has honoured voluntary blood donors who have donated blood, and organizations which have organized blood donation camps maximum number of times, in the past years. Minister was the Chief Guest at the function organised by the Indian Red Cross Society at the culmination of the World Blood Donation Week celebration in New Delhi. In this regard, coveted commemorative inscription on behalf of LPU was  handed over to University’s Deputy Dean Dr. Lakhanpal of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences.

On this rare honour, Pro Chancellor of LPU, Ms. Rashmi Mittal congratulated all the University blood donors and participants to the voluntary blood donation organizations and exclaimed: “LPU has been organizing blood donation camps in association with IRCS and other voluntary organizations without a break since its inception.  University has always provided maximum number of Voluntary Blood Donors for donating maximum number than targeted blood units, on such organizations.  Both students and staff members have always revealed increasing enthusiasm in organizing the camps and donating the blood. That is why, such an honour has been recently received.” Continuing she said: “More and more of the young students should come forward to voluntarily donate blood, as the demand for blood has gone up due to increase in number of accidents, surgeries and transfusions.” 

Terming blood donation as a bonding between societies and communities, Ms. Mittal also complemented the efforts of the IRCS, other voluntary organizations and blood donors for working “ad infinitum” towards such a humane aim.  She also informed that prior to this, University has already been honoured with State Award by 'State Blood Transfusion Council, Punjab Government for recommendable contribution towards Volunteer Blood Donation on 'National Volunteer Blood Donation Day'. 

It is worth noticing that 'The Indian Red Cross Society' is a voluntary organization having a network of over 700 branches and eight million wide base of Youth Red Cross (YRC) spread across the country with an aim to initiate youth into voluntary blood donation. Moreover, IRCS provides relief in times of disasters/emergencies and promotes health & care of the vulnerable people and communities. It is a leading member of the largest independent humanitarian organization in the world. 

Karur Vysya Bank About to Sign MOU with LPU: Multiple Benefits for University’s Students to be Rolled Out Soon

*  Mr K. Venkateswara, Managing Director (MD), Karur Vysya Bank assures superlative services to the student community at LPU

Jalandhar: Banking services to the students and employees of Lovely Professional University will get a major boost in the near future, when Karur Vysya Bank signs an MoU with LPU Phagwara to extend wide range of banking services to the students and employees of the University. A team of three senior functionaries of the Bank comprising of Shri K. Venkateswara, Managing Director-cum- Chief Executive Officer; Shri T. Sivarama Prasad – General Manager and Shri Venkateswara Rao.K – General Manager flew all the way from Chennai to see the feasible proceedings towards this ambitious MoU, which will facilitate a number of attractive services, including educational loans, to the students of LPU.  A highly respected bank of the country, Karur Vysya has been conferred the awards for Best Private Sector Bank by Bloomberg UTV and  Best Private Sector Bank in Asset Quality by Dun & Bradstreet . The bank has a branch network of 451 branches and an ATM network of 825 units; and plans to augment the branch network to 570 by the end of the financial year 2012 -13.

Shri Venkateswara and his team held an extended meeting, with Shri Ashok Mittal, Chancellor LPU to explore other avenues of cooperation in the better interests of the University students. Through the MoU, the bank and university will agree in providing easy educational loans to students, thereby ensuring that financial constraints do not come in the way of students while striving for quality education. As part of the MoU, personalized banking cards will be issued to all the student account holders of the university, which will be networked with payment channels of the University through customized software. This will enable the students to pay their fees, mess charges, library dues, and canteen charges and make payments at kiosks based on the campus; through these cards. The move is going to prove a major step in ensuring convenient and hassle free financial transactions to the students, and ensures an element of transparency as the details of transactions can be accessed from any part of the world using online services of the bank and the University.

Shri Ashok Mittal, Chancellor-LPU stated, “Karur Vysya Bank is a reputed and well respected name in Indian banking industry, and with this future MoU, students of LPU will have an extended choice in availing banking services within the campus.”  Shri Venkateswara, MD Karur Vysya Bank stated that this going to be banking relation with the India’s largest University is a conscious effort by the bank to extend services to the thousands of students, thereby making an implicit contribution in the field of promoting education through financial services of highest operational standards.

America’s Fayetteville State University Students & Faculty Members visited Lovely Professional University Under Study India Programme

* American Students Learnt Indian Culture and Economy at Lovely Professional University

Jalandhar:  Twelve Students & Faculty Members from historical & regional Fayetteville State University, United States visited Lovely Professional University to study Indian culture & Business Practices. The American Students and faculty are at LPU up to 15th July, 2012 under Study India Programme for a week. As part of the programme,  students did classes in Indian Economy and Business ethics; learnt about Indian Folk Dances; Singing; culture and customs, from the students of Department of Cultural Affairs. They learnt Indian cooking styles at LPU’s Department of Hospitality, where they also relished self cooked food. They took part in many other extracurricular activities also and became involved in various student projects of mutual understanding, intercultural communication and the lively exchange of experiences. They were also led to many historical, religious and recreational places by the hosting team of the International Department of LPU to let foreign students understand the true Indian responses and emotions. 

