International Food Carnival dominated 3rd day of ‘One World’ & ‘SAUFEST’ at LPU

  • Near 150 food specialties were prepared by international students from 28 countries
Jalandhar: International students from more than 28 countries studying at LPU organized International Food Carnival at LPU campus during youth festivals ‘One World’ & ‘SAUFEST’.  Participating students offered near 150 food delicacies and specialties at specially named stalls to relish stuffs other than one’s own country. An all-vegetarian organic menu made from fresh ingredients rather than frozen or processed foods was the highlight of the carnival. Whole-grain breads, corns, noodles, pastries, fresh milk, yogurt, vegetables, fruit and related things were used for delivery of tasteful products. Students enjoyed a broad international food market contained altogether within the LPU campus with richness of cuisines served. These included Chinese, Mongolian, Thai, Mexican, Afghani and many more world class preparations. The students had decorated their stalls in accordance to the originality of their country by using bamboos etc. They also let other students know how to cook, and what ingredients to be used for their country’s food-items.
The guest of the day was Dr Yogendra Kumar Yadav, Director SSS National Institute of Renewable Energy (Kapurthala) who inspired students to participate actively to strengthen global bonds. On this occasion students from visiting national and international universities also participated in Debate and Clay Modeling activities.
Chinese’ counters delivered Hakka Noodles, Ye gung chow fried rice; whereas, Ortiga Vermicilli, Muffins, Mozitto were available at Mexican stall. USA’s students presented Mayonnaise Sandwiches, Pasta, Cheese corn nuggets. Italian Pizza Margherita; Thai delicacy Frijoles De olla; Malaysian Laski; Sri Lankan Kottu, Kasiska uma, Senhalese Biryani; and, Bangladeshi Jhal Muri, Fuchka  were the other tastes which attracted the students in large number

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