LPU student met Google Founder & CEO Larry Page

  • Occasion was Google sponsored global technology conference Google I/O in San Francisco (USA)
  • LPU student also attended Google Community Asia Summit held in Colombo
 It was indeed a moment of great pride for one of the Lovely Professional University B Tech CSE students Avinash Mishra when he met and conversed with Google-founder  & CEO Larry Page in San Francisco (USA). Google had selected LPU student to represent India for its annual Google sponsored global technology conference in USA. It was a rare chance for him as only three students of India were selected to participate in Google I/O conference. Mishra was lucky to be noticed by Larry Page himself while Mishra was discussing on a latest Google oriented project amid representative students of other nations.  Page's personal wealth is estimated to be US$32.3 billion, ranking him number 19 on the Forbes list of billionaires.

Jubilant Avinash shares: “I can never forget those moments when I was conversing with Mr Larry Page standing very next to me.   It is worth mentioning that apart me, only some of the counted ones could meet and talk to the God of technology, Larry Page. I belong to a very humble family. When I joined LPU from one of the remotest parts of India-Muzaffarpur (Bihar), I had never imagined that one day I will get such an opportunity.  Prior to my selection for San Francisco conference I had competed for different tech competitions at the university level. Getting opportunity from my university, I am now very happy on learning latest applications of Google on being at the conference. I too want to be a great scientist one day and have pledged to bring glory to my country, university and of course to my parents.”

Avinash also informed that he recently participated at Google Community Asia Summit which was held in Colombo (Sri Lanka).  At the Summit, Jalandhar GD group has been adjudged among top three GDGs of India.  Illustrative, 500+ Google Developer Group (GDG) Chapters are running in 100 Countries. Avinash is representing GDG Jalandhar constituted at LPU, which covers whole of northern region. Presently, he is working for Google Glass, Android wear, and is also ready to launch Start Up. He has also endeavoured to kick-start first Google Developers Group Women (GDGW) of North India at LPU.