Second Phase of Central Ministry of Tourism’s free training scheme- 'Hunar Se Rozgar Tak' (HSRT) commenced at LPU

*LPU is imparting short-term skill development programs in hospitality sector without any fees.

*After providing free training in Food Production & Housekeeping Utility in September, now batch of 30 candidates will be trained for Food & Beverage Services and Bakery & Patisseries.

*The Scheme has been launched by Government of India, Ministry of Tourism (MoT) to train youth for creation of employable skills.

Jalandhar: After providing free training in Food Production & Housekeeping Utility in September 2013 and making 60 learners employable in different sectors, LPU has now commenced second phase of Central Ministry of Tourism’s free training scheme- 'Hunar Se Rozgar Tak' (HSRT). The new batches of 30 candidates each are being trained for ‘Food & Beverage Services’ (Waiters) and ‘Bakery & Patisseries Production’ (Bakers). Candidates as waiters will be trained in six weeks and as Bakers in eight weeks.

Government of India, Ministry of Tourism (MoT) has launched HSRT for creation of employable skills amongst youth belonging to economically weaker sections. In furtherance of this great initiative, state government has entrusted LPU to execute the project where University is providing free courses. The basic objective is to reduce skill gap that affects growing hospitality and tourism sector tremendously. Minimum qualification for the applicants is 8th standard, and they should be between the age group of 18 to 28 years. In addition to Tool kit and Uniform, a stipend of Rs 1500/- for ‘Food & Beverage Services’ and Rs.2000/- for ‘Bakery & Patisseries Production’ will be provided to the candidates. A skill test will be conducted at the end of each course, and those who pass the skill test will be awarded certificates. To be eligible for certificate and stipend, the trainee must have 95% attendance during the courses.

 Encouraging the efforts of the school of Hospitality for churning out special time-schedule, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal also thanked Punjab Government for entrusting this social cause: “I am happy that 60 candidates have already been trained for good jobs and self-employment, and more 60 are now being trained at the campus for bright career ahead. I think this initiative will cover all areas of tourism requiring training for service providers. Presently, Tourism is on amazing economic heights and is an important means of economic growth, and such efforts will certainly make rapport with this.”

One of the trained candidates from first phase Ms Charanjeet Kaur, who has been presently employed with LPU as House-Keeper is very happy on getting training and employment. She said: “I had never thought that this scheme will be so fruitful to me. Now I have great confidence in me. I used to think myself a burden on my family but this training has enabled me to earn to help my family.”


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