Chinese Students & Faculty Members from Kunming University China have reached Lovely Professional University under ‘Know India Programme’

*Chinese-visitors are at LPU for twelve days to learn the best Indian Practices, Culture & Economic Strength
* Similar group from LPU will be visiting China, under exchange programme, next year
Jalandhar:  Fifteen Students & Faculty Members from one of the top Universities in China, Kunming University, are now a days in Lovely Professional University, under ‘Know India Programme’. The Chinese Visitors are at LPU up to the Independence Day, i.e. 15th August, for twelve days. All the visitors have come to India for the first time.  The visitors are going to learn the best Indian Practices, Culture & Economic Strength.  Belonging to diverse fields like Information Technology, Education, Agriculture, Automation, Mechanical Engineering, Music, Social Administration & Life Sciences departments; the visitors are also going to understand and share the specifically relevant issues to their departments. For this all and as a part of the programme, they are presently undergoing a lot of Interaction with students & faculty members of LPU, visiting different departments, imbibing deep knowledge through detailed lectures & seminars, and touring many places of historical, religious, geographical and cultural importance.

Welcoming the touring Chinese ensemble at the campus, the LPU Chancellor, Mr Ashok Mittal expressed: “We are glad to receive the Chinese students & faculty from the world's most populous and fastest-growing economy.  As India, too, is the emerging super-power; the students of both the prominent countries of the world,  will  surely gain much through mutual interactions, each other’s culture / civilization and thoughts of common interests.” He further added: “It is also heartening to see that the visiting students have not only been learning Indian language & culture; but, they are also learning International  Language, English, in practical form from our students and members of staff, which is indeed intensifying our strength. We are in favour of such exchange programmes and will keep on entertaining other such groups from different countries.”  He also said: “In fact, to understand an ever-changing and more globalized world, such interactive, fundamental programmes and visits allow young students of both the countries a room to gain thoughtfulness, in visible comparison and contrast.” 

Sharing the best of their culture, the Chinese students are making live demonstrations in letting the LPU students learn great martial art “Kung-fu”, for self-defence. They taught finite motor skills, complex movements and thought for Kung-fu. They also told that this Art is too structured and constrained by rules and etiquette to be 100% effective. Once understood, it provides proven set of combat skills to survive and win against any attack. They also let LPU students know about the very important dance in the Chinese culture- dragon dance with music; Han Chinese Folk Music; and, traditional Chinese musical instruments, based on their material of composition like animal skins, bamboo, silk, stone etc. They also sang to let LPU students understand Chinese tones, sliding from higher tones to lower tones, or lower to higher tones, or a combination of both.

Contacting the Team Leader of the visitors, from the Office of International & Co-operation of Kunming University, Ms Xia Ling Summer said: “Great experience always pays off! We are very lucky that our University has chosen LPU in Punjab for our know India Programme.  Presently, we are continuously learning much about India as well as LPU in coherent proportions. This visit is, indeed, going to be a memorable trip for all of us, as we are soon going to visit one of the great wonders of the world-the TAJ MAHAL, at Agra, in addition to many other places of importance, through the arrangements of LPU.” Similarly, Prof Zhang Hong from KU’s School of Physical Education says: “Travelling to India & LPU is an experience that everybody should have. This trip will certainly offer us a unique opportunity in experiential learning about Indian culture in contextual sense. I have learnt the great greeting word ‘Namstey’, by heart, which is very captivating for me, especially.”

Illustrative, having three campuses, Kunming University is Yunnan's only comprehensive professional university approved by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. The university library collection stands out, containing more than 462,000 volumes. Kunming University enrolls students from across China. At present, the student body is composed of many thousand students, coming from 17 provinces and autonomous regions. It has a long-term students exchange agreements with other countries as well.


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