MTV & LPU organised Voting Awareness Campaign at LPU Campus

MTV VJ Jose inspired students to participate actively in the upcoming parliamentary elections

Jalandhar:  Parliamentary - Election is at the peak in the entire country, and the whole of Punjab is going to vote on 30th of April 2014. Considering the same, Lovely Professional University & youth channel ‘MTV’ organised “Voting Awareness” campaign at LPU Campus. Channel MTV is driving a specialised program ‘Rock the Vote- Ek Ride Desh ke Naam’ in selected universities of the country.  LPU is one of these few universities, across India, where this program is conducted. The aim of the program is to encourage youth to use their right to vote. Special debate & interactive session was conducted at LPU where students shared their views about the voting right and their expectations from would be Parliamentary Members. VJ Jose motivated students to cast 100% votes of theirs in the upcoming parliamentary elections.
VJ Jose informed: “India’s young generation is diverse and huge in number, and makes a good part of the entire electorate-This is both challenge and opportunity.  Our ‘Rock the Vote’ program is dedicated to building the political power of young people by engaging them in the electoral process. We also urge young voters to best utilize their fundamental right to vote.  Our goal is to strengthen our country's democracy.”
In an inspiring message, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal also wanted Indian youth to ensure their sincere and honest participation in elections for great democratic set up in India. Mr Mittal informed: “LPU always forwarded itself for the cause of voting system. In this regard, Chief Election Commissioner of the state and other government officers made their presence at LPU campus, time to time, to awaken and support young voters. We also provided special on campus arrangements for the government agencies to let many thousand students, members of staff and nearby villagers get their ‘Voter Identity cards’ made. This initiative of ours is to awaken youth to use their voting right judiciously.”
In fact, ‘Rock the Vote campaign’ has become a trusted source of information for young people about registering to vote and casting a ballot.  Music, popular culture, new technologies are used to mobilize young voters of the country to participate in every election to create political and social change.


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