LPU’s ‘One India’ show concluded with Intensity of Unity

*LPU Students from 28 states displayed cultural heritage of each state of India
*East, West, North & South students worked together irrespective of their regions
*“This celebration of oneness proves that Indian students are in right direction of being future leaders”: Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal

Jalandhar: 28 songs, 28 dances, 28 state stalls, presented to celebrate annual ‘One India’, truly transformed LPU campus in to Mini India. The concluding day of this annual event celebration witnessed great fusion of varied cultural show and expo. Thousands of LPU Students from 28 states displayed cultural heritage of different states in unison, irrespective of their own states. The theme of the year was ‘Dharohar-The Folk Arts’.  Different students groups worked together to highlight the important inheritance of 28 states of India. Highlighting factor of the celebration was that an Andhra Pradesh student was spokesperson at Punjab stall, a Haryana student at Kerala, a Manipur student at that of Odisha and so on. The students availed a broadened opportunity to work together in celebration by paying respect to one-another’s culture. Different stalls exhibited culture, monuments in miniature forms, festivals, dresses, demons, deities, natural products, eatables etc. In the evening, famous folk dances of every state were also performed to elaborate their folk peculiarities. While declaring the celebration close, Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal honoured the participating students with prizes and certificates for their massive participation in exposition of oneness.
Addressing all, Chancellor Mittal said: “It is indeed wonderful to see students from different states working together to up hold the strength of India-unity in diversity. When students work closely, they indeed represent the real strength of India.  In fact, we want to instill among our students this very working and learning spirit through which they come forward to respect and understand each other’s culture and customs. This is real depiction of unity in diversity for which India feels proud world over!” Mr Mittal added: “This celebration of oneness proves that Indian students are in right direction of being future leaders”.
International students, who are studying at LPU from more than 26 countries, were also very happy to see Mini India at the campus and marked it as a mammoth and informative event. They felt as if they have visited the whole of India on LPU campus itself. Fu Jia Qi from China said:“One India” has given me an elaborated insight into the great strength of India. I wonder how India stands united in spite of so much diversity at each 10 kilo meter of it, in dresses, languages, cultures and customs. I am lucky that only in two days I have come to know about famous folk dances, songs and important products of entire India. Perhaps this knowledge could only have been gathered by spending huge amount on long travels of many days!”

At Tamil Nadu stall, students from School of Polytechnic demonstrated jewellery, metal works & sculptures; School of Hospitality represented Kerala for its world renowned spices, ayurveda, boats, silk sarees and mundu; Deptt of Distance Education worked for Karnataka to inform about Yaksha Gaan, Chitra Arts, Mud Painting;  Rice bowl of India Andhra Pradesh was depicted by Deptt of Physical Education; Odisha stall was raised by School of Fashion Design and forwarded info about Pippli, Appleque work, Sand art, Jagannath Temple, Chhua dance; School of Architecture was for Tripura stall and it displayed lavish bamboo sticks work in many formations and designs; School of Pharmaceutical sciences represented Sikkim and it informed about handloom, bracelets, knitting etc. In the evening, this all was perfectly mingled with the famous dances of different states under program ‘Jhoomo re’. Dances included Bharatnatyam, Bihu, Kaal-Belia, Jhoomar, Odishi, Mohiniattam, Lavani, Chhau,Naati, Ghoomer, Domni, Sammi  amid the melodies of different states.


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