Lovely Professional University Conducted Counsellors’ Training Sessions for Distance Education Study Centres

*Counsellors and Study Centre Heads from across India utilized the conduction
*LPU DE has, at present, more than 250 Study Centres, in India and abroad

Jalandhar: At present, Lovely Professional University’s Directorate of Distance Education has strong network of more than 250 Study Centres, in India and abroad, enabling students to select one which is easily accessible to them. These Study Centres act as access points for advice, counselling and various other student support services, as required for Distance Education.  In order that the aspiring students may be benefitted to the maximum extent, LPU did specially strive to equip the Distance Education Study Centres’ Counsellors with latest & world-wide implemented Student-counselling techniques. In this context, two Days’ training sessions were organised at the University campus. About 50 Counsellors, Study Centre Heads of various centres of Gujarat, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, Uttar-Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh got the skilful training.

Speaking on the organisation of the valuable sessions, the Chancellor of LPU, Mr. Ashok Mittal said: “Our Directorate of Distance Education maintains that such training programmes are very essential and are in the interest of the present as well as would be distance education students. Study Centres, being the points of contact on behalf of the University, these must be equipped with complete know-how about the University, Programmes Curriculum, Policies, Rules and Regulations, various systems and beliefs of the University. On these lines, such training programmes are conducted from time to time to ensure that each new as well as old member of the LPU DE family must gain the required exposure and awareness about the trends and traditions in the present day realms of Distance Education.” In fact, activities like this make LPU Distance Education unique and self-explanatory about its quality consciousness and focus orientation.

The Sessions opened under healthy interactions, with the participating counsellors, providing complete information about LPU Distance Education, its recognitions, accreditations and regularly extendable support by the University for Students and Study Centres. Various resource persons from the Directorate of Distance Education trained the participants with new counselling techniques and oriented them about the use of LPU e-Connect, an Online Portal for students and study centres, Academic Terminologies and Examination Patterns. Mock Counselling session involving participants were also held during the unique training. The participants got many of their queries quenched during the interactive sessions. 

Illustrative, LPU e-Connect is ANY TIME ANY WHERE strong online connection between Students, Study Centres and the University. On-Line Portal facilitates the students towards different academics and administrative requirements, under the motto "Your Education Your Way". With 24X7 accessibility, LPU e-connect is a boon for the students as they can learn as per their convenience, even with their other commitments and occupations. Students enrolled under LPU DE are allotted a personalised User ID and Password through which they can access various interactive and dynamic features, like: e-Resources which provide easy access to Scheme, Syllabi, eBooks, Schedules;  e-Communication for interactive two-way communication to get various information, updates and notices through e-announcements, e-messages; e-Tests, which evaluate students online and provides on the spot Result. Similarly Course Connect, Exams Connect, My Account, Chat, Forum, Grievance Cell, Feed-back, Contact Details etc are much helpful to a distance education student.

Lovely Professional University is organizing Convocation for both LPU & LIT 2011 pass outs on 7th September 2012

* Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice Chancellor of world-leading University of Cambridge, UK, will be the Chief Guest of the Day

* 6409 students will receive Degrees/ Medals/Prizes

*2nd LPU Alumni Reunion will also be held, on the same day, immediately after the Convocation

Jalandhar:  Talking to Media, Pro-Chancellor of Lovely Professional University, Ms Rashmi  Mittal informed: “ LPU is going to organize its 2nd Convocation for both LPU and Lovely Institute of Technology, 2011 Pass out students, on 7th September 2012. Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, UK,  has consented to preside over and deliver the Convocation Address. Knighted for contribution to medical education and research into developing vaccines, particularly to combat cervical cancer; Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz MA PhD FRS FRCP F Med Science is the 345th Vice-Chancellor of  800 years old University of Cambridge.  Visiting for the first time in India, the Honourable Guest will also award medals to the Graduates/Post-Graduates/ Diploma Holders and bestow honour upon other deserving scholars of the University for their expounding contributions towards scholastic achievements.  A total number of 6409 students of LPU and LIT will receive Degrees/ Medals/Prizes during the convocation ceremony, at the University Campus. On the same day, 2ndAlumni Reunion will also be held, immediately after the convocation ceremony is over. For this, the students are required to register on the University Website.” She specially added: “The students of Distance Education of the University can also attend the function.”

