LPU School of Pharmaceutical Sciences hosted SPER International Annual Conference

  • India is preferred destination for all global pharma major: Dr Dash from University of Kuala Lumpur
  • Scholars from Malaysia, Afghanistan, African countries and from across India shared their views on pharmaceutical sciences
  • Theme was ‘Recent trends in Pharmacy industry: Bridging the gaps in Pharmaceutical Education’

Jalandhar: The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Lovely Professional University hosted annual international conference of the Society of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (SPER). 40 years old SPER has been promoting pharmacy education and research by organizing conferences annually on different themes.  This year the theme was “Recent trends in Pharmacy industry: Bridging the gaps in Pharmaceutical Education”. This theme was specially picked up to have solid discussions on this theme, and to ensure how Indian pharmaceutical education and research can further grow. More than 300 scholars from Malaysia, Afghanistan, African countries and from across India were present in this conference.  The topics discussed brought forward solutions to cure cancer by suggesting natural anti-cancer agents, laid stress on Indian system of medicine-Ayurveda; life saving herbal drugs; Vedic alchemy; anti microbial preparations and many more. During the conference, Prof (Dr) Mohd Syafiq bin Abdullah from University of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) shared his experiences and informed how Malaysia, in a short span, has become very important and one destination in pharmacy. He also shared that India has more potential to give back to the society and the pharmaceutical industry.

 LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal and Pro- Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal presented SPER Awards of the year to 50 persons for their illustrious contribution to pharmacy. Congratulating all on the successful outcome of the conference Chancellor Mittal shared: “I am happy to share that the pharmacy department of our university has emerged on the global map through many number of patents and research works. And, such a large participation in the conference is testimony to the great works done by the school of pharmaceutical sciences.” 

 The guests of honour and key speakers of the day included LPU VC Dr Ramesh Kanwar, Dr Bhaswat S Chakraborty, Senior Vice President and Chairman at Cadila Pharmaceuticals; Dr Gouri K Dash, Professor & Head Royal College of Medicine Perak Malaysia; and, Dr Upendra Nagaich, Secretary SPER. In a message, Dr Rakesh K Sharma, Addl Director & Head CBRN Defence, INMASS, DRDO, has conveyed: “The pharmaceutical industry needs to redefine and direct its R & D strategies to incorporate the tremendous changes taking place in this field. The convergence of pharmaceutical, bio and information technologies is expected to alter every aspect of health care-from preventive medicine to invasive surgical therapies and hospital care.”

The objects of SPER include promotion of scientific and research activities in relation to pharmaceutical education & research.  It works continuously with pharmacy institutions and pharmaceutical research industries for the growth and advancement of pharmacy profession. LPU has also been endeavouring on these very lines. 

Continuous interaction with industry is maintained to ensure that the learning program remains relevant to the changing trends in pharmaceutical industry. Every year, students are taken to the industries for gaining first- hand experience, and they actively participate in research-works to remain at the cutting edge. As such, LPU students have filed a number, of national and international patents. Many of the alumni hold prominent positions in industry and academia, both in India and abroad.

Abstract - Dr Bhaswat S Chakraborty, Senior Vice President & Chairman of Research & Development Core Committee at CADILA Pharmaceuticals ltd Ahmedabad shared his thoughts on the topic: “Teaching of Patient Safety in Pharmacy Curriculum”. He stressed that patients are not safe in the modern health care system. The harm comes from unexpected adverse reactions, therapeutic failures, medication errors, neglect, wrong dispensing, lack of education, inadequate supply and many more. To overcome this problem, all health care professionals must be made to understand the true concepts of patient safety and appropriate best practices. This understanding should be a part of both undergraduate and graduate curriculum relevant to the profession. Dr Chakraborty feels that most of the pharmacy educators are not yet familiar with the paradigms and structure of patient safety curriculum especially at the undergraduate level. He informed that WHO has recently introduced a patient safety guide for multiple professionals -the first part of this guide is for teachers and second for students. An eminent speaker, Dr Chakraborty is also on the board of several Institutes and Universities in India and USA in various capacities. He forwarded certain ideas which can be helpful in developing meaningful curriculum in this context. 

Abstract - Dr Gouri K Dash, Professor & Head Royal College of Medicine Perak Malaysia shared his thoughts on the key topic of the conference: “Recent trends in Pharmacy industry: Bridging the gaps in Pharmaceutical Education”. He highlighted that the Indian Pharmaceutical industry has emerged as the most dynamic manufacturing segment of the Indian economy. It has great technological capabilities to manufacture quality drugs indigenously and cost effectively. As such, India has emerged as a major competitor in the world market, and this growth has opened up a host of career opportunities for pharmacy students. However, students’ exposure to the latest systems of industry practices is believed to be inadequate. As such, industry-academia interaction is a matter of great relevance in the present context of globalization of pharmaceutical education. 

Two Herbal Products Launched: Sr Dean, Dr Monica Gulati informed that on this great occasion, LPU’s Formulation Development Support School of Pharmaceutical Sciences has launched two herbal products to solve out cough and asthma problems. Containing natural honey, one of these is herbal anti-asthma syrup and labelled as ‘Demron’; whereas second is herbal cough syrup ‘Foret’.  Both of these are scientifically developed and are based on clinically proven formulas. 


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