Captivated by lively LPU crowd King Khan-Shah Rukh Khan desired to stay longer at LPU Campus..

*Ravishingly gorgeous Deepika Padukone thanked LPU students for their Punjabi Hospitality
 *Sharukh Khan & Deepika were at LPU campus for their high energy performance
*Badshaah of Bollywood & blooming Deepika Padukone hypnotized all alcoves of LPU Campus

*Students & staff-members expressed in screams, sighs, moans, shouts, sways in response to every gesture and saying of stars

Jalandhar: Near 20 thousand student- fans at LPU had close glimpse of their loving stars Badshaah of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan and ravishingly gorgeous Deepika Padukone at LPU Campus, today. At LPU, sea of people stood still when the leading stars of Indian cinema entered the campus. Each and every one was eager to be face to face with mega stars. Both reached directly from Chennai to LPU by a chartered plane to address a press conference and to perform at LPU Stage. As the hit melodies from the movies of SRK echoed, the energy level of lively LPU multitude got accelerated. Dashing King Khan with six packs revealed under his tight shirt & dazzling Deepika Padukone hypnotized all alcoves of LPU Campus. Students & staff-members expressed in screams, sighs, moans, shouts, sways in response to each gesture of the famous stars. On every waving of King Khan & Deepika towards the huge audience, there were maddened movements amid massive crowd that spilled far on to the campus near Students’ Resource Centre.
Amid King Khan’s & Deepika’s marvellous & superb performance, spell-bound crowd continued looking amorously at the stars. Both of them enlivened young fans by dancing to "Chennai Express" and other hit numbers "Kashmir Main Tu Kanya Kumari”, “One two three four!" etc. When Shahrukh uttered dialogues of his portrayed characters Raj of DDLJ, Raj Malhotra of Baazigar, Rahul of Chennai Express, Devdass and Don, the crowd got enchanted to the core. Wooing fans with key line from "Chennai Express", "Don’t underestimate the power of the common man", SRK let LPU environ resound with huge claps, shrieks and thumps. SRK told his LPU fans: “I love you LPU...this is extremely wonderful. I have visited many of the campuses in the country and the world……but this has something special in itself……I don't want to go from here………… I am all yours…..I want to remain here amid you all.”
Deepika Padukone thanked LPU students for their Punjabi Hospitality. She told that travelling from West to South and presently to North has really enchanted her. She was happy to see the bubbling Punjabi energy at the LPU campus through huge assemblage. Sharing her part of performance, she attracted the spectators through her dance steps in consonance with South.

Welcoming the heart throbs of billions at LPU campus, Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “It is really going to be a memorable and motivating day for LPU students as they are going to start their new life at university in the inspiring company of leading stars from Indian cinema. They have reached campus to bless, guide and motivate LPU youth for their successful endeavours ahead.  I personally feel that the simplicity, humility, upbringing values and successes of the two stars will certainly let students learn and imbibe the high-traits of theirs.” Mr Mittal also accorded his thanks to the mega stars to be a part of LPU family.
Praising students group which accompanied the stars during stage performance, the great & humble SRK boosted the youngsters. In answers made for many questions put by LPU students of Film Production & Journalism, SRK told them about his ‘mool- mantra’ of success and of being the King Khan of Bollywood. Deepika also told about her hard work in the film industry. Students were very excited to meet the stars. They said that the day will always keep on motivating them to achieve success in their life: “Such a big start of our academic pursuits is surely going to transform us into synonyms of success.”


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