Asia’s first Solar Vehicle Championship organised at LPU

  • 28 teams from across Asia competed
  • LPU students’ engineering organisation ‘Robotics & Intelligent Systems Community (RISC-LPU)’ endeavoured for this Asia’s largest championship & Auto-fest
  • LPU’s ‘Sunskaar’ was also showcased during the event
  • Cash Prizes worth Rs 1, 12,000 were also distributed to the competitors in various categories

Jalandhar: Asia’s largest three- day Electric Solar Vehicle Championship (ESVC) & Auto-fest 2014 was held at LPU Campus. The event was aptly launched on the Earth Day for next generation vehicles to forward great message of being environment friendly by not disturbing the Nature.  On this occasion, a huge 41 feet tall metallic structure of 12 maruti cars ‘Metal Boy’ was center of attraction for all, and it also served as an entry gate to the event. More than 100 teams from across Asia, South and West India had registered which made the competition a truly international event. Competing teams had to design and create solar powered vehicles themselves under a challenging cost limitation of Rs. 60,000, and weight not to exceed 150 kgs. During different competitions, virtual round saw selection of 36 teams, and after technical and dynamic rounds 28 teams were left in the fray to further face the tough competition. After final racing, cash prizes worth Rs one Lac & twelve thousand were also distributed to the competitors in various categories like best innovation, design, auto cross, acceleration, light weight and other bests.
Congratulating all the participating students, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “I am happy to see that the students not only worked on various innovative projects but also fulfilled that task of educational institututions which society anticipates from the Institutions.  This is a great endeavour which will help in saving the gallons and gallons of precious organic fuel and green environment also. Our University is also trying hard to get the vehicles commercialized and our talks are going on with leading manufacturers.”
LPU students’ engineering organization ‘Robotics & Intelligent Systems Community (RISC-LPU)’ is a group of budding engineering students committed to create high end technology. They have designed a hybrid electric solar car “Sunskaar” which was highly appreciated at recently held Auto Expo at Greater Noida. This car is capable of running on batteries, solar energy, and even on diesel/petrol for initial start on needs.  The five- seat family car ‘Sunskaar’ is illustrative also as on getting its battery attached to inverter can well lit a house. LPU student V Shantharaman who hails from Andhra Pradesh seemed very happy on being a participant and he quoted: “On competing with students from other distant states and countries, this event indeed got international dimensions.” 


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