LPU organised Commencement Ceremony for its thousands of final-year students

*Chancellor Mr Mittal asked students to prove themselves as truly global citizens in next phase of their life
*Students and teachers had interactive sessions to refresh memories of years’ long teacher-taught relationship
*Outgoing students walked on the ramp, enjoyed fun games, rhymes & rhythms

Jalandhar:  World over top universities send their graduating students for the best future ahead through Commencement Ceremony. LPU, too, organises every year this ceremony to bid blissful farewell to many thousand students of different streams. This year, commencement ceremony at LPU was organised for many thousand students of both regular and distance education programs. Final year students shared experiences of many years spent at LPU. The five-hour passions-full ceremony acknowledged versatile growth and future planning of the students. Students-Teachers had informal & interactive meetings discipline wise; students walked in style on the ramp; went for scores of fun games; and, danced together at DJ party to enjoy the ceremony. On this occasion, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal, Pro-Chancellor Ms Rashmi Mittal, Vice Chancellor Dr Ramesh Kanwar, Director General Er HR Singla, Executive Deans and Heads of the respective departments were present to bless the students.

Chancellor Mr Mittal motivated the students to prove their worth to make their alma-mater ever proud of them. Mr Mittal said: “All of you are now going to be our esteemed alumni and, of course, brand ambassadors. We wish all of you may prove yourself as great scientists, explorers, innovators, business magnates, industrialists, entrepreneurs and such more world over.  In fact, we want you all to excel in each and every field to lead the next generation."  Adding, Mr Mittal said: “As for we are concerned, we assure you that your alma-mater will always be with you in all of your future needs and designs. As before, we will keep on adding new resources every year to make LPU grow tremendously with globally needed new projects for next batches of students. We will always keep our eyes and ears open to see and listen to stories of your brilliance and success!”

 The ceremony consisted of: Photographic sessions of passing out students with LPU dignitaries and faculty members to cherish memories; get-together & interaction sessions at each discipline level for thanks giving & best wishes; and, high tea, DJ party, fun games, ramp-walk for recreation. The Junior-students also contributed to memorable send-off through their special performances, singing and dances. Final year students were seen penning down best wishes’ impressions on shirts of each other. The souvenir stalls were also seen around the celebration spot for the remarks of the students. Students were seen having greater emotional exchanges of reverence, reminisces, and best wishes among themselves and their teachers. 


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