Three –Day Annual Intra University Student Carnival ‘ICARUS 2012’ concluded at LPU

*An amalgamation of 55 science, technology, sports, cultural, management and literary events 

* Sub-titled as Wings of imagination, the event inspired students to follow their dreams & imaginations

Jalandhar:  Following former President of India Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s holding “What you imagine is what will transpire…. What you believe is what you will achieve”; Student Organization Cell of LPU organized a three- day event ‘ICARUS 2012-Wings of Imagination’.  This organization, which was held as an Annual Intra University Student Carnival, saw an amalgamation of 55 exhibitions, workshops, events, potpourri and celebrations. These events designed and derived from the realms of science, technology, sports, cultural and management entertained and added to the knowledge of the onlooker-students.

Awarding the students during valedictory ceremony of ICARUS 2012, Director General of LPU Er HR Singla congratulated each and every participant. Addressing, he said: “We are immensely happy to note the creativity and productivity of the students.  We hope that students will continue learning the basic principles and latest methodologies in different areas to excel others.   The projects and allied workings which have been revealed here will further help students to understand the importance of all Dos and Don’ts, in their areas of learning. LPU will continuously strive to inculcate skills of Creativity, Innovations and leadership among its students, through relevantly needed criteria. 
Some of the participating students said that ICARUS-2012 has taught us a lot: “We kept pondering, creating, innovating and, even, having fun while participating in the events and seeing the efforts of the fellow students. In fact, we immersed ourselves into the ocean of extravaganza under the guidance and motivation of faculty to display and exhibit our projects."

Illustrative, for exhibitions there were Electric Car, many Student Initiated Projects, Painting and Comic-Con Celebration. Sports entertainment were for Table-Tennis, Basket Ball, Fun & Masala Cricket, Street Football, Lan Gaming, Badminton, Chess and Green Marathon.  Events like Ad making Competition, Da-Vinci-Scavenger, Spell Bee LPU 'Dyktando', Brainic Quiz Competition, Code Master LPU, Ludificator were from Department of Management. Whereas,  in the fields of science and technology, there were arrangements for Aqua Robot Competition, Maze follower, Cantilever Bridge, Water rocket, Automobile, Image Processing, Chromatography, Web Designing,  immunology & Electro-tech Workshops. For Night events there were the best arrangements for Night Sky Watch watching, Sky Lantern Ceremony, Animated Movie Screening.  These were added with attractive Robo-wars, Junkyard Genius, Spread Streak &Tweak events.