Global domain leader in communications software and IT services- Amdocs placed LPU students as Software Engineers

Jalandhar: Global Giant ‘AMDOCS’-a leading communications software and services provider in 60 countries- has placed seven students of LPU as Software Engineers. For this placement drive students of B Tech CSE/IT & MCA of batch 2013(final year) had appeared. Students got selected under meticulously conducted selection processes. The students have been offered salary package of Rs 3.5 lacs per annum, and they have joined their duties in Pune and Gurgaon offices of AMDOCS.
Congratulating the successful students, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “I am happy to know that LPU students have been placed with global leader AMDOCS, in the very initial phase of their career start. I am very sure that these students will perform their best.  I also anticipate that such a prestigious company will continue making access to LPU campus every year to select more and more hard working students.”
Illustrative, Amdocs and its 20,000 employees serve customers in more than 60 countries. For more than 30 years, Amdocs has ensured service providers' success and embraced their biggest challenges.   Customer service providers rely on Amdocs to win in the connected world by staying ahead with new services and operational efficiency.  In fact, Amdocs has been delivering managed services to communications service providers around the world, and presently supports more than 500 million subscribers in a managed service model.
Some of the selected students who joined LPU from far off places of Odisha and Uttar Pradesh are very happy on this placement with world renowned leading company.  Santosh Panda from Odisha & Akash from Matura (UP) hold that their placement has given them a golden opportunity to work with one of the Fortune 500 companies and will let us grow more in future: “We are still unable to believe that we have been placed with prestigious company.  In fact, we always followed the guidance of our university teachers, and only this has made us successful.” 


  1. congratulations to all of them

  2. congratulation seniors ... :)

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    1. Congratulations Panda. Its just the beginning. All the best to all of u guys.

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  7. I also anticipate that such a prestigious company will continue making access to LPU campus every year to select more and more hard working students.
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