LPU MBA Students learnt ‘Customer Segmentation in Telecom Services’ through Industry Connoisseur Videocon Group

Jalandhar: The Faculty of Business at Lovely Professional University organised, today, an important interactive lecture on ‘Customer Segmentation in Telecom Services’ for MBA students. For this significant deliverance, the invited guest was from the Videocon Group, which has been rated among India’s Top 15 Business Houses and listed among the 100 Emerging Giants of the World. During this arrangement, Mr Sanjay Bahl, General Manager North Zone Marketing at Videocon Telecommunications Ltd, enriched more than 400 students towards various types of effective customer segmentation in telecom sector. 

GM Bahl, who has been in the telecom industry for many years, explained the young minds about essential Geographic, Demograhic, Psychographic, Behavioural and other segmentations for the customers. 

Appreciating the enthusiastic presence of the LPU Students, he informed them: “The Indian telecom sector is one of the fastest growing in the world and is projected to become the second largest telecom market globally. It is also factual that the number of mobile subscribers in India is expected to reach 1.01 billion by 2014.  Moreover, with newer technologies entering the market, the sector has opened up enormous opportunities; so, there is a huge demand for qualified and skilled professionals with knowledge in these fields.  As such, the organization of such a timely lecture attains much importance.” 

On contacting a participating student, Isha Satish said that it was a scholarly delivery by the guest: “It has enhanced our learning about the telecom industry and the skills, which are essential towards this field. We have gained a lot through this lecture and we also feel that such regular & standard arrangements at the university will make us more practical in approach.” 

Illustrative, operating as a subsidiary of Videocon Industries Ltd; Videocon Telecommunications Ltd provides telecommunications services under the brand name Videocon. The Videocon Group is a $4 billion, global business conglomerate with a strong presence in Household Consumer Goods, Oil & Gas, Retail, Telecom, DTH and the Power sector. Recently the group also successfully launched a range of Mobile Handsets and next-generation Direct-to-Home television services and world’s first satellite TV.

Google Declares LPU Among Top Five Most Searched Universities on Internet in India

*LPU brings Jalandhar on i-Global Map 
Jalandhar: In accordance to the latest Google study termed as “Students on the Web”; LPU has been declared as one among the top five most searched private Universities on internet, in the whole of India. This study was conducted as part of annual surveys by Google. The study was compiled by combining the Google search query patterns and an offline research conducted by TNS Australia- a part of the global market and social research organization, on behalf of Google India. The research has also revealed that India now ranks second after the US in the absolute volume of search queries related to education, on Google search.  

The study “Students on the Web” has revealed that more than 60% of Indian students use Internet as first source to research information related to educational courses. In this context, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal said: “In actuality, it is a proud moment for us that World’s Independent Leader ‘Google’ has declared our University as one of the top most searched educational institutes on internet, in India.  This ranking is a clear indication that LPU is the most popular University among youth. This point is further supported by the admissions at the University from all across India.  The University Website, which possesses admission related solid information, has helped remote seated students, particularly in South India.   This year, too, a good number of students have been enrolled from this part, reversing the trend which used to exist a couple of years back.” Continuing he said: “Moreover, we also feel elated that LPU is the only tier-2 city University in India which has won such a coveted ranking by the world leader.” It is to be noted that LPU’s vigour has further contributed much towards letting India scale to second position in the world, from the eighth it had 4 to 5 years back. Mr. Mittal added: “We are somewhat relaxed that India now stands second only to US; and, only one step more will certainly make our country to regain & prove its educational superiority over all others, globally.”  

