LPU faculty trained International Trekkers at 17000 feet in Himalayan Range

  • Ventured at Roopkund glacier Trek in Uttarakhand
  • Trekker group included members from USA, Sweden & Norway
  • Planning next to visit Stok Kangri at 20,182 feet in Ladakh region
 Jalandhar: One of the faculty members from the School of Multimedia of Lovely Professional University, Jitendra Sharma trained 26 trekkers at high altitude in Himalayan Range. Trekker-group included members from USA, Sweden & Norway. Sharma conducted landscape photography workshop at Roop-kund glacier trek at 17000 feet in extremely difficult weather conditions. While training the workshop attendees, Sharma’s capturing of enchanting shots of milky- way, sky with shooting stars, views of satellites,  stars-studded sky, aesthetics and landscapes are  being highly appreciated. These clicks are impressively visible, as this place is away from artificial lights and human habitation. The group was also trained to capture majestic beauty of the largest meadows of Asia-Ali Bugyal & Bedini Bugyal.

Assistant Professor of photography & animation at LPU, Jitendra thanked university for helping him in this project. He informed: “Along with working on my landscape photography project sanctioned liberally by my university, I accorded two months’ web and on the spot training to the trekking members for a very risky workshop.  I asked members to be prepared to face extreme scarcity of oxygen, sub-zero temperatures, acute mountain sickness & other altitude related problems. I also told them about the photographic challenges of the area including lighting conditions of Himalayan landscapes. ” Jitendra is now planning to visit Stok Kangri at 20,182 feet in Ladakh region for covering grazing landscape with new group.

Congratulating Jitendra, LPU Pro-Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal said: “We are very happy on noting the marvelous scenic clicks and useful training provided by our faculty member. The way he has enhanced the knowledge and ability of participants in using digital data collection and analysis methods for the highest range is worth much admiration. We think this workshop is meaningful scientifically also as repeated captures from this very location will certainly provide information regarding environmental conditions of the area. We always inspire our students and members of staff to work novel for the betterment of the society. We wish all the best to the daring faculty member to win more accolades.”

 Illustrative, Roop-kund is a high altitude glacial lake in Uttarakhand state, and is locally known as ‘Mystery Lake’ for having hundreds of human skeletons at its edge. The lake is surrounded by rock-strewn glaciers and snow clad mountains which make it a great trekking destination and a perfect place for visual pleasure. In spite of so many life hazards, this location is considered very scenic & perfect for landscape photography enthusiasts and such workshops.

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