LPU implemented US based Early Decision Benefit (EDB) Program

· EDB provides students opportunity to decide early to join University
· Tuition fee of the last year (2013) would be applicable to students applying under EDB
· Application/registration deadline for EDB is 31st May 2014

Jalandhar: American universities guide students to take early decision to join university study program under Early Decision Benefit (EDB) program. In turn, the students focus on the university which provides the best study program as per their requirement and objective. Seeing that thousands of students availed this opportunity last year, LPU is implementing EDB this year too on the same US pattern. The students enrolled under EDB will be benefitted and pay tuition fee as that of the last year (2013). The application/registration deadline for EDB is 31st May 2014.
Students applying under EDB will have to submit their applications before cut-off date i.e. 31st May 2014. However, in the case of B.Tech & MBA study programs, students will have to clear LPUNEST-2014 test to avail the EDB. LPUNEST-2014 will be held online at specified 100 centers all across the country. More information for EDB, LPUNEST and Fee structure is available at LPU website www.lpu.in
Inspiring the students to get advantage of EDB, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal informed: “For the benefit of meritorious students, we always think in consonance with top global educational institutions. EDB program is unique as under it student not only pays the lower fee but is also benefitted with higher scholarship in certain cases.  Moreover, we wish that financial constraints should never have a check on the development of a student.  The introduction of EDB has helped many thousand students last year, and we are hopeful that its implementation this year will further awaken thousands other students.  I feel that I would certainly be a happier person on seeing more and more students availing EDB program!”
One of the last year’s EDB applicants from TamilNadu T Ashokan who is presently pursuing his B.Tech program at LPU holds: “As I have availed EDB, I know it is a great opportunity. It is bringing awareness among Indian students about their liberty to choose and secure study program of their choice at an institution of their dreams. More over EDB is also benefitting students to pursue their studies at an affordable fee-structure.” 


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