Mr. Rajan Anandan, VP and MD, Google India considers: "With over 60 million Internet users, being in age group of 18-35, educational related search queries are exploding on Google. Our nucleus objective behind compiling this study was to understand the impact Internet is having on this young population with regard to education related decision making by the students.” Illustrative, Education-related queries on Google in India are growing year on year - highlighting the strong demand for information on institutes and courses that are available in the country. 

On this prominent online-facet of the University, some of the students Jobanjit Singh, Thakur Kamal, Pundir, Sutanshu Aggarwal, Devo Ajit Gupta, Suvheeksha S Thakur, Anju Arora and many others hold: “Before taking admission at LPU, we ourselves had searched a lot for LPU on internet, to get relevant and necessary information by making searches as “LPU Colleges”, “LPU University”, LPU Engineering Programmes etc. We got good results for all the searches made as University website contains much information. Now, we are more proud than before as the top leader in the world has also ticked our decision as right. It is indeed a happy moment for us to enjoy the honour bestowed upon our university.”

LPU extended Last Date of Admissions up to 22nd August due to 19th & 20th being the Bank Holidays

*Last date for Admissions to Education Related Programmes is 31st August

Jalandhar: Talking to Media, today, Chancellor of Lovely Professional University, Mr. Ashok Mittal informed: “Under consideration to the heavy demand of many students and their parents that 19th & 20th of August are Bank Holidays; our University has decided to extend the Last Date of Admissions by two days, that is, up to 22nd August, for all Study Programmes except those related to Education. The last date for Programmes of Education is 31st of August, 2012.   In fact, these parents and students have presumed that because of these Bank Holidays, on coming Sunday and Monday, all the admission related processes and other formalities will not get easily fulfilled.   In this regard, we have decided to extend the last day for admissions, which was earlier fixed as 20th August 2012.  We see that the students will utilize this facility, up to their convenience.” Continuing he said: “Understanding that the rules are for comfort and not for discomfort; we have taken this decision to accommodate the request coming from students. Also, the University offices will remain open till late at night, on these two days, to help out all the students.”

Chinese Students & Faculty Members from Kunming University China have reached Lovely Professional University under ‘Know India Programme’

*Chinese-visitors are at LPU for twelve days to learn the best Indian Practices, Culture & Economic Strength
* Similar group from LPU will be visiting China, under exchange programme, next year
Jalandhar:  Fifteen Students & Faculty Members from one of the top Universities in China, Kunming University, are now a days in Lovely Professional University, under ‘Know India Programme’. The Chinese Visitors are at LPU up to the Independence Day, i.e. 15th August, for twelve days. All the visitors have come to India for the first time.  The visitors are going to learn the best Indian Practices, Culture & Economic Strength.  Belonging to diverse fields like Information Technology, Education, Agriculture, Automation, Mechanical Engineering, Music, Social Administration & Life Sciences departments; the visitors are also going to understand and share the specifically relevant issues to their departments. For this all and as a part of the programme, they are presently undergoing a lot of Interaction with students & faculty members of LPU, visiting different departments, imbibing deep knowledge through detailed lectures & seminars, and touring many places of historical, religious, geographical and cultural importance.

Welcoming the touring Chinese ensemble at the campus, the LPU Chancellor, Mr Ashok Mittal expressed: “We are glad to receive the Chinese students & faculty from the world's most populous and fastest-growing economy.  As India, too, is the emerging super-power; the students of both the prominent countries of the world,  will  surely gain much through mutual interactions, each other’s culture / civilization and thoughts of common interests.” He further added: “It is also heartening to see that the visiting students have not only been learning Indian language & culture; but, they are also learning International  Language, English, in practical form from our students and members of staff, which is indeed intensifying our strength. We are in favour of such exchange programmes and will keep on entertaining other such groups from different countries.”  He also said: “In fact, to understand an ever-changing and more globalized world, such interactive, fundamental programmes and visits allow young students of both the countries a room to gain thoughtfulness, in visible comparison and contrast.” 

