LPU School of Fashion Design organised its Annual Graduating Show-2014

*Showstoppers were title winners and finalists of Punjab Mega Model Hunt’13
*LPU students & models from fashion Industry walked the ramp wearing students’ creative designs
*Fashion parade was choreographed by Shie Lobo of MTV fame

Jalandhar:  Every year the School of Fashion Design of Lovely Professional University organizes mega fashion parade at its Annual Graduating Show. The show is planned to send industry ready final year students of M Sc & B Sc Fashion Design in the fashion-world for attractive career ahead. This year, too, LPU students & models from fashion industry walked the ramp wearing students’ creative designs. Showstoppers were title winners and finalists of Punjab Mega Model Hunt’13.  Fashion- Design students showcased their years of learning & training through 100+ ensembles which were artistically designed and skillfully crafted under different inspirations.  Comprising eight rounds, the fashion parade was choreographed by Shie Lobo of MTV fame.  All of the rounds earned wide acclaim from the onlookers when the future designer students of the university presented their creations with finesse.

Beautifully embroidered, weaved, stitched, knitted, tailored and brilliantly crafted eight design collections were named separately for different rounds. These were: “Meter Down”, “The Victorian Voyage”, “Mushroom Bloom”, “Nomadic Curry”, “Fiddle World”, “Tamed Totem”, “A Sicilian Saga” and “Celtic Coinage”. All of these collections were named as per inspiration for the creation.

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal congratulated all the graduating students and informed: “Our creative fashion designers introduce themselves to the fashion industry every year with an enchanting and impressive fashion show like this. Such an exposure indeed serves as an excellent career entry for certain success and high income sources to the talented students.  We wish a roaring success for all of the graduating students!" Mr Mittal also elaborated: “Annual graduating fashion show is not just the work of a few weeks or months or a semester. It is basically the visual representation of all the hard work, learning and development of talent that a student undergoes in the whole duration of his/her course. The preparation for this last demonstration of the students’ education gets started from the very moment he/she enters the class.”

Illustrative, a large number of LPU students are presently working with top brands like Monte Carlo, Best-seller, Orient Craft, Lilliput, Metaphors, Madame, Neva Inner Wear and such many others of immense repute. Covering demonstration of the latest and top designs, this unique striking event was also fairly added by some of the famous brands through the strenuous efforts of the students: Coke,  Big FM, PTC Chakde, Oleega, Madame, Derby, NY CITI, Ashu Printers, French Cuff Bee and Vee, and Oriental Bank of Commerce. 

Computer Links & Zebronics selected MBA students of LPU

* Students are offered annual salary package up to Rs 3.6 lakh

Jalandhar:  Top IT companies ‘Computer Links and Zebronics’ selected 14 MBA students of Lovely Professional University. Selected students have joined their duties in top cities of India as Channel Managers/Product Managers/Brand Managers/Territory Sales Officers. Students have been offered salary package up to Rs 3.6 lakh plus incentives per annum. Placement drive was conducted for 2014 passing out students of MBA, Marketing & IT. Prior to their selection, students faced written test and personal interview. It is to be highlighted that these students are yet awaiting their final examination results. Selected students are Mustafa Jamal, K Praveen, Saurav, Arvind, Vikram, Ashish, Surjeet , Priyanjali, Prabhjit, Anand, Deepti, Prasanth, Vegenesa & Nitin.
Congratulating successful students, LPU Pro Chancellor Ms Rashmi Mittal said: “We are happy that our students have not only been selected by leading companies but they have also started working with them even before declaration of their final exam results. In fact, it is a first-rate career start for our students, as they will get experience of global marketing and consumer services in the very initial phase of their jobs. We wish a glowing career ahead for all of them!”
MBA student Mustafa Jamal said: “I am happy on getting selected with a top company and at a good salary package also in the very initial stage of my employment.  My parents are happy that I have joined a good job. My parents and I feel that we had rightly decided to join LPU for my brilliant career. This selection is surely going to make me grow in an outstanding way.  In fact, this selection is only due to my sincere pursuing to the instructions of my university teachers.”
Next generation distributor, Computer Links is leading IT security and internet technology solutions distributor. It enables channel partners to provide secure commercial services to corporate customers world-wide through its offices in 19 countries. Whereas, with slogan of "always ahead", Zebronics is spread across the country with offices in 30 cities & 100+ Zeb Care (service centers). It offers large range of consumer peripherals and electronics to customers and over 10,000 channel partners. 

