Canadian Students from Mount Royal University reached LPU under Study Exchange Program

  • 29 students & faculty Members from Mount Royal University(MRU) Canada remained for a week at LPU

Jalandhar: As part of student exchange program, 29 students & faculty members from one of the top universities in Canada, Mount Royal University (MRU), reached Lovely Professional University. This is the second time that a new group of students from MRU Canada reached LPU, the first group had visited in the year 2012. LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal mentioned: “We are happy on welcoming MRU students at our campus to further strengthen relationship. It is more inspiring that the Canadian students have visited LPU second time to share strong bonds.  On the same lines our students will also be going to MRU under such a program.”
Adding Mr Mittal informed: “As part of the program MRU students were led to Golden Temple, Jallianwalah Bagh in Amritsar and were informed about Indian Economy, Indian businesses & culture. We feel that students’ visit to LPU in India is an experience that each and every student of the world should have. I hope this tour must have offered Canadian students a unique opportunity in experiential learning about Indian culture and practices.”
MRU faculty member accompanying MRU students, Ms Yasmin shared: “It is really amazing experience for us to accompany students to visit a fast developing country like India. Students learnt here great human values, economy and other best of Indian practices for their personal growth. We feel that such interactive visits are very important as these allow youth to have a strong global understanding.”
One of the visiting students Maria Fernanda shared: “This tour to India really proved as an amazing and memorable tour. We knew India only through books, on reaching LPU we got lot of opportunities in short span to learn maximum about India, its people and customs. Division of International Affairs of LPU let me and my tour-mates learn about famous dances, foods, attires of Punjab and other states, different languages particularly Punjabi and Hindi. The common words said on meeting someone “Sat Sri Akal & Namastey” are now frequently used by us. At first these were like tongue twisters to us but presently we love to prefer these. I will never forget this visit, as the hospitality we received here could not be anywhere in the world!”

Being mostly from business, social sciences and journalism background, the visiting students understood issues relevant to India in context to their fields. MRU students interacted with students and teachers of LPU. Spending a lot of their time in the LPU School of Hospitality and Uni-Hotel, they learnt Indian cooking and enjoyed self cooked Indian food. They also practiced folk dances, singing styles, yoga, languages etc. On visiting an NGO at Jalandhar, the visitors felt compassionate intensity in India.


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