Sharing the best of their culture, the Chinese students are making live demonstrations in letting the LPU students learn great martial art “Kung-fu”, for self-defence. They taught finite motor skills, complex movements and thought for Kung-fu. They also told that this Art is too structured and constrained by rules and etiquette to be 100% effective. Once understood, it provides proven set of combat skills to survive and win against any attack. They also let LPU students know about the very important dance in the Chinese culture- dragon dance with music; Han Chinese Folk Music; and, traditional Chinese musical instruments, based on their material of composition like animal skins, bamboo, silk, stone etc. They also sang to let LPU students understand Chinese tones, sliding from higher tones to lower tones, or lower to higher tones, or a combination of both.

Contacting the Team Leader of the visitors, from the Office of International & Co-operation of Kunming University, Ms Xia Ling Summer said: “Great experience always pays off! We are very lucky that our University has chosen LPU in Punjab for our know India Programme.  Presently, we are continuously learning much about India as well as LPU in coherent proportions. This visit is, indeed, going to be a memorable trip for all of us, as we are soon going to visit one of the great wonders of the world-the TAJ MAHAL, at Agra, in addition to many other places of importance, through the arrangements of LPU.” Similarly, Prof Zhang Hong from KU’s School of Physical Education says: “Travelling to India & LPU is an experience that everybody should have. This trip will certainly offer us a unique opportunity in experiential learning about Indian culture in contextual sense. I have learnt the great greeting word ‘Namstey’, by heart, which is very captivating for me, especially.”

Illustrative, having three campuses, Kunming University is Yunnan's only comprehensive professional university approved by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. The university library collection stands out, containing more than 462,000 volumes. Kunming University enrolls students from across China. At present, the student body is composed of many thousand students, coming from 17 provinces and autonomous regions. It has a long-term students exchange agreements with other countries as well.

Conclusion of ‘Freshmen Induction- 2012’ at LPU enchanted thousands of New-students through Raga Boyz grand concert

* Talented sons of Ustad Hamid Ali Khan; WALI, INAM & NAYAB from PAKISTAN presented the mesmerizing harmonies of classical fusion

*The whole audience reached transcendental epoch near & around campus stage of the Campus 

Jalandhar: Lovely Professional university organized the conclusion of Ten-Day ‘Freshmen Induction- 2012’ programme, today, on very scintillating & mesmerizing musical outcomes. On this occasion, a live performance by celebrated Music-Band ‘Raga Boyz’ from Pakistan let thousands of fresh students, from all the states of India and 34 countries to the ecstatic state. Talented & artistic, great sons of Ustad Hamid Ali Khan, WALI, INAM & NAYAB presented the harmonies of classical fusion to keep each and every one spell-bound, throughout their rhythmic-pour. 
Hailing from Pakistan and representing the ninth generation of the ‘Patiala Gharana’ for classical music, in inheritance; the group of these world famous great vocalists and instrumentalists also sing and compose for Bollywood Movies. Raaga boys has recently made their ‘Bollywood’ debut with the song “Mann Qunto Maula” for the movie MAXIMUM, where Wali Hamid Ali ( Raga Boyz)  is one of the Music Directors also for the said movie.

