Minister Mr Phillaur distributed LPU Training Certificates on Bakery Skills to Ludhiana Central Jail Inmates

  • Minister launched bakery products under brand name “Anand”
  • Hotel Management faculty of the University imparted month-long training to 39 inmates
Jalandhar: Punjab Government Jail Minister Mr Sarwan Singh Phillaur recently distributed certificates to Ludhiana central jail inmates who got training on bakery skills from LPU faculty. Minister Phillaur launched bakery products under brand name “Anand” which were produced by inmates themselves. Hotel Management faculty of the University visited Ludhiana central jail and imparted month-long training to 39 inmates. Congratulating the successful inmate-trainees and university trainers, Mr Phillaur informed that more such collaborative efforts are going to be made in other jails also. To bring about radical changes in the mindset of all inmates, he recommended LPU to impart training to Kapurthala & Hoshiarpur inmates as well.

Feeling happy on the successful outcome of the inmates’ training, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “We are thankful to Chief Minister S Parkash Singh Ji Badal for making us a part of this social responsibility. It is indeed a noble cause and I am happy that the assigned task has been completed to the satisfaction of inmates, jail authorities and the society.” Mr Mittal added: “We are also ready to again be a part of such projects in other Jails of Punjab. I personally feel that the major role of education is to transform the person into being great social and good human being. We anticipate that the trained inmates will become entrepreneurs after going back to the society.”
Illustrative, Minister Phillaur had earlier visited Tihar Jail factory in New Delhi. There, he was impressed by the quality of the eatables being produced and distributed at so many outlets across the city. In consonance, Punjab Government established a bakery unit at Central Jail in Ludhiana as pet project of CM Punjab for reformation and rehabilitation of inmates. LPU was entrusted to impart training and inmates got turned into skillful bakers.  Now inmates have started producing biscuits, breads, buns, rusk & ‘namkeen’ products of more than 30 varieties, under common brand name “Anand”.

One of the trained inmates, Ramesh is very happy on receiving University training certificate. He said: “I am soon going to release from the jail. I was worried about my future. But, this training has made me confident.  Now I will be able to start my own bakery. I can also get a job.” 


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