Last date of Admission at LPU is 20th August 2013

*However, last date of admission for Programs in Education/Physical Education, with scholarship, is 31st August 2013

Jalandhar:  The last date of admission for different study programs at LPU is 20th August, 2013. However, the last date of admissions for professional programs of Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning, Hotel Management & Tourism, and Pharmaceutical Sciences is 15th August, 2013. The admission to these programs is subject to availability of seats, and without any scholarship scheme.  Also, the last date of admission for Education and Physical Education Programs is 31st August 2013, and is with scholarship scheme as per university policy.

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “We want that each and every meritorious student should receive quality higher education. I am happy to note that many thousand students from 28 states of India and 30 countries have got admission this year at LPU. I am also pleased to note that present day students prefer to opt internationally benchmarked & industry oriented curriculum, experiential and hands on learning etc.” Mr Mittal also added: “Our University will continue striving hard for the students joining university under firm faith in the outcomes of university. In fact, ranking of LPU by prestigious magazines, news papers and TV Channels continue encouraging us for strenuous efforts for the betterment of education and global society.”

Illustrative, the last dates for different programmes are different. For further details, an aspiring student can visit, make a call on 1800-102-4411, or SMS to 53030, or forward a mail at


  1. Is there a degree in the university i want the admission in next year 2014 and can yu tell me how much is the fee structure

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