LPU Students engineered 1400 real-life projects in the Present Session

Jalandhar: Putting theoretical knowledge into practical aspects, LPU engineering students have generated many socially useful projects. With regular engineering revolution for innovations at blinks, LPU students kept excellent pace to create more and more projects. LPU students engineered 1400 real- life projects in the Present Session. Various projects undertaken and prepared by students as working models were part of their courses. During annual exhibition event these projects particularly for engineering and on science were showcased. On one hand there were small projects for daily utility and on the other for the whole society in general. Out of these, selected 150 projects of immense utility & amazing innovation were exhibited at LPU campus.
Some of the interesting projects are ‘Electronic Stick’ to help out Blind persons. Using various sensor modules, this stick will lead a blind person across different obstacles. Advanced System for Home Automation (ASHA) shows response on a voice input.  Project for automatic control of unmanned railway crossings controls train accidents on such crossings. Before reaching of the train at a set distance the barriers will be automatically lowered and after leaving of the train the barriers will be lifted.  Farmers friendly, Automatic water Irrigation System is to irrigate fields on sensing available water-level contents in the ground. GSM based car security system is to control theft of vehicles. Under water communication system is to make communication always effective in hours of needs as was needed during Uttarakhand Tragedy. Gesture Control Remote Activation is to allow functioning of things only through signaling. Multipurpose Defense Robot is with automatic judgment for speed, obstacles, depth, edge etc. Similarly, No Blade Fan is very safe for children, birds and is also energy saver; it can also serve as a blower in winter. Similarly, Solar Grass Mower; Multi Nut Remover Machine, Compact Integrated Transmission System, Multiple Cutting Hacksaw Machine, Di Wheel No Fuel Car for Handicaps, Rear Wheel foldable scooter and  many other are students innovative creations.
Inspiring the creative and innovative students, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “We are proud to have creative and innovative students, who are eager to help the society in one or the other way. Maximum of these projects are for the benefit of common man.” Mr Mittal further informed: “Our main focus is on the practical aspects of all theories so that these may be utilized for the wants and help of the society. For this university has dedicated separate blocks and labs for different projects to work day and night. A couple of months back engineering students participated in Auto-Expo 2014 and exhibited 20 vehicles and accessories to get great admiration from the Expo visitors.” 
One of the participating students Tahniyat Noon said: “During our project, we worked in an actual environment and the most of the knowledge we gathered during studies was put to test here.  It has further increased my sphere of knowledge to a great extent. I and my co-project students were entrusted with real life project. While working we considered ongoing innovations and revolution in the world of communication under the guidance and suggestions of our teachers.”

                                                                                                                                                                     GSM based car security system
The revolution in Mobile Technology has inspired ‘GSM based car security system’. The car security system is prominent worldwide, but innovative LPU students did not take that as a secure system. Students felt that every vehicle owner wants maximum protection of the vehicle.  This security system immediately sends SMS on the provided mobile number through GSM modem when someone tries to steal the vehicle.  This system adopts four sensing parameters for security: (1) Pressure sensing, (2) Gas sensing (3) Door locking system and (4) Engine locking system.  System sends SMS through GSM modem at every sensing point. The main objective of GSM based Car Security is to alert the owner on phone.

