LPU Campus echoed with Patriotism on 65th Republic Day

  • NSS Volunteers, Security men-women & staff members made massive participations to celebrate the national day

LPU organised 65th Republic Day celebrations with a magnificent parade and varied colourful cultural presentations of patriotic fervour at its campus.  Division of Security & Safety (having on rolls ex-members from all the three wings of Indian Forces), NSS volunteers and LYC students (Lovely Youth Capital) had devised two –day mesmerising program. LPU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Ramesh Kanwar hoisted the national flag and inspected the massive parade on the campus. Present on the occasion were many thousand national and international students who participated in and witnessed the programs for the great Indian Constitution and Republic Day. The students brought the day alive with their passion and love for the motherland. 
 The highlight of the pre-day celebration was the enchanting tuneful playing of India’s national anthem by All International Students’ Band of LPU. Specially choreographed patriotic songs, poems, dances, fashion show presented during two cultural programs “Ek Sham, Desh Ke Naam” and “Gantantra ke Rang, Zhankaar ke sang” marked the importance of this great national day. Presentations filled a thrill in the on-looking crowd of students and staff members which took pride in glorifying the spirit of national unity. The whole of the campus reverberated with patriotic fervour and enthusiasm.


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