Ten Matches will outline today the grand finale of 31st Junior National Softball Championship-2013 at LPU

*36 Finals of league, Pre-quarter & Super league matches destined the victory course
*Punjab boys and girls are continuously excelling others
*Matches between Nagaland & Manipur, Andhra Pradesh & Odisha, Goa and Chhattisgarh, and Haryana & Maharashtra let spectators experience extraordinary softball-skills

Jalandhar: May 5, 2013: Today, 72 teams from different states of India revealed their playing- skills in finals for remaining 12 League, 16 Pre-quarter & 8 Super-League matches, played at LPU playground. Winners of these matches will now try their hard to excel from rival teams for final positions through 10 matches on June 6 ; 5 Loser, Loser Grand, Semi Final & Final  on June 7,  and  Grand Finale on June 8 2013.  Boys and girls soft-ball players from Punjab are continuously excelling others. Matches played between Nagaland & Manipur, Andhra Pradesh & Odisha, Goa and Chhattisgarh, and Haryana & Maharashtra let spectators see the best of softball-skills. In order to stand ‘numero uno’, the teams of Manipur, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab are planning to adopt sports tactics prevalent in other continents famous for softball-competition organizations.
Punjab Softball Association’s official Ms Shahnaaz Akhtar and Softball Association of India’s senior official from Indore, Mr Srikant updated that all the players are observing true sportsman spirit, which has resulted in the best competitions: “Sometime back catchers used to distract the batters and make the pitcher’s job easier by their antics and unnecessary voices. Such things are not in a single to be noted here at LPU playground. We think this all is due to the best sports environment and arrangements at the university. We have also observed that the player-students are feeling dignified being in Punjab and that too at LPU.”
In different Pre-Quarter finals of Boys, Rajasthan defeated IOCL by 12-01, Goa to Assam by 13-01, Kerala to UP by 15-0, Delhi to Chandigarh by 6-0, Punjab to J &K by 12-01, Madhya Pradesh to Himachal Pradesh by 10-0, Maharashtra to West Bengal by 11-0, Andhra Pradesh to Odisha by 04-03, Nagaland to Manipur by 15-12, Goa to Chhattisgarh by 06-04 and Haryana to Maharashtra by 04-03.
For Pre-Quarter finals of Girls, Punjab defeated Tamil Nadu by 10-0, Delhi to Himachal Pradesh and Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh by 11-04.
Coach of Manipur softball teams (boys and girls), Mr Kiran told: “Players of my teams have achieved unforgettable individual accomplishments up to now. They have moved from level to level and played pretty softball.” Asking Vasundhara, a shortstop in softball team of Punjab, what she has grasped from this championship up till now, she said: “I never expected to achieve as much as I did here. It has been great for the upcoming years. Now I would definitely try to make my team a winner. To be frank, I want to share that I like the offensive side of softball instead of defensive. No doubt, both are a lot of fun, but I like to hit a little bit more.”


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