LPU Students engineered 1400 real-life projects in the Present Session

Jalandhar: Putting theoretical knowledge into practical aspects, LPU engineering students have generated many socially useful projects. With regular engineering revolution for innovations at blinks, LPU students kept excellent pace to create more and more projects. LPU students engineered 1400 real- life projects in the Present Session. Various projects undertaken and prepared by students as working models were part of their courses. During annual exhibition event these projects particularly for engineering and on science were showcased. On one hand there were small projects for daily utility and on the other for the whole society in general. Out of these, selected 150 projects of immense utility & amazing innovation were exhibited at LPU campus.
Some of the interesting projects are ‘Electronic Stick’ to help out Blind persons. Using various sensor modules, this stick will lead a blind person across different obstacles. Advanced System for Home Automation (ASHA) shows response on a voice input.  Project for automatic control of unmanned railway crossings controls train accidents on such crossings. Before reaching of the train at a set distance the barriers will be automatically lowered and after leaving of the train the barriers will be lifted.  Farmers friendly, Automatic water Irrigation System is to irrigate fields on sensing available water-level contents in the ground. GSM based car security system is to control theft of vehicles. Under water communication system is to make communication always effective in hours of needs as was needed during Uttarakhand Tragedy. Gesture Control Remote Activation is to allow functioning of things only through signaling. Multipurpose Defense Robot is with automatic judgment for speed, obstacles, depth, edge etc. Similarly, No Blade Fan is very safe for children, birds and is also energy saver; it can also serve as a blower in winter. Similarly, Solar Grass Mower; Multi Nut Remover Machine, Compact Integrated Transmission System, Multiple Cutting Hacksaw Machine, Di Wheel No Fuel Car for Handicaps, Rear Wheel foldable scooter and  many other are students innovative creations.
Inspiring the creative and innovative students, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “We are proud to have creative and innovative students, who are eager to help the society in one or the other way. Maximum of these projects are for the benefit of common man.” Mr Mittal further informed: “Our main focus is on the practical aspects of all theories so that these may be utilized for the wants and help of the society. For this university has dedicated separate blocks and labs for different projects to work day and night. A couple of months back engineering students participated in Auto-Expo 2014 and exhibited 20 vehicles and accessories to get great admiration from the Expo visitors.” 
One of the participating students Tahniyat Noon said: “During our project, we worked in an actual environment and the most of the knowledge we gathered during studies was put to test here.  It has further increased my sphere of knowledge to a great extent. I and my co-project students were entrusted with real life project. While working we considered ongoing innovations and revolution in the world of communication under the guidance and suggestions of our teachers.”

                                                                                                                                                                     GSM based car security system
The revolution in Mobile Technology has inspired ‘GSM based car security system’. The car security system is prominent worldwide, but innovative LPU students did not take that as a secure system. Students felt that every vehicle owner wants maximum protection of the vehicle.  This security system immediately sends SMS on the provided mobile number through GSM modem when someone tries to steal the vehicle.  This system adopts four sensing parameters for security: (1) Pressure sensing, (2) Gas sensing (3) Door locking system and (4) Engine locking system.  System sends SMS through GSM modem at every sensing point. The main objective of GSM based Car Security is to alert the owner on phone.

Voice Transmission using RF module & Laser
In current scenario communication is the basic need of human beings. Engineers and scientists are working to find out some more reliable techniques in order to increase security of data transmission, high speed of transmission and cost. These are three main constraints in today`s communication system. This project is working in all three areas of constraints in communication as used RF module minimizes the cost of the system and can communicate with high security. Secondly, by using LASER data can be transmitted with very high speed, and one can even communicate inside water as well. Where all other communication system failed during Uttrakhand tragedy, this system would have worked efficiently and saved many precious lives within the limited time.


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