Voice Transmission using RF module & Laser
In current scenario communication is the basic need of human beings. Engineers and scientists are working to find out some more reliable techniques in order to increase security of data transmission, high speed of transmission and cost. These are three main constraints in today`s communication system. This project is working in all three areas of constraints in communication as used RF module minimizes the cost of the system and can communicate with high security. Secondly, by using LASER data can be transmitted with very high speed, and one can even communicate inside water as well. Where all other communication system failed during Uttrakhand tragedy, this system would have worked efficiently and saved many precious lives within the limited time.

LPU student bagged Dada Saheb Phalke Award in short film category for students

·     LPU student’s short film  ‘The Poster’ declared excellent over other entries from all across India and 45 other countries

Jalandhar: India’s most prestigious film festival – Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival recognizes the enlightening, entertaining & progressive new age cinema of youth & experienced filmmakers every year. This year – 2014, Lovely Professional University student Ahsif Khan has been honoured with ‘Dad Shaheb Phalke 2014 Award’, in New Delhi. Ahsif has been awarded for his brilliantly executed short piece of the year ‘The Poster’.
The 15-minutes low-budget film ‘The Poster’ won “Special Festival Mention Award” in short film category for students. Ahsif received ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from national award winning producer Savita Raj Hirmath. Ahsif’s production has been adjudged excellent over other entries from all across India and 45 other countries. LPU had encouraged its student-director Ahsif for entering the fest, and also forwarded itself as title sponsor of the film.
‘The Poster’ is a moving depiction of everyday anguish of common man, his endangered dreams, frustration over work and family, and the final march toward social reform.  ‘Poster’ is based on the story of Zahir Raihan-a legendary & revolutionary figure in the annals of Bangladesh, and is directed and produced by Ahsif khan. The film is in Bengali language with sub titles in English and has earned wonderful success under various shows.
LPU identified Ahsif’s creative power when he was motivated for a documentary, ‘Song of Padma’ in 2013, and it bagged the title of “Best Documentary” at the LPU Film Festival (India). The documentary was further appreciated at the 6th International Film Festival in Dhaka (Bangladesh). He has also won first prize at Youth Vibe 2013 (India) for ad making and architectural photography.
LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal mentioned: “We are happy that our talented student put up his passion in a well-knit manner, and got such a prestigious award. We always inspire the students who reveal their zeal to do something innovative, creative and research oriented. We further make such students to reach to global heights for the ultimate benefit of the society. We wish all the best to the creative student to enable himself to get nominated for prestigious Oscar award!”

Ahsif says: “I got admission at LPU on scholarship basis. My financial condition was not good and on getting help from LPU, I came many thousand away from my country to join LPU. Here I got the best opportunity to get wings to my passion. In spite of my being a student of medical field, my LPU teachers motivated me to carry on my film-making creation. LPU sponsored my project and result is before all. I have no words to thank my teachers and LPU top administration which has raised my status from a simple without any resource-student to an acclaimed director, writer, and even as an actor.”

 About ‘The Poster’:
The central character of the film is an ordinary middle class man Amzad who believes that the government is doing everything for its people until the day he falls in the trap. He learns about the drawback of capitalism as he loses his job. A salaried government employee, Amzad lives his life with resigned acceptance. He is a critic of the likes of Afzal- a firm believer in the revolutionary zeal of the youth. However, it sketches Amzad’s final disillusionment as he is fired for no reason from his job.

Canadian Students from Mount Royal University reached LPU under Study Exchange Program

  • 29 students & faculty Members from Mount Royal University(MRU) Canada remained for a week at LPU

