Wonderful Softball playing exhibited at LPU on Day 2 of 31st Junior National Softball Championship

*56 boys and girls teams from different states attracted the spectators through their sports skills 

Jalandhar: The 2nd day of 31stJunior National Softball Championship saw league matches played among 56 teams (24 Girls team & 32 Boys team) of different states and union territories. Competitions today commenced with one sided league matches played between boys’ teams from Andhra Pradesh (AP) & Gujarat, and girls’ teams from Haryana & Rajasthan. AP had a 10-0 win against Gujarat, whereas Haryana girls remained ahead with Rajasthan 12-02. However, wonderful softball playing was seen during matches played between Boys’ teams of Madhya Pradesh & Haryana (05-03), Delhi & Puducherry (15-0), Chhatisgarh & Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL) (15-02), Punjab & Uttar Pradesh (16-0), Maharashtra & Himachal Pradesh( 16-02), Goa & Tamilnadu (10-0). Manipur girls revealed their excellence over those of Gujarat (10-0). These all matches revealed the best of individual performances by related catchers, pitchers and batters. As bats flashed and balls kept jumping off, the infielders, especially pitchers and the hot-corner men and other players exhibited the best of softball skills. 

Winning teams had celebrations side by side for moving ahead to win their next matches.One of the hitters from Manipur, A. Prem Singh said: "We have learnt a lot from different matches played today. Now we have started planning for wins in next matches. No doubt our team is a long way from home, but encouragement from LPU spectators and other players is excellent. We will continue attracting them with our American style of play."

Joint Secretary Punjab Softball Association, Ms Daljeet Kaur informed that remaining key league matches tomorrow are: (for girls) Puducherry vs Jharkhand; Chandigarh vs Assam: Jammu & Kashmir vs Meghalaya; Himachal Pradesh vs Tripura and Karnatka vs Nagaland. Matches for boys will be between the teams of Goa & Assam; Odisha & Meghalaya; Chandigarh & Jharkhand; Jammu and Kashmir & Tripura; Manipur & Nagaland, and Maharashtra & West Bengal.

More Results of today : - Among Boys matches Rajasthan defeated Tamilnadu by a score of 11/0, Kerala won by 12/0 against Bihar, Chandigarh defeated Gujarat by 12/2, Rajasthan defeated Assam by 10/0.  Among girls matches Kerala defeated Goa and Chattisgarh defeated Bihar


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