LPU organised Workshop by Tabla-maestro Ustad Fazal Qureshi for Students of Performing Arts; Added was live Indian Music Concert

Jalandhar: World worshipped tabla-maestro late Ustad Alla Rakha Khan and Ustad Zakir Hussain are father and brother to Ustad Fazal Qureshi, who visited LPU today for a day long workshop followed by live Indian Music concert. Ustad Qureshi  enthralled all students at Campus Café Stage through rhythmic tabla out-pours from  gentle strikes of his fingers & palms on the skins of “Bayan and Dahin”-the two parts of Tabla. The event also included the Sitar-recital by Shri Ravi Chary, a noted Sitarist belonging to Etawah Gharana. Mridangam player, Sridhar Parthasarthy, disciple of Guru Vidvan Shri K R Chandra Mouli, accompanied them. All of these great Indian artists, who left the audience spell-bound, had been invited by the department of cultural affairs of LPU for a workshop to train students of performing arts.
A day long workshop covered all aspects of Indian music including demonstrations on percussion instruments and singing raga scales. Ustad Qureshi took the audience-students on its captivating musical journey. He told the students how ‘Tabla’ evolved in ancient days in Persia to even dominate the present day. He narrated the fascinating history of this dynamic instrument in simple words and through playing. He told students about rhythm-fundamentals and understanding about complexities of Tabla compositions, Raagas-especially Raag Yaman.  Students were also guided about Sitar, Mridingam, Kanjeera and other instruments for their special sounds.  He also told students about his experimentation with different sounds and fusion between western and eastern music.
Ustad Qureshi shared: "Playing with my father and brother has always been priceless, and I learnt my best lessons only with them.” Undoubtedly, he believes: “Classical music has the power to evolve, to attract and sustain on its own. This music will never die!” However, he also has a bent towards lot of western classical and jazz, and has been playing with a great Swedish band Mynta for more than two decades now. He has also performed internationally with outstanding musicians, with whom he has been touring for a number of years in almost all the top countries of world like the UK, Canada, Australia and the US.
 Welcoming the great musician, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “We are happy to greet Qureshi Sahib Jee at the campus. He is world-renowned musician for his skill and expertise on tabla. I anticipate that our students must have learnt a lot through his artistic maturity & musical perfection.” Continuing, he said: “We want that students should avail of rare opportunities of such genre to enjoy as well learn about varied fields for their personal growth.”  


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