Expressing great pleasure on visit of the FSU students at the campus, LPU Chancellor, Mr Ashok Mittal said: “The presence of American students & faculty at LPU to learn Indian Culture and Best Business and ethical Practices is really making me feel proud. India has always been a “Guru” for others to grasp its magnanimous teachings, humane endeavours and success “mantras”. This visit of students from ‘numero uno’ country of the world is really ascertaining about greatness of India, in the present as well as the future. We will continue having such study exchange programmes for better global understanding to be gained by our as well as foreign students. ” He also said: “Such visits and interactive study programmes are of much importance to our students, as these widen their horizons of development and progress.” 

One of the faculty members of FSU’s International Education Programme, Ms Linda D Tomlinson, who is accompanying the US students, said: “The primary mission of this study programme is to provide students an opportunity to expand their understanding of the world. The present trip is constituted of studying Indian Economy & best business practices at LPU; visiting historical, religious, recreational and other sites of importance; meeting new people;  learning about unity in diversity of Indian culture, as students from almost all the states and union territories of India study here. Also students from 26 other countries, who study at LPU, have much to impart and share with us.”

On contacting the visiting FSU students Hector Nicolas & Jessica Ruth Norfleet, of respectively Languages and Pol Science Departments, they said: “We are very happy on absorbing the great and lively culture of Punjab and its people, a great part of India’s rich heritage, through this visit to LPU. This will keep us reminiscing about great India and its cordial & co-operative people who have indeed provided us much to learn from them and their doings.   We have learnt famous dances Bhangra and Gidhha of Punjab and the most commonly used greeting words ‘Sat Sri Akal’.  We also enjoyed unforgettable delicious food of Punjab in the form of Makki Ki Roti, Sarson Ka Saag, Lassi, Aloo Ka Parantha.  Moreover, the hospitality we received here is worth special mentioning as it is almost impossible to be found anywhere else.” 

Lovely Professional University introduces US based Major & Minor System for Engineering Students from this session

*LPU extending beneficial multi-disciplinary learning in same duration of the Programme at no additional    cost
* Changing perspectives want students to hone their skills in more than one stream of learning: Chancellor Ashok Mittal
*Engineering students can choose ‘Major’ for one specialization, and Minor from other offered disciplines
*Specializations in engineering are: ME, CE, Nano-Technology, Bio-Technology, CSE, IT, ECE, EEE.

Jalandhar: The demand for Multi-disciplinary studies, during a single study-programme, has been continuously increasing on the preference of Industry Employment, worldwide. Such a study provides strong foundation in allied topics of interest through coursework from multiple disciplines and participation in other skills & culture. Pacing along with the global trends and traditions for the increased employability of its students; Lovely Professional University has started with US based Major and Minor system, so as to diversify students’ learning across multiple specialties.

Under this new system, LPU students can choose a specialization in ECE, CSE and Management, in addition to the core area of their study. Presently, LPU offers eight specializations in engineering- ME, CE, Nano-Technology, Bio-Technology, CSE, IT, ECE, EEE. To specialize, a student can go for two specializations- one Major and another Minor.  For this, an Electronics and Communication Engineering student can take ECE as Major and, say, Computer Science as Minor. Similarly, Mechanical Engineering student can choose ME as core subject and, additionally Management or IT as Minor. This Concept of Minor, available for Engineering, will be applicable to all branches of Engineering.  The minors available are ‘CSE, Management and ECE’.

In this context, Mr. Ashok Mittal, Chancellor LPU stated:  “This adoption of Major and Minor specializations is very common in US. During our recent visit to Harvard University and other US Universities, we observed that students benefit a lot with such system. Our Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Ramesh Kanwar, who himself has spent 35 years in US, is pushing hard on these lines to enable students to take two subjects during the same duration and fee structure. This all is because present day recruiters want professionals equipped with multiple skills. As such, keeping in view the changing perspectives, it will be extremely beneficial for the students to hone their skills in more than one stream of learning.”

He added: “This system will be optional on the part of the student, and the students will start pursuing their studies for Minor from 3rd semester onwards. The students will not be charged any additional fees for choosing these additional subjects, to their core discipline of study. Under this newly designed concept interested students will have to study six additional courses. This idea has been a big hit with the students, who want to sharpen their understanding of diverse domains of engineering and management, and widen their sphere of acceptability among recruiters of various fields.”

