Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone & Rohit Shetty will enthrall LPU today through their charismatic presence

*Badshah of Bollywood & Queen of Acting reaching straight to LPU Campus by Charter Plane for press conference at LPU auditorium
*LPU students of Film Production & Journalism will interact with the leading stars of Indian Cinema
*Hour long performances on LPU Stage including hit numbers of their forthcoming film “Chennai Express” will enchant LPU students, alumni & members of staff
*Punjabi hospitality will be accorded to the super stars by LPU students of Hospitality department

Jalandhar: Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone & Rohit Shetty will enthrall LPU students, alumni and members of staff, on 3rd August, through their charismatic presence and enchanting performances. Reaching straight to LPU Campus by Charter Plane, Bollywood mega stars will address press conference at SBRM auditorium, at 4:30 pm. The students of Film Production & Journalism will have first step of their academic career as brilliant experience of interviewing stars of magnanimous stature. Students will also interact with leading personalities of Indian Cinema for their successful journey and related stories. Visiting stars will present hour long performances on hit numbers including melodies of their forthcoming film ‘Chennai Express’ like “Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari”, on LPU Stage. In between, LPU students of Hospitality department will accord Punjabi hospitality to the acting-giants by serving them ‘Chatti Ki Lassi, Espresso coffee of SRK style, Punjabi hara-bhara kabab etc.
LPU Pro Chancellor Ms Rashmi Mittal informed that the presence of Bollywood personalities like Sharukh Khan has much to provide to LPU students: “The visiting bollywood celebrities are emblem of great successes through their devotion & continuous struggles. Being face to face with stars under interactions, students will surely get inspired and motivated to dream big to make illustrious achievements. In fact, while welcoming fresh students to start their academics, we have designed this visit for them to start their university life with motivations from icons of success.”
Illustrative, visiting stars’ contributions to the film industry have garnered all three of them numerous achievements. The impressive tales from their lives include many incidents and episodes which on being shared can impart maximum. LPU students are ready to welcome the stars with their queries, and also have great desire to be memorable part of their marvellous performances.


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