Chief Minister of Punjab S Parkash Singh Badal inaugurated India’s Largest Science Congress- Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan (BVS) and Expo-2012 at Lovely Professional University (LPU)

*BVS-Expo-2012 is the India’s largest scientific combo of conference and expo, held up-till now

*At the 4 days’ Conference; the supposed footfall of science lovers is to cross 2 lacs

*The second day of BVS will have Shri T K A Nair, Adviser to Prime Minister of India, as chief guest; whereas, Conclusive day will welcome Chief Guest Hon Governor of Punjab, Shri Shivraj Patil 

*The conference is dedicated to great mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan, to commemorate his 125th birth anniversary

*Hundreds of Scientific exhibits, from DRDO, CSIR, ISRO, Army, Indian Air Force, IITs, Engineering, Agriculture Colleges, Universities and Industry enchanted all

Jalandhar: The 3rd Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan (BVS) and Expo was inaugurated, today, at Lovely Professional University(LPU) by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Punjab & also Chief Patron of the Sammelan, Sardar Parkash Singh Badal. On this magnanimous occasion, he was accompanied by Chairman Lovely Group Mr Ramesh Mittal, Vice Chairman Mr Naresh Mittal, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal, Pro Chancellor Ms Rashmi Mittal, VC Dr Ramesh Kanwar, VC PTU Dr Rajneesh Arora, BVS Co-ordinator, Mr Jay Kumar and others. In order to bring scientific community, academicians, technocrats and other innovators together on a single meaningful research forum, BVS-Expo is being  organized up to 14th October, under the theme  “Science for Global Development”. It is also dedicated to great mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan, to commemorate his 125th birth anniversary. For Expo, more than 120 Stalls of different dimensions exhibited, in three mammoth hangers covering close to 50,000 sq ft area, the best of displays like Missiles, Rockets, MIG-29, Solar-Panels and many other exclusive projects like Zero Cost Lighting in absence of electricity.  Rohini Radar was center of attraction for all which is the latest inclusion in Indian AirForce having sensory power to even identify the face of the pilot of the targeted aeroplane.  These attractive displays were from renowned entities like ISRO, DRDO, DFO, Army, Indian Air Force, Governments of MP, HP, Punjab, Vijnana Bharati, PTU, Pushpa Gujral Science City, Kapurthala, and from different divisions & departments of LPU.  Secretary, Techincal Education Punjab Sh SS Channi; Cabinet Minister Bhagat Chunni Lal, Adviser CM Sh Kamal Sharma; MLA & Chief Parliamentary Secretary, Punjab Mr Som Parkash; Rastriya Sar Kaaryvah Sh Suresh Soni were also present on this occasion.

After lighting of the lamp for smooth sailing of Expo & mammoth conference; Inaugural Address was made by the Chief  Guest, CM Punjab Sd PS Badal: “ This prestigious event should leave an indelible impression in the minds of participants by utilizing this as an useful platform to let students imbibe the scientific temper to the core.”He further held: “We should all utilize this platform in mitigating the problems like potable drinking water, health care & hygiene, depleting water table, air, water and vehicular pollution confronted by the people of the country in general and Punjab in particular.” 

He also required: “As we have to increase the forest cover in the state, so the topics like cultivation of trees, conservation of forest should be preferably discussed in this conference.”  Praising the strivings of LPU for spread of education on a vast campus in many programmes at a stretch, he said: “We always wanted to make Punjab as a hub of education. The way LPU has achieved this Himalayan Task has really made not only Punjab but the whole of India feel proud of its doings. It is great to see that it is the largest University of India, with acclaimed strong presence in the world.”  Assuring all the recommendations and results made at the BVS-Expo to be taken as policy   of the State Government;  he also assured all co-operation and support for the upcoming Indian Science Congress to be held in the month of January 2014. 

Prior to this, welcoming CM Punjab Sd. PS Badal and huge galaxy of  invited intellectuals and students, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal  said: “ We are happy to see a great sea of Indian Wits from the research centers/laboratories of DRDO, CSIR, ISRO, AEC, IITs, Engineering/Agriculture Colleges/Universities and Industry, at BVS-Expo. We anticipate that the lectures, interactions, presentations, papers and expo-exhibits to be presented at the Sammelan will certainly spawn a treasure-house of scientific documentation for the benefit of one & all, and the society.” Mr Mittal also informed that such a huge scientific organization is targeting for the first time villagers, farmers, common mass so that they may get new ideas and novel techniques, relevant to them, face to face.

After inaugural & welcome addresses a brief Introduction was made by  Prof PK Verma, DG,   State Council of Science and Technology(SCST), Madhya Pradesh; addresses were also by Dr Rajinder Dobhal, DG, SCST Uttrakhand  &  Mr. Shantilal Jain, Chairman, Calcutta Tramways Co. Introduction of the Chief Guest was made by MLA, Mr Som Parkash. After presentation of mementoes; Vote of Thanks was through Dr Rajneesh Arora, Vice-Chancellor, PTU: “This is for the first time in Punjab that such a big scientific conference has been organized with the support of two big Universities.  We are happy to see that further co-ordinations from different departments has already made this enormous organization a successful venture.” After a brief cultural Programme; there had been an informative & extensive Interaction session for LPU Students with Dr R S Khandpur, Director General, Pushpa Gujral Science City, Kapurthala.

Visiting students and other educationists’ fraternity enjoyed Educational Film shows, Adventure Sports, Literary Events, Competitive & Non-Competitive Events and Career Counseling Sessions also. Tomorrow, there will be opening of BVS by Shri T K A Nair, Adviser to Prime Minister of India. Whereas, its valedictory programme will have Hon Governor of Punjab, Shri Shivraj Patil, as the Chief Guest of the last day. Illustrative, BVS is being organized jointly, for four days, by Vijnana Bharati along with LPU, Punjab Technical University and Punjab State Council for Science and Technology. 2000 delegates from all over the country, along with 60 experts, in various fields, are going to impart important & expert lectures on the rest of the days. The present challenges and development strategies for Punjab will be discussed exclusively in this conference. 


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