LPU student honoured with ‘Best Poster Award’ for Research on Green Nanotechnology

  • Occasion was International Conference on Science and Engineering of Materials (ICSEM)-2014 organized in Delhi
  • Got selected among 135 national and international research oriented posters
  • Suggested greatly effective antimicrobial-antiseptic productivity  from “Neem  leaves & Egg-white” for usage of humanity

Jalandhar:  One of the research students of LPU and her team members are honoured with ‘Best Poster Award’ for research on Green Nanotechnology at International conference on Science and Engineering of Materials (ICSME), 2014 in Delhi. Among 135 national and international research posters presented, LPU student of M Sc Microbiology Tanushree Laha was highly appreciated for her poster P-88 on “biological synthesis of silver nano particles from egg-white and their antimicrobial activity”.  Laha also received cash prize of Rs 5000, a coveted certificate and memento as first prize; and, the second prize was awarded to a student from Malaysia. Two more posters P-33 and P-59 were presented by other young researchers from the school of biotechnology of the university. All of these research-works suggested greatly effective antimicrobial-antiseptic productivity from commonly found ‘Neem’ leaves & egg-white for general usage of masses.
Another LPU student, Garima Kadiyan worked on herbal aspects by using ‘Putranjiva wall leaves’ for their application in low cost drinking water purification. Still another student, Prasoon Joshi presented research on green synthesis of zinc oxide nano-particle and its application as an effective anti-microbial agent. LPU Vice Chancellor Dr Ramesh Kanwar congratulated the young researchers of the university and advised them to continue working on human needed works. Dr Kanwar highlighted that the research works of the students are totally eco-friendly and without any harmful chemical synthesis.

At the conference, the focus was on the topics covering recent advances of materials. Different research works revealed scientific & engineering aspects, synthesis and application in smart devices. The deliberations were categorized into (i) Invited Talk – by senior scientists/ professors of the field, (ii) contributory oral talks – by experts working on different fields, and (iii) Posters  by researchers.  Participating students are feeling happy on their achievements and mentoring by the department of Research & Development, through their teachers.


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