LPU Faculty & Student presented Research Papers in JAPAN

  • More than 600  international & national scholars contributed greatly to the field of language and education during the conference
  • LPU representatives were only two Indians who were invited to attend academic conference
  • Topics were ‘A Study of Pragmatic Failures in English Committed by Native Speakers of Punjabi’ and ‘Media: Pros & Cons’

Jalandhar: LPU faculty & student presented research papers at a linguistic conference at Osaka in Japan. Ms Jyoti Sharma, a faculty in Social Sciences and Languages, and a B. Tech CSE student Batish Sama of Lovely Professional University were the only two Indians who were invited to attend academic conference held at Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU), Japan.  Organiser of the conference, Asia Pacific Education & Research Association (AERA) honoured these two researchers with coveted certificates for their valuable research inputs. More than 600 scholars from international and local regions contributed greatly to the field of language and education during the conference. Other scholars were from the universities of the USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Hong kong,

China, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and many other countries. LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal congratulated the young researchers and encouraged them to continue their research-work for goodness of humanity.
Ms Jyoti Sharma presented paper on “Media: Pros & Cons”. She has clearly pointed out that media has always been able to save the dignity of several unarmed common people. She says if media had been since ancient times, most of the disputes- cum- wars would not have happened.
Batish Sama presented his research paper “A Study of Pragmatic Failures in English Committed by Native Speakers of Punjabi”. It aimed to investigate the pragmatic perception of politeness in request strategies used by ESL (English Spoken Language) learners whose native language is Punjabi.  He has related it with technology such as Google voice systems. Politeness in verbal behaviour varies, and is difficult to express in a second language because learners may not know appropriate idiomatic expressions/cultural norms. This often leads to misunderstandings and “awkward” situations which result in pragmatic failures, which are inabilities to understand what is meant by what is said.

Illustrative, ISLLLE Conference aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, and educators with interests in language, linguistics, literature, and education at all levels from around the world. The theme of the International Symposium on Language, Linguistics, Literature and Education is designed to attract the research communities to promote connections between theory and practice. It also explores different perspectives on the application of research findings into practice.


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