LPU offers India’s Largest Private Scholarship Program

*More than 20,000 meritorious students have been benefited so far from LPU’s scholarship program
*Scholarship worth 150+ crores has been given so far to the meritorious students
*This year scholarship program poised to reach larger section of meritorious students
*Scholarship up to Rs 1 lac per year can be availed depending on the program

Jalandhar: Believing strongly that economic condition should not stop a bright student in having quality higher education at Lovely Professional University; LPU has started scholarship and financial aid program. This program’s benefits have already reached to more than 20,000 meritorious students over last years. This program has now become the largest private scholarship program in India. So far scholarship worth more than Rs 150 Crores has been given to the students under this program.
A student can avail up to Rs 1 lac per year, under this program, depending on the program chosen.  To be eligible for this scholarship, students have to be academically strong, and basis performance in the board examination, graduation or the national/state level tests, scholarship amount is decided. University in last couple of years is also recognizing not only academically strong students but also candidates who have performed at state/national or international sports activities. Scholarships are applicable to almost all the 200 programs offered by the university. 
One of the benefitted students this year from Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), Mohammed Mazhar, who has enrolled himself for B Tech (Hons)- M Tech Dual Degree Programme of Mechanical Engineering, is pleased on receiving scholarship of Rs one lac per year. Referring to LPU scholarship program he mentioned: Even after scoring 93.6% marks in 10+2 I would not have been able to pursue higher education because of very weak financial family condition. It is only because of LPU scholarship program that extends throughout the duration of program, that I am able to pursue my dream of becoming an Engineer. Due to LPU’s scholarship cum financial aid scheme he has been able to pursue higher education. As he was not in a good financial position, it was impossible for him to get quality higher education.
LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “LPU strongly strives to provide higher education to all meritorious students. We do not want that a capable student be debarred from receiving quality education. I am happy to see that we have been able to make this positive impact for large number of people across the country.”


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