Jalandhar: As part of student exchange program, 29 students & faculty members from one of the top universities in Canada, Mount Royal University (MRU), reached Lovely Professional University. This is the second time that a new group of students from MRU Canada reached LPU, the first group had visited in the year 2012. LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal mentioned: “We are happy on welcoming MRU students at our campus to further strengthen relationship. It is more inspiring that the Canadian students have visited LPU second time to share strong bonds.  On the same lines our students will also be going to MRU under such a program.”
Adding Mr Mittal informed: “As part of the program MRU students were led to Golden Temple, Jallianwalah Bagh in Amritsar and were informed about Indian Economy, Indian businesses & culture. We feel that students’ visit to LPU in India is an experience that each and every student of the world should have. I hope this tour must have offered Canadian students a unique opportunity in experiential learning about Indian culture and practices.”
MRU faculty member accompanying MRU students, Ms Yasmin shared: “It is really amazing experience for us to accompany students to visit a fast developing country like India. Students learnt here great human values, economy and other best of Indian practices for their personal growth. We feel that such interactive visits are very important as these allow youth to have a strong global understanding.”
One of the visiting students Maria Fernanda shared: “This tour to India really proved as an amazing and memorable tour. We knew India only through books, on reaching LPU we got lot of opportunities in short span to learn maximum about India, its people and customs. Division of International Affairs of LPU let me and my tour-mates learn about famous dances, foods, attires of Punjab and other states, different languages particularly Punjabi and Hindi. The common words said on meeting someone “Sat Sri Akal & Namastey” are now frequently used by us. At first these were like tongue twisters to us but presently we love to prefer these. I will never forget this visit, as the hospitality we received here could not be anywhere in the world!”

Being mostly from business, social sciences and journalism background, the visiting students understood issues relevant to India in context to their fields. MRU students interacted with students and teachers of LPU. Spending a lot of their time in the LPU School of Hospitality and Uni-Hotel, they learnt Indian cooking and enjoyed self cooked Indian food. They also practiced folk dances, singing styles, yoga, languages etc. On visiting an NGO at Jalandhar, the visitors felt compassionate intensity in India.

Google selects LPU student for San Francisco Conference

  • Conference is completely sponsored by internet giant company ‘Google’
  • LPU student is among three students selected from all across India:  2 others are from IIT Guwahati & Institute of Indore
Jalandhar:  Totally Google sponsored global technology conference Google I/O is held every year in San Francisco (USA).  This year Google has selected a B Tech CSE student of Lovely Professional University Avinash Mishra to participate in the conference for representing India.  LPU student is selected along with 12 top professionals from industry & 2 other students from IIT Guwahati and an institute of Indore. It is highlighting that there are 500+ Google Developer Group (GDG) Chapters in 100 Countries across the globe. Avinash is representing GDG Jalandhar constituted at LPU, which is covering the whole of northern region, and this group is ranked 3rd best in India in terms of performance. The two-day Google conference will be held from 25th to 26th June 2014. 
 Congratulating hard working student, LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal informed: “Our University is empowering its students to get recognitions and acclaims world-wide.   I am happy to note that this year once again LPU student is going to participate in the world conference of prestigious company Google, in America. Avinash is one among three students from across India who will represent India at the conference. This is making me proud that our students have started bringing name and fame to themselves and their university in an early phase of their life.”
Google annually sponsors 5000 professionals and students from across globe to participate at Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, where they talk about high-end technologies. Various sessions are held for Google and open web technologies such as Android, Chrome OS, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, and more. This 7th annual Google event is supposed to unveil many new products and project: Revamped Google Glass; Nexus 8; Android 4.5; New Gmail; Focus on design; Refocused Google+, and many more.
Jubilant Avinash shared: “I belong to a very humble family. When I joined LPU from a 2000 kms’ remote part of India, I had never imagined that one day I will be able to attend a world level conference representing my country. None of my family members has any know-how about high-end technology developments. Being at LPU, this selection has made my parents and relatives happier. They are also feeling great that their decision to make me continue my higher studies at LPU was indeed right.”

World famous wrestler “Khali” inaugurated new session of LPU’s ultra-modern gym- ‘Fitness Edge’

“Abstain from drugs & Intoxicants”: the great Khali

Jalandhar: King of wrestling across the world, the “Great Khali” alias Dalip Singh reached Lovely Professional University.  Accompanied by former ‘Mr India’ Hira Lal, Khali inaugurated the new session of LPU’s ultra-modern gymnasium-‘Fitness Edge’. Both of them highly appreciated the best of fitness facilities at the university. Students gathered around Khali like “Lilliputs” and Khali shared his world level experiences with them. Looking at the body built of Khali, students compared their own body measurements with towering built up of globally renowned Khali. 

