LPU’s National Open Festival ‘Youth Vibe-2013’ bidden adieu amid marvellous performances by multi-genre Astitva Band

*Host LPU lifted overall trophy of the fest by having bountiful share of prizes
*Winner teams received cash-prizes worth Rs 18 lacs along with trophies and certificates
*Bike-stunts by ‘Evolution- the Gravity’ Group forced spectators to gape open- mouthed
*Dance- India- Dance (DID) famed Choreographers let many thousands of students enjoy Salsa, Jazz, Raps, Hops & Bops

Jalandhar:  LPU’s National Open Festival ‘Youth Vibe-2013’ concluded today amid marvellous performances by multi-genre Astitva Band. The band presented selected songs with magical blend of rock, jazz, and Classical to enhance soulful lyrics. Many of the visiting winner teams received cash-prizes worth Rs 18 lacs along with trophies and certificates. Overall trophy of the fest was lifted by host LPU by having bountiful share of prizes. Enchanting competitions and shows at the fest casted ever lasting impression upon many thousands participating students. ‘Evolution- the Gravity’ Group from Dehradun presented Bike-stunts which forced spectators to gape these open- mouthed. In the evening, Dance- India- Dance (DID) famed Choreographers let sea of students enjoy Salsa, Jazz, Raps, Hops & Bops.
After competing for near 50 competitions and final rounds today in different technical, non-technical, literary, theatre, film production, fine arts categories; different educational institutions received prizes. For both Mr & Ms Youth Vibe contest LPU got first as well as second crowns. For Spectrum-the Choreography PTU Jalandhar & Panjabi University Patiala shared first position; whereas, LPU remained second. In folk dances GNDU Amritsar was supreme over DAV College Jalandhar at second. Folk Singing declared LPU first and Panjabi University Patiala second. In Revelation-the Rock Show LPU-1 was first and JayPee University of Information technology second; Elocution saw Kurukshetra University first & LPU second; for Duet Dances LPU was No 1 and Punjab University Chandigarh at No.2;  and, Classical Dances made LPU at first place and University of Delhi at second. Similarly in Fine Arts competition ‘Real Wood’ IGNOU remained first and LPU second.
Congratulating the Champion team and encouraging other winner & participating teams, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal asked students to improve upon their present performances for a better tomorrow. Mr Mittal said: “Events are to teach a lot to the participants for team work, leadership, excellence and allied things. Students must be ready to gather the best of others to further shine.”

On becoming ‘Mr’ and ‘Ms’ Youth Vibe of the great national fest, LPU students Piyush Sharma and Era Chowdhry were very happy. Era said: “I am happy to outdid participants from many universities. This coveted title has encouraged me to further bring laurels to my alma-mater, my parents and myself.  At first, I was somewhat nervous and conscious as the status of the fest was very high. However, stepping ahead slowly, I gained confidence and became title-holder.” 


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