On this special organization by the Division of Student Affairs of the University, LPU’s Pro- Chancellor, Ms Rashmi Mittal said: " The culmination of the Freshmen Induction – 2012 is on the great notes of world famous Raga Boyz’ grand concert. Such melodious and festive organizations bind students more and more to the university environment and make them more responsible towards their hard academic programmes and allied works ahead. This is also to prepare them to give 100% of their heart and mind to self-growth and personality development.” Anticipating that thousands of the new students, from 34 countries and 28 states of India, must have got smoothly adjusted up till now, she desired of them sincere work ahead to bring name and fame not only to themselves and their parents but to the university as well as their respective regions and countries also: “There are lot of opportunities for hard-workers in this world. The only thing is to bring forth the best from within under the congenial environment. LPU has welcomed students befittingly; and, it is now the turn of the students that they get geared up to strive more and more to hold aloft the banner of LPU. Indeed, we have much anticipations and expectations to see students proving, themselves, globally productive for the betterment of the society.”

The new students Bethlehem from Ethiopia, Rabin Shrestha from Nepal, Kinzang Tobgay from Bhutan, Bhawana from Nainital, Sangeetha of Tamilnadu, Krishan, Anup from Gwalior, Avnesh Babu of Andhra Pradesh, Kunchala avinash from Guntur, Vishal Sinha of Gorakhpur, Navdeep Kaur of Gurdaspur, Ravi Dudi of Indore, Sokoo Yesna of Mauritius, Putcha from Thailand and others from distant parts of India and globe enjoyed the mirthful occasion equally. The students kept tossing their heads, stamping their feet, waving their hands, uttering “vaah!..vaah!!” on the wonderful numbers and performances from trio of “Raga Boyz”. Divya from Kuwait says: “We have completely forgotten that we are many- many miles away from our country and home…. Indeed LPU is a new home for all of us now…the way we have been welcomed here with programmes of high origin are making us to grow more under such a healthy and congenial study environment. LPU is more than we had heard of!!”

Illustrative, LPU organizes 'Freshmen Induction Programme as the ice-breaking sessions for the thousands of newly admitted students, every year, before the start of new session so that they may get smoothly set to University’s Global Environment. In accordance, Cultural Shows, Movies, Presentations, Carnival, City- Campus Tours are arranged for new students. Many help-desks are installed and information is provided to further facilitate them. As such, they come to know about university set-up, policies & procedures, University Management System, Placements, Security, near-by markets etc. Under this all, Fresh students from almost all the states and union territories of India and about 30 countries get fascinated to see the homely atmosphere during the Induction Programme.

More than 800 International Students will join Lovely Professional University this Year

*International Students from 34 Countries have got admission up till now

*Total International students at LPU cross 1350 track 

Jalandhar:   More than eight hundred international students will join Lovely Professional University, this session 2012-13.  LPU has now got on its rolls students from 34 foreign lands, presently crossing 1350 in number.  In addition to previous students’ enrollment from 26 countries, many new students are coming from other countries like Mongolia, Thailand, Mauritius, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Syria. Still more international students from China, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast and other countries are expected to get themselves enrolled, within a few days. Above stated new countries are those from where the natural flow of students was almost negligible. The popular programmes this year among students include Information Technology (IT), Bio-Technology, Applied Medical Sciences, Computer Applications, Engineering, Business Management, Hotel Management, Physiotherapy etc. As this year, the rate of admission of international students is more than the foregoing year; University expects that by the end of the session LPU will see 1500 International students.

Sharing about preference for LPU, a fresh student from Thailand, Rattikaran Aimwattanaworrakun says that she has joined LPU as it follows a globally relevant curriculum.  The learning received in India is equally valuable back in her country as well.  Another student, Prince Mohammad from Afghanistan is of the view that before deciding to join LPU in India; his parents, relatives and him-self had gone for a number of University websites, not only of India but of other countries also. However, they all decided unanimously to prefer LPU in India, over all other universities, for many a reasons; the best being LPU’s cultural diversity with global understanding. In coherence are the views of Bethlhem Fikre from Ethiopia, Nivin Daham of Syria, Bimla Rana of Nepal and many others. 