 In a great message Khali instructed students: “Abstain from drugs & Intoxicants and live a long healthy life with constructive approach.  Society needs your youthful energy the most for the great works to be done for the goodness of humanity.”Interacting with international as well as national students, Khali shared: “The world recognised my strength when I extended a crushing defeat to undefeatable wrestler ‘Undertaker’.”To some other questions put,   Khali answered: “No doubt I enjoyed bollywood and TV shows, but wrestling is my real passion and it always thrills me. I want all of you to rule the world by being towering in body and mind!”

Welcoming Khali to the campus, LPU Pro Chancellor Ms Rashmi Mittal said: “We are happy to receive great wrestler of the world who has been kind enough to alert students in regard to their health and physical fitness.  Students should imbibe the great message forwarded to them to the core. Drugs and intoxicants mess up lives, and once one gets addicted to such substances it becomes difficult to get rid of these.” Continuing Mrs Mittal said: “We assure the elite visitors that more new parameters and machinery will be added to make LPU gym as one of the most modernised gymnasiums of the country for the benefit of students.”

Illustrative, LPU’s ultra-modern gymnasium is by all standards one of the best in any of the University of the country.  The spacious gym has all top health machines and accessories imported from USA, which can engage a lot of students in one go. The gymnasium has been spatially demarcated in separate areas of specialisation and targeted muscle development.  Section for weight lifting houses plate-loaded machines along with plates, dumb-bells and barbells.  Cardio vascular section houses machines like Treadmills, Recumbent Bikes, Elliptical machines, Arc Trainers & Rowers, which are specially used by those having heart related physical complications.  A separate hall has been dedicated to aerobics, where students can dance their way to health and fitness under the guidance of certified trainers.  It is designed to hold sessions in Power Yoga, Cross Training, Cardio- Salsa, Bollywood Blast, Kick Boxing, Taekwondo, Body Toning, Challenge, Classic Aerobics, and Circuit Training etc.

LPU implemented US based Early Decision Benefit (EDB) Program

· EDB provides students opportunity to decide early to join University
· Tuition fee of the last year (2013) would be applicable to students applying under EDB
· Application/registration deadline for EDB is 31st May 2014

Jalandhar: American universities guide students to take early decision to join university study program under Early Decision Benefit (EDB) program. In turn, the students focus on the university which provides the best study program as per their requirement and objective. Seeing that thousands of students availed this opportunity last year, LPU is implementing EDB this year too on the same US pattern. The students enrolled under EDB will be benefitted and pay tuition fee as that of the last year (2013). The application/registration deadline for EDB is 31st May 2014.
Students applying under EDB will have to submit their applications before cut-off date i.e. 31st May 2014. However, in the case of B.Tech & MBA study programs, students will have to clear LPUNEST-2014 test to avail the EDB. LPUNEST-2014 will be held online at specified 100 centers all across the country. More information for EDB, LPUNEST and Fee structure is available at LPU website www.lpu.in
Inspiring the students to get advantage of EDB, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal informed: “For the benefit of meritorious students, we always think in consonance with top global educational institutions. EDB program is unique as under it student not only pays the lower fee but is also benefitted with higher scholarship in certain cases.  Moreover, we wish that financial constraints should never have a check on the development of a student.  The introduction of EDB has helped many thousand students last year, and we are hopeful that its implementation this year will further awaken thousands other students.  I feel that I would certainly be a happier person on seeing more and more students availing EDB program!”
One of the last year’s EDB applicants from TamilNadu T Ashokan who is presently pursuing his B.Tech program at LPU holds: “As I have availed EDB, I know it is a great opportunity. It is bringing awareness among Indian students about their liberty to choose and secure study program of their choice at an institution of their dreams. More over EDB is also benefitting students to pursue their studies at an affordable fee-structure.” 