LPU Becomes the Only Place in India to House Automatic Indian Currency Operated Vending Machines to Shell Coca Cola Products

Coca Cola Ludhiana Plant MD Kailash Goenka signed MoU with LPU

40 Automatic Vending Machines of Coca Cola to strew LPU Campus

First machine already installed in one of the hostels in the campus

Jalandhar: LPU has earned the distinction of being the only place in the country to have "Pay and Use" Vending machines of Coca Cola Pvt. Ltd. The first machine, in the University was inaugurated in the Boy's Hostel No.1 of the campus by Mr. Kailash Goenka, Managing Director Ludhiana Beverages Pvt Ltd, who flew down to Phagwara to sign a MoU with the University to install further 39 more machines in the university campus. On this occasion Vice Chairman of Lovely Group Mr. Naresh Mittal was especially present to complete the signing procedure of MoU. Vending machines will be installed across the length and breadth of the University campus, to ensure that refreshment facilities are always at an arm's length of the students.

The machine is very much similar to the automatic weighing machines installed at public places, though this one is bulkier, shells out more products and of course more catchy in appearance also, The machine will accept currency notes, and the electronic panel on the front of machine will ask for the options. As per the choice entered, the machine will shell out bottle/can of cold drink, juice, mineral water etc. The machine has the advantage of man-less services and can be used round the clock. Because of prompt services, it also leads to congestion free sale-points.

Managing Director Kailash Goenka said, "The automatic vending machines are usually meant for sale-points with high consumer count and quick services. Hence the largest University of country, with 25000 students was a natural choice for us to install such machines in substantial number."The machine is evincing much interest amongst the students, and its usage has acquired the proposition of a rage; given its novelty and anytime usability. So much so, that some of the users prefer to travel from the farthest corners of the campus to the vending machine installed in the hostel, just to grab a bottle tucked out by the machine." Shri Ashok Mittal, Chancellor LPU in his statement said, "LPU campus has always been a technology driven campus. So, it is keeping in with the tradition, that LPU campus has been chosen by Coca Cola Pvt. Ltd., to be the place of country to start with the automatic vending machines. We see it is another step in our continuous journey of augmenting student services by leveraging technology."

Heavy Rush of Admissions at Lovely Professional University

*Aspiring students thronging the campus for admissions even from far-off States- Andhra Pradesh, Odisha,    Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, Gujarat and all North-East States

*Already students from 28 States of India and 26 countries have been studying at LPU

*Engineering is the most popular stream for admissions, this year too; other desired are Management,  Architecture, Bio-Technology, Pharmacy, Hotel Management, Commerce, Fashion Technology

*LPU has been offering admissions for Industry needed 200+ Study Programmes

Jalandhar: This year too, Lovely Professional University has been attracting a large number of yearning students, from Punjab and far off states of India, for admission to various Under-Graduate, Graduate, Post Graduate & Diploma Programmes. One of the major flows of admission-seeking students is coming from South India. The students from Southern States like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala are taking admissions in different professional & Industry needed 200+ Study Programmes being offered by LPU. This trend of Admissions from South to North India, at LPU, has been   started from the last year and this year has picked up great momentum in this regard. Engineering is the most popular stream for admissions; whereas, other preferred streams are Management, Architecture, Bio-Technology, Pharmacy, Hotel Management, Commerce and Fashion Technology.

Two of the students from Tamil Nadu, Gowtham V and Cecilia Judith, who have recently got admission at LPU, hold: “We had heard a lot about LPU through various forums like internet and other related fields. To really witness it ourselves, the world class standard, infrastructure and different students related facilities, we travelled all the way from far off place to LPU. We are happy to get admission here and to notice that hundreds of other students from South India are travelling to be here at LPU.”

Many of the other students are from the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Odisha, West Bengal and North Eastern States- Sikkim, Meghalaya, Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura. Already students from 28 States of India and 26 countries have been studying at LPU. Students from neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh and from other countries like Thailand, Mongolia, Ethiopia etc are also rushing towards LPU. One of the students from Thailand, Rattikarn Aimwallanaworrakun  says: “I have much excitement on getting admission at LPU in India. Presently I am learning English Language Programme in the best possible easy way to make myself a globally fit citizen.”
On contacting, the Chancellor of LPU, Mr. Ashok Mittal said: “We are continuously working to let LPU be named prominently as a global university. We want that students from all the 250 countries of the world may get education from India, as Taxila used to impart education to the world in yester-years.”