On this significant admission expansion, LPU Chancellor, Mr Ashok Mittal said: “LPU always wanted to be a global player. Our university’s biggest aim is to maintain its vast cultural diversity. According to my opinion, students learn in their class-rooms and equally learn through interactions and communications outside the class-rooms, and this diversity help them to imbibe how to look at similar problems through different perspectives.  No doubt, these large international admissions are laying heavy responsibilities on our shoulders; but, we are still aiming to be further global by pursuing to locate expansion in European countries as well. Moreover, in comparison to the past few years, the interest amongst the foreign students to explore educational opportunities in India has also increased immensely.”  

Mr Mittal further informed: “In addition, the key difference this year is LPU’s outreach in more states and countries, as well as stepped-up efforts to reach students. The number of inquiries from abroad for undergraduate/post-graduate degree programmes at LPU has increased many-fold since 2009-2010. This achievement has marked a major step towards fulfilling our objective in providing education of international standards. And, we are very fortunate to have not only a large pool of applicants, but a talented and very competitive group of meritorious students. We are especially pleased to see that the admitted students represent a broad range of communities, backgrounds, distinct fields and interests.”

In fact, LPU has a dedicated International department for the foreign students which take care of their requirements related with understanding towards the new culture, local language, communication with parents etc. LPU also encourages the foreign students by organizing events in which they showcase and share their cultures and way of living with the Indian students. These events help to promote and imbibe the cultural heritage of various countries to always uphold and celebrate ‘unity in diversity’. In addition, LPU has partnership and tie-ups with various foreign universities and institutes across globe including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, Poland and Ghana.

'Freshmen Induction Programme-2012' at Lovely Professional University greeting thousands of new students to University’s Global Environment for their Smooth Adjustment

*Cultural Shows, Movies, Presentations, Carnival, City- Campus Tours are big hit among new students

*Relevant Information containing booklets are also being provided to further facilitate them

* Last day of Admission at the University is 20th August, 2012

Jalandhar: A fresh student, Sonam Phuntsho from Bhutan is having a gala time at Lovely Professional University Campus through largest entertaining and informative Freshmen Induction Programme-2012. Presently, University is conducting this Induction programme to let new students like Sonam know more about LPU’s culture, University Resources, Important rules and regulations, prior to formal commencement of the first term of study programmes. The Induction programme is acting as the ice-breaking sessions for the fresh students; as through various programmes and games new students are going to know each other as well as their seniors. Many of the other new students, like Nazima Ansari from Uttar Pradesh, Reddy Krishna Vamsi from Hyderabad, Kuruvila Thomas of Kerala, Takio Munu from Arunachal Pradesh, Gisa Muganuwa from Rawanda and others have also expressed happiness, as that of Sonam.

Induction programme is to continue up to 8th August, 2012; during which, different sessions will include details about university set-up, policies & procedures, University Management System (UMS), Placements, Security, Markets in Jalandhar etc. Continuous Cultural Shows, Movies, Presentations, Carnival, City & Campus Tours are also entertaining fresh students to let them away from nostalgia. In addition, Information containing booklets are also being provided for students’ immediately needed telephone numbers and other know-how about the University. Under this all, Fresh students from almost all the states and union territories of India and about 30 countries are mesmerized to see the sumptuousness of the Induction Programme.

Felicitating the new students to the LPU Community, the Chancellor of the University, Mr. Ashok Mittal said: "LPU welcomes all the fresh students under great anticipations and expectations for India to emerge as the next super-power through their learning and creations. We have organized this Induction programme so that these students may step into the new phase of their lives with the University in a very befitting educational environment. Induction programme is, indeed, going to let them aware of the facts about the University like who are their Head of the Departments; faculty Members; in which blocks they have to go for their classes or laboratories; what are the processes to be followed for their growth and how they have to get suitably adjusted to the university environ etc.” Mr Mittal also informed that the last day of admissions at the university is 20th August, 2012.

On this occasion the talented senior students of the University are also, daily, entertaining and motivating the fresh students, through their enchanting performances, so as to inspire them to get settled in the University environment.