More than 800 International Students will join Lovely Professional University this Year

*International Students from 34 Countries have got admission up till now

*Total International students at LPU cross 1350 track 

Jalandhar:   More than eight hundred international students will join Lovely Professional University, this session 2012-13.  LPU has now got on its rolls students from 34 foreign lands, presently crossing 1350 in number.  In addition to previous students’ enrollment from 26 countries, many new students are coming from other countries like Mongolia, Thailand, Mauritius, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Syria. Still more international students from China, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast and other countries are expected to get themselves enrolled, within a few days. Above stated new countries are those from where the natural flow of students was almost negligible. The popular programmes this year among students include Information Technology (IT), Bio-Technology, Applied Medical Sciences, Computer Applications, Engineering, Business Management, Hotel Management, Physiotherapy etc. As this year, the rate of admission of international students is more than the foregoing year; University expects that by the end of the session LPU will see 1500 International students.

Sharing about preference for LPU, a fresh student from Thailand, Rattikaran Aimwattanaworrakun says that she has joined LPU as it follows a globally relevant curriculum.  The learning received in India is equally valuable back in her country as well.  Another student, Prince Mohammad from Afghanistan is of the view that before deciding to join LPU in India; his parents, relatives and him-self had gone for a number of University websites, not only of India but of other countries also. However, they all decided unanimously to prefer LPU in India, over all other universities, for many a reasons; the best being LPU’s cultural diversity with global understanding. In coherence are the views of Bethlhem Fikre from Ethiopia, Nivin Daham of Syria, Bimla Rana of Nepal and many others. 

On this significant admission expansion, LPU Chancellor, Mr Ashok Mittal said: “LPU always wanted to be a global player. Our university’s biggest aim is to maintain its vast cultural diversity. According to my opinion, students learn in their class-rooms and equally learn through interactions and communications outside the class-rooms, and this diversity help them to imbibe how to look at similar problems through different perspectives.  No doubt, these large international admissions are laying heavy responsibilities on our shoulders; but, we are still aiming to be further global by pursuing to locate expansion in European countries as well. Moreover, in comparison to the past few years, the interest amongst the foreign students to explore educational opportunities in India has also increased immensely.”  

Mr Mittal further informed: “In addition, the key difference this year is LPU’s outreach in more states and countries, as well as stepped-up efforts to reach students. The number of inquiries from abroad for undergraduate/post-graduate degree programmes at LPU has increased many-fold since 2009-2010. This achievement has marked a major step towards fulfilling our objective in providing education of international standards. And, we are very fortunate to have not only a large pool of applicants, but a talented and very competitive group of meritorious students. We are especially pleased to see that the admitted students represent a broad range of communities, backgrounds, distinct fields and interests.”

In fact, LPU has a dedicated International department for the foreign students which take care of their requirements related with understanding towards the new culture, local language, communication with parents etc. LPU also encourages the foreign students by organizing events in which they showcase and share their cultures and way of living with the Indian students. These events help to promote and imbibe the cultural heritage of various countries to always uphold and celebrate ‘unity in diversity’. In addition, LPU has partnership and tie-ups with various foreign universities and institutes across globe including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, Poland and Ghana.