LPU’s 10-day Induction Programme to welcome freshers kicked off

*Programme will brief students about University systems, policies, support mechanisms and student- life
*Free induction kit is given to all fresh students 

Jalandhar: As new students are coming from different parts of the world and the country to join LPU’s new academic session, LPU has devised ten-day Induction programme. This program is to brief new students about university systems, policies, support mechanisms and student life at LPU. Continuous cultural shows, programs of fun & frolic, campus tours are also entertaining fresh students to let them away of any nostalgic feelings. In addition, free induction kit is also being distributed to them for immediately needed telephone numbers and other know-how about the university. Commenced from 30th July, Induction programme is to continue up to 8th August, 2013. New students and their parents, especially who have come from distant places situated thousands of miles away, are finding induction program as great initiative.
Congratulating new students on joining LPU Community, Pro Chancellor Ms Rashmi Mittal said: "University has specially devised this program so that students enter the new phase of their lives most comfortably. Perhaps LPU is the only university which strives to let new students be in touch with university authorities & officers from top to bottom, during initial days of their entry. This program is, indeed, going to let them know who are their heads of different departments, faculty members, in which blocks they have to go for their classes/labs etc. In this regard a fresher kit is being distributed, which includes map of the university, important places in Jalandhar, policies, procedures, rules and regulations etc.”
Mohammad Asraf Lone from Pahalgam (J&K), father of Anesa Jaan who is to pursue M Sc Zoology and Sonam Deiki from Bhutan who have preferred Air Lines Program, as well others expressed high words for the comfort, accommodation and ease met to them through Induction Program. 



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