‘’ Ranked Lovely Professional University among Top Four Private Universities of India

*‘’ is India’s largest professional News and Media Company

Jalandhar:  In accordance to an exclusive survey conducted by India’s largest professional News and Media Company, ‘’; Lovely Professional University has been ranked among top four Private Universities of India. In this regard, the compiled  and published list of 'Top 10 Private Universities of India’ is a comprehensive survey, based on the real worth, the quality of talent and the performance of their students in the corporate world.

As given by the PR Manager, Kornica Dhar, of ‘’: “This ranking list is the first one of its kind and is based entirely on the real worth of a student in the corporate world.” She further assures that the list has been compiled only after a thorough and exhaustive research and will help esteemed institutions and students in more ways than one. Similarly, Harvi Sachar, CEO, believes that despite the various criteria, the quality of a University lies in the performance of its students. This is assessed by the pay package they command in the corporate world. “We consulted HR managers, collected data from the various recruitment firms and Job boards; over 3000 working professionals were interviewed. And, after an extensive and exhaustive research, the top list of institutes was compiled.”

On this ranking, the Chancellor of LPU, Mr Ashok Mittal opines: “Such surveys are very essential for potential students, parents and Industry to make the right choice for their respective ends. In fact, rankings through these surveys bridge gap between the Academia and the Industry, which keep on looking to hire from a variety of quality Institutions, as this ranking list is integral to the students and the corporate organizations.” He further said: “Moreover, such authentic endeavours allow the companies to look beyond IITs and hire quality students from various other reputed and hard working Institutions as well.” Informing, Mr Mittal continued:  “Our University regularly strives to keep pace with the other top universities of the world. Instead of relying on class notes and photocopies passed down generations, our faculty members keep on adding Industry needed innovative trends to the curricula; the obsolete threads are discarded as well, to further revolutionise the existing course structure. On these lines, LPU seems to be turning a new leaf as adding to its many other coveted rankings it has now been ranked among India's top four Private universities.”

Illustrative, SillconIndia has over 2 Million members and sees more than 50,000 new members added every week. It means 50,000 new personalities, new skills, and new connections are added each week. SiliconIndia is India´s largest community of professionals and there is a lot of collective knowledge that can help accelerate careers. Moreover, SiliconIndia´s members post hundred of blogs and news feeds related to careers, their industry updates, technology, sports etc every day.

300 Companies, 3500 Placements: Lovely Professional University Students Made the Most of Placement Season

Jalandhar : With the distinction of being one of the most fertile hot beds of quality, this year again the placement record of Lovely Professional University  remained par excellence as 3500 students of LPU were picked for key job profiles in prominent companies like Wipro, Pepsico, Asian Paints, Indian Overseas Bank, VE Commercial Vehicles (Joint Venture of Volvo & Eicher), Syntel, Biocon, Thompson Press, Videocon, HDFC, Steria, Naukri.Com, SOMA, CRISIL, Convergys, Life Cell International & ACD.

Students of LPU also got one of the best pay packages, cutting across various disciplines. The highest pay package accorded last year soared to 6.75 lakhs, which was awarded to MBA students. In engineering discipline, pay package went as high as 5.9 lakhs. Pharmacy students also performed exceptionally well and package rose to 3.5 lakhs.  In addition to this, students of other programmes, in the disciplines of Bio-Technology, Architecture, Fashion Technology, Hotel Management etc, also performed very well in the job market. LPU is fast becoming a preferred destination for companies to hire quality students, and many companies like AON Hewitt, WIPRO, ITC, SYNTEL, Planet Retail, Ceasefire, Syscom, Jubilant Chemsys, Panacea Biotech, and many other revisited the campus for hiring students.

Mr. Ashok Mittal, Chancellor-LPU says, “LPU’s one of the most important task is to ensure that its students are industry ready & recruited by the top companies.  Placement of our students in top industry like WIPRO, ITC, VE Commercial Vehicles, Asian Paints Convergys & others gives us the sense of gratification that we are able to make great contribution in our students’ life. Moreover, as many of the companies are coming back to LPU for placement year on year is a strong sign that our students are performing well in the industries.”  He further added: “In fact, LPU works on various perspectives to ensure that students get ready for the Industry.  At LPU, students are groomed in a multi faceted way addressing student’s overall personality, present ability, communication skills, academic & technical skills and enhancement of self-confidence." Mr. Mittal told that the University maintains  a strong liaison with various corporate bodies like CII, FICCI, TiE  & others to assess the latest corporate trends with respect to HR requirements of the corporate sector, as well. Besides that, LPU has Academic and Industrial Tie-Ups with tech giants like  EMC2, Cadence, Infosys, EC Council, Think LABS Techno-solutions Pvt Ltd and financial giant like National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSE). The Placement Department of the University works on the recommendations of these bodies to ensure that students are trained and groomed accordingly.