Grand International heritage celebrations marked the conclusive day of 4th annual festival‘One World’ at LPU

*Heritage Procession, Heritage Ramp-Walk, Heritage Performances and Heritage Exhibition highlighted the proud inheritance of 26 countries

Jalandhar:  Bringing the world together at single location, university’s annual international festival “One World” concluded at LPU campus. The concluding day saw a unique fashion show where international students showcased their attires, and this was followed by mesmerizing musical and dance performances. Highlight of the eve was Mongolian dance of the body-Bielgee performed on the tunes of musical instruments morin khuur and yochin. Iranian folk dance  Afsaneh Ballet, typical dances of Thailand Fawn Thai & Sri-Nuan- under sweetness of music with teut-teung drum beats, Afghan dance ‘Attan’, graceful Balinese dance of Indonesia LAY-gong and santal dance of Bangladesh also enthralled all. The displays at 30 stalls explained much about the countries represented. Specialties included monuments, archaeological objects, architectural designs, wildlife, Landscapes, Geological supremacies, antique acquirements, cultural and allied art form dominances. 

Awarding the participating international students and schools of the University, which toiled to promote international heritage, Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal expressed: “I am happy to see the cultural convergence of so many countries during this celebration. This is really an eye-opener and a learning experience for me as well.” He further advised students to be most accessible and interactive with each other to share and learn other’s culture: “Make friends from other countries and increase global understanding. We live in a beautiful world, have a distinct identity, strong traditions and should learn warm welcome for others.” 

International students Bhawana Chhetri (Bhutan), Ratul Talukder (Bangladesh), Ahmed Hassan (Maldives), Lakshika Jayakody (Sri Lanka) and other international students were seen very happy to be a great part in different activities of participation. Ms Lashika said: “When I started from my country for LPU at India, I was much afraid to think whether I will get adjusted in new culture or not. Now, I am very indebted to LPU environ where I not only got a chance to represent my country’ culture but also absorbed the culture of so many other countries. I also have high words of praise for Indian students who supported me in my activities of celebrations.”

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