LPU secured 100 % placement for its M P Ed students

*Bangalore, Mumbai & Gurgaon based top companies selected 61 LPU students as Physical Education Teachers

Jalandhar: Lovely Professional University once again revolutionized the on-campus placement process by getting even its physical education students recruited with India’s top physical education & sports program companies. Bangalore based Leap- Start & Edusports; Mumbai based Kooh-sports; and, Gurgaon based Satya Bharti Airtel have recruited 61 M P Ed, B P Ed and D P Ed students of the university. Selected as physical education teachers for different schools across India, the students will join their duties in the month of June at annual salary up to Rs 2.5 lakh. It is highlighting that M P Ed students, of this year passing out batch, made an illustrious recruitment success to 100%.

Congratulating the successful students, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal messaged: “We are happy and proud that our physical education students have been placed with top companies. It is a healthy sign not only for students but for university also that great companies are offering coveted jobs to the students even before the declaration of their final exams results. We are also thankful to the industry for their identification of our brilliant students. We anticipate that our students will prove themselves to be more than the expectations of their employers.”   Mr Mittal further informed: “Prior to this, jobs for physical education students used to be available in local areas only. Now schools in metro cities across the country are entrusting their sports management to top industry in the field. This has made the talented physical education students to get employed on national level with big banners.”

Illustrative, Leap-Start is present in 14 cities and has planning to provide quality physical education to near one lakh kids across the country in almost 200 schools. Leap-Start functions under Fit kids Education and Training, which has partnership with the US-based research and public health organization SPARK.  Spark’s sports curriculum is being implemented in over 10,000 schools in 30 countries worldwide. Edusports is pioneer in school sports outsourcing and is partner with 195 schools across 72 cities in India. Bharti Enterprise is running hundreds of Satya Bharti schools across many states of India. Whereas, KOOH Sports is making a difference to sports mind set-up in India.

Being provided a great launch pad for successful career ahead, LPU M P Ed students hold that this effort for exclusive recruitment of students like them will inspire more of the physical education students. It is indeed encouraging that the exemplary efforts of LPU teachers and management have brought great placement results as much as 100%. 

LPU Debate team made clean sweep in four National Events

*Beat even Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Millia Islamia University

Jalandhar:  LPU students Harpreet Singh Hora (B Tech CSE) & Mriganav Bora (B Tech Bio-tech) have brought laurels to the university by proving themselves as acclaimed national debaters.  Both of them recently participated in four prestigious national inter university debate competitions held at top educational institutions of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi and Uttranchal. Debating on diverse topics related to democracy, western philosophy, social media and politics; LPU students made clean sweep in all the 4 competitions by proving their verbal strength and argumentative intelligence. Harpreet and Mriganav won all the 1st Team Prizes in competitions for English category and received winners’ trophies along with cash prizes worth Rs 31,000.

 These national inter university debate competitions were held at G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology (Uttarakhand), Aligarh Muslim University (Uttar Pradesh), Jamia Millia Islamia University (New Delhi), and Law College Dehradun. LPU students out did participants of more than 50 competing teams from Universities/Institutes like Aligarh Muslim University, Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi and many such other.

Congratulating the skilful debaters, LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal said: “We are happy and proud to see our students excelling in diverse fields. We become happier when we see students from technical domains show their worth in art forms; pharmacy student for film- making; and, arts students for scientific projects. This amalgam of talents in students is identified individually by LPU teachers and in turn students are mentored to bring forth their potentialities in a befitting manner.  We wish all the best to Mriganav and Harpreet for their future successes!”

Mrignav Bora who hails from Assam is very happy on his success. He said: “When I joined LPU I was very shy. Looking at the availability of lot of opportunities for personal growth, I participated at the department level. From then onwards my teachers shaped me well and prepared me to participate at national platform. Now my parents are very happy on seeing my growth at LPU on such a coveted level.”

