More than 50 entrepreneurial projects started by LPU students in the session 2013-14

  • LPU encouraged entrepreneurial spirit among students
  • “We want students to be job-creators than being job-seekers”: Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal
Jalandhar: In addition to getting suitably placed with top global companies, LPU students also started more than 50 entrepreneurial projects during the session 2013-14. At present many students are adopting entrepreneurship as a career move and have started various business ventures even before they graduated. The examples of entrepreneurship among students are in different domains. Some of the businesses started by students include: My Radio campus: LPU ON AIR; Wannabuy; N-Books; Chinese Corner, Froot-Shoot; Go-Sporty and many more. To ensure entrepreneurship among students, LPU is providing hands-on experience to students through various workshops, lectures, interactions and more.

 A huge departmental store “Wannabuy” of the students for the students and by the students is being run within the university. Right from logistics to procurement, HR, marketing, sales, and finances everything is done by students themselves. Similarly, ‘n-books’ is another business started by LPU students which is a very innovative way of selling books. It is a web portal from where students can buy costly books on great discounts. Sports related products and accessories are being sold by students through their venture ‘Go Sporty’.  Another team of students have launched an online Radio project “My Radio campus: LPU ON AIR”. For this, students have themselves designed a website to make informative and entertaining programs available on air for on campus students. It is also an advertising tool for vendors inside the campus.

 LPU has also invested in creating a hotel and a restaurant on the campus which is being managed by hotel management students of the university. Again, through this project students get inputs and training on all the aspects of hotel industry.

 LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal is determined to elevate the level of thinking and attitude of university students by inculcating in them the values of inventiveness, entrepreneurship and service to society. Confirming this Mr Mittal said: “No doubt, our students are enjoying great placement in almost all sectors, IT, consultancy, architecture, pharmacy and more with super global brands. However, the growing trend among creative students is to be job-creators than to be job-seekers. We too want to promote entrepreneurship amongst our students, and for this our university has come up with ‘University Incubation Centre’. Live entrepreneurship projects, business analysis, new business plans, survey conductions and more form a part of the curriculum.” Continuing he explained: “A lot of activities are done throughout the year to create entrepreneurship spirit among students. Various workshops on entrepreneurship are organized which range from guest lectures by young entrepreneurs to other interactive sessions on how to register a company, how to market, or how to make system more efficient.”


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