LPU saw conclusion of mammoth International Conference on Computing Sciences

*“Failing is a great learning to do much better next”: Prof G Singh, Kansas State University, USA

Jalandhar: The School of Computer Applications, Lovely Professional University saw conclusion of two day "Turing100-International Conference on Computing Sciences".  This Conference was dedicated to Alan Mathison Turing, Father of Computer Science. The two day Conference was inaugurated by LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal. On the conclusive day, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr Ramesh Kanwar bid farewell to all, under promise to meet again every year, making this organization an annual event. He mentioned: “LPU has already created huge research facilities in the campus and in future would be working for lot of collaborative research work.” He informed that the Center of Excellence for Water Research would be set in India along with partners from US, UK, South Africa and Israel. He also said that dialogue for Joint Researches with prominent Universities of the world, including University of Cambridge, has already been started. 

During this two day organization, eminent scholars from USA, Prof Amlan Chakraborty, Princeton University increased knowledge about recent research trends in Quantum Algorithms and the Related Circuit Synthesis. Prof Shashi K. Gadia, Iowa State University told about India's role in Advancement of Computing: Past, Present, and Future. Prof Gurdip Singh, Kansas State University presented novel thoughts for “Middleware for Pervasive and Cyber-Physical Systems”. Prof Atul G Kelkar, Iowa State University, explained about Modelling, Simulation, and Integrated Design of Complex Dynamic Systems for Challenges, Benefits, and Trends. Prof Ethirajan GovindaRajan, President, Pentagram Research Centre (P) Limited Hyderabad spoke ‘On the Notion of a Geometric Filter. 

Inspiring the students to continue the process of Research and not to get frustrated in between, Prof Gurdip Singh, Kansas State University said: “Research is a process of continuation and elimination. During this process no work is a wasted effort. To control your frustration try to learn from the so considered waste effort. Next time the researcher has not to go that way but to the other. Failing is a great learning to do much better next.” 

Keynote speakers of the conference were experts in the field of Computing, from the prestigious Universities of America, Industry and many reputed Indian Universities.  More than 1000 researchers had registered and participated in the Conference.  The output of this conference is now further leading towards joint collaborative research projects with Kansas State University, Iowa State University, IBM Research Labs and Pentagram Research Centre.  Faculty members and students of the School of Computer Applications together strived hard for the success of the conference.