HCL Technologies selected 98 students of LPU

  • One of the largest recruitment drive by HCL on a single campus

Jalandhar: One of the top four IT companies of India- HCL Technologies ISD (Infrastructure Services Division) has selected one of the largest-number of students in a single drive on a single campus of Lovely Professional University. In a four-day meticulously conducted campus placement drive, HCL selected 98 engineering students of LPU. Selected as ‘Graduate Engineer Trainees’, LPU students of 2014 passing out batch are from different branches of engineering including CSE/IT/ECE and EEE.  It is highlighting that these selected students will join their duties in the very month of their passing out i.e. July 2014.  HCL is recognized as a pioneer of remote infrastructure management services world over.

Congratulating the students, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “I am happy to note that our hard working students are being regularly recognized by top global companies.  It is a moment of pride that students have job offers with them even before appearing in their final examinations. We wish for a brilliant career ahead for students who have got recruited with such a conglomerate.” Mr Mittal also informed: “In fact, top IT, pharmaceutical, engineering, management, hospitality and other sectors’ companies are already lined up to visit LPU campus for the placements of LPU students for their brilliance and potentialities.”

Successful students are in a jubilant mood on being selected by a world-renowned leading IT company.   One of the selected students Dipankar Sarkar who belongs to Guwahati (Assam) said: “I and my parents had rightly decided to join LPU as I am soon going to rise with prestigious company like HCL. I was at first hesitant to study in a far-off state but my parents advised me to make my career at LPU. I found here the best of learning environment, and this present success is only due to the best guidance met to me and other students through our university teachers. Now, this grand opportunity is certainly going to make us all grow differently with more career opportunities waiting ahead.”

Three-decade old HCL is many billion dollars leading global technology and IT enterprise, and its team consists of many- thousand professionals of diverse nationalities. HCL employees operate from 31 countries including over 500 points of presence in India. HCL ISD is India's leading IT services provider, and is ranked higher than global IT giants in market presence: It is No. 1 in network management and No. 2 in server management worldwide. 

Mechanical Engineering students lifted Dancing Star-14 Trophy at LPU

*Artists from Sony, Zee TV, Colors, Life OK participated and motivated the finalists on the concluding show

*LPU students competed for bollywood & free style Dance forms including Hip Hop, Popping, Tap Dance, Robotics and more
Jalandhar:  LPU mechanical engineering students, Yaman & Akash lifted ‘Dancing Star-14’ Trophy at LPU. Both of them performed in excellence for ‘Zombi Dance’ in Broadway style & ‘Robotics’ respectively and were declared winners. Out of 30 students shortlisted for week long competitions the mechanical engineering duo could make it possible for five finalists. LPU students competed for various bollywood & free style dance forms including Hip Hop, Popping, Tap Dance, Robotics and more. However, in an unconventional mode,  both the winners proved their worth in spite of their being non- performing arts students.
The concluding day of the dancing competition became motivating & mirthful when four dancing stars of four famous channels-Sony, Colors, Life OK & Zee TV also performed at LPU stage. Dance India Dance Lil Masters (DID) fame Diya Dua from Zee TV; India Got Talent (IGT) show’s queen Gaurika Joshi from ‘Colors’; Manisha Puri from  channel ‘Life OK’; and, Reet from Sony channel  participated and inspired LPU Competitors. 
 Congratulating the winners and all other competing students, LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal said: “In order to make our talented students follow the global talent competition format, we organized the dancing show where artists from prestigious channels shared their experiences. This visit of the star artists has not only added luster to the competition but also emphasized that talent knows no age or areas. Our mechanical engineering students who are not related to any of the art programs have proved it to the core that talent knows no boundaries or constraints.” Mrs Mittal also added: “TV artists’ presence on the grand finale of the dancing competition increased the magnitude of the competition as well as of the students’ performances.”
Being very happy on winning the trophy Akash who hails from Kolkata said: “It was a tough competition and more so as I never got any training for any of the dance forms. Dance is my passion and I did prove it.  This winning has added more to my confidence and I think I made right choice in joining LPU from such a long distance. I and other students like me get ample opportunities here at LPU to grow and groom ourselves.”