LPU’s Department of Agriculture promoting Organic Farming

*Students learning healthy, sustainable organic farming practices practically on the campus

*University has also launched B Tech Agricultural Engineering Programme from this year

Jalandhar: Countering conventional farming based on harmful chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides usage; LPU’s Department of Agriculture is venturing production and promotion of organic farming yields on its campus. Hundreds of its B Sc Agriculture (Hons) students have engaged themselves to learn healthy, sustainable organic farming practices through their teachers at the University. Students are regaining wisdom of agricultural heritage and learning how organic agriculture enriches the soil, increases the long-term yield, nutrient value, and potency of crops season by season. Students are practically learning organic farming practices for different crop growing procedures like sowing, seeds identification, sprays, modifications etc. University has also launched B Tech Agricultural Engineering Programme from this year.

Students’ hitherto organic yields of Spinach, Cauliflowers, Cabbage, Turnip, Radish, Carrots have been well accepted by local consumers at University, who have liked these for quality, taste, appearance and appeal. They have also produced organic wheat. Now, students are gearing up to expand product offerings and presence making in global markets as well. Plans are being made for exotic vegetables, fruit growing and export marketing in European countries by adopting quality control parameters. Students have started working on the production of Baby-Corn, Parsley (Kind of Coriander), Lettuce (Green Leaves), Dill (A Fragrance), Lemon Grass and other. They have also worked for growing and marketing of all types of summer vegetables. In addition, they are learning Green House (Poly House) production, Tissue culture, Collection of Plasma, usage of natural resources & compost, floriculture, and above all entrepreneurship value for a valuable growth on even a small piece of land.

LPU Vice Chancellor Dr Ramesh Kanwar informed: “The students of Agriculture department have developed great interest in the novel farming. In this context, university is bringing great exposure to them by inviting experts from the renowned Universities of IOWA State USA, Pakistan and other countries.” Dr Kanwar also said: “Proper organic agricultural practices require expert training and supervision for sustainable procurement methods. These help in preserving rare and endangered wild plant species and the earth's natural bio-diversity. As such, our aim is to educate and create awareness among the agriculture students about the benefits of organic products, in particular, and the welfare of mankind in general.”

In fact, farmers today have lost much of their ancestral farming knowledge and ancient seed varieties since the introduction of chemical based commercial agriculture and hybrid seeds. In many places trees have stopped bearing fruit because the heavy use of pesticides has killed the pollinators – the bees and butterflies. Valuable medicinal and other plants are also becoming endangered because of indiscriminate commercial over-harvesting. On the other hand, organic agriculture does not allow the usage of commercial fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other dangerous chemicals. This creates a significantly healthier working and living environment for the farmers, their families and livestock, as well as the local wildlife.


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