Google Declares LPU Among Top Five Most Searched Universities on Internet in India

*LPU brings Jalandhar on i-Global Map 
Jalandhar: In accordance to the latest Google study termed as “Students on the Web”; LPU has been declared as one among the top five most searched private Universities on internet, in the whole of India. This study was conducted as part of annual surveys by Google. The study was compiled by combining the Google search query patterns and an offline research conducted by TNS Australia- a part of the global market and social research organization, on behalf of Google India. The research has also revealed that India now ranks second after the US in the absolute volume of search queries related to education, on Google search.  

The study “Students on the Web” has revealed that more than 60% of Indian students use Internet as first source to research information related to educational courses. In this context, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal said: “In actuality, it is a proud moment for us that World’s Independent Leader ‘Google’ has declared our University as one of the top most searched educational institutes on internet, in India.  This ranking is a clear indication that LPU is the most popular University among youth. This point is further supported by the admissions at the University from all across India.  The University Website, which possesses admission related solid information, has helped remote seated students, particularly in South India.   This year, too, a good number of students have been enrolled from this part, reversing the trend which used to exist a couple of years back.” Continuing he said: “Moreover, we also feel elated that LPU is the only tier-2 city University in India which has won such a coveted ranking by the world leader.” It is to be noted that LPU’s vigour has further contributed much towards letting India scale to second position in the world, from the eighth it had 4 to 5 years back. Mr. Mittal added: “We are somewhat relaxed that India now stands second only to US; and, only one step more will certainly make our country to regain & prove its educational superiority over all others, globally.”  

Mr. Rajan Anandan, VP and MD, Google India considers: "With over 60 million Internet users, being in age group of 18-35, educational related search queries are exploding on Google. Our nucleus objective behind compiling this study was to understand the impact Internet is having on this young population with regard to education related decision making by the students.” Illustrative, Education-related queries on Google in India are growing year on year - highlighting the strong demand for information on institutes and courses that are available in the country. 

On this prominent online-facet of the University, some of the students Jobanjit Singh, Thakur Kamal, Pundir, Sutanshu Aggarwal, Devo Ajit Gupta, Suvheeksha S Thakur, Anju Arora and many others hold: “Before taking admission at LPU, we ourselves had searched a lot for LPU on internet, to get relevant and necessary information by making searches as “LPU Colleges”, “LPU University”, LPU Engineering Programmes etc. We got good results for all the searches made as University website contains much information. Now, we are more proud than before as the top leader in the world has also ticked our decision as right. It is indeed a happy moment for us to enjoy the honour bestowed upon our university.”