LPU established ‘Practice Aircraft’ for its Airline, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Programs

*First such an Airline Lab in North India to accord great boost to students undergoing Airlines Program

*Students will get real Airplane working experience through this new lab

* Aircraft is an 18-seater Cabin with Business and Economy class seating

Jalandhar: Lovely Professional University has established a ‘Practice Aircraft’ at its campus for the students of Airlines & Tourism programs so that they can have hands on experience. This effort of university is first of its kind in North India, which will accord great boost to students undergoing Airlines Program. The eighteen-seat practice air-craft has been designed specifically to train students on different aspects of aviation including serving to the business  & economy class passengers, in flight hospitality systems, announcements and different other operations. The students will learn in exactness even the minutest details and be trained on how to better serve and accommodate airlines-guests.
LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal informed: “With introduction of Air Asia, Tata to this already booming aviation sector, there will further be a great boost to aviation industry in India. Considering the needs of the hour and expectations from us, we have established airlines practice cabin at the campus so that students could get real time experience. Here, the students are exposed to internationally bench-marked theoretical and intensive practical inputs by experienced faculty.” He added: “We are already running hospitality sector which is providing the best facilities and hands on training to the students through practice kitchens, rooms etc.” Talking about raising professional culture among students, he further told that the students have been adopting air-hostess/steward/cabin-crew dress code as per needs of the profession so that they feel they are already in the related job.
Illustrative, LPU is offering B Sc- Airlines, Tourism & Hospitality, and Diploma in Airline Cabin Crew & Hospitality study programs. Airlines & Tourism opens up multiple career streams like airlines, travel agencies, tour operators, time share companies, holiday consultants, airports, hotels, marketing, counter sales, or guide services.
Airlines Tourism graduates can find job in multi-million airlines and travel agencies employing thousands of professionals. Besides the private sector, job opportunities also exist in the government sectors. A graduate can find job in various state boards, corporations, and tourism departments. Airlines Tourism also offers employment in emerging sectors like eco-tourism, sustainable tourism and medical tourism.  


  1. I am just hoping that this university will help the people. The scholarships for low gpa should also be available.

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