Millions’ Heart-throb Bollywood super-star Ranbir Kapoor & Indo-Australian actress Pallavi Sharda captivated LPU students with their performance at LPU Campus

*It was Ranbir ’s second visit to the university campus

Jalandhar: True representative of Bollywood’s prestigious Kapoor Clan, millions’ heart-throb Ranbir Kapoor visited LPU campus today. It is Ranbir’s illustrious second visit to the university. He was accompanied by Indo-Australian actress Pallavi Sharda. Both of the renowned actors engrossed the campus environ with enchanting performance, dialogue delivery, dancing steps and their charismatic personality. Visiting actors’ student fans remained totally spell-bound during an hour long stay of actors at the campus.  A crowd of more than 40,000 persons, mainly comprised of national and international students, was seen completely immersed in melodies, mirth & merriment. Actors’ every walk & talk, action & interaction, singing and dancing meant thrilling and gripping to the jubilant multitude.
Ranbir, who has always given hit after hit movies every time with debutante actresses like Sonam Kapoor, Shazahn Padmsee, Sarah Kane Thompson, Nargis Fakhri, Ileana D’cruz and now Pallavi Sharda, earns immense reputation among his co-stars, critics and fans world over. Sharing his “MOOL-MANTRA” of success with LPU students, he said: “No doubt, I have inherited much about my profession from my family, but I have always struggled to get success.  I still feel that I have to learn many skills to be aloof and extra ordinary in my field. You, too, should keep your passions and aspirations alive, and go on striving to see positive outcomes. In fact, youth is a stage to work hard and get dreams realized.”
Pallavi Sharda, who has already starred in films like My Name Is Khan, Love Breakups Zindagi and Heroine, let LPU crowd dance along with her.  Pallavi is a trained classical dancer and when she revealed her enchanting steps to the LPU crowd, she earned praise in abundance.
Welcoming the popular stars to the campus, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “I am thankful to the visiting actors who have entertained as well as inspired many thousand students of the university. Stars like Ranbir Kapoor have achieved so much in their young age that they have become emblem of encouragement for the youth to follow stars’ hard-work culture.  I am certain that the presence of the person of Ranbir’s caliber will certainly boost students to imbibe mool-mantra of his success- continuous hard work.”
Illustrative, Ranbir is a true performer and he kept even the international students respond in applaud to each and every movement and saying of his. Such students were also seen copying dancing steps of the charming duo stars. Kept awe-struck, students continued shrieking, whistling, clapping and dancing on melodious numbers of their movies for which stars performed non-stop on the massive LPU stage.  The masses also enjoyed Ranbir’s many time utterance for a famous tagline “Samman ka koi Moh nahin; Apmann ka koi bhay nahin.” Both actors also danced on new numbers “Dil Ka Jo Hall Hai, Lut Gye Tere Mohalle,Pyar Ki Ghanti, Aa Re Aa Re, Chal Hand Uthake Nachche etc.


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