‘India Book of Records’ registered LPU Student

•    Acknowledgement for organizing 12 social awareness events in a single day
•    Events include awareness for helping poor, eyes donation, road safety, self-defense, blood donation, plantation and more
•    Pursuing MBA  International Business Program at LPU
•    Studying under Scholarship scheme of the university
We usually keep on hearing prolific charity tales about kings, queens, rich and other influential persons those keep on helping the society. Would you not be amazed when you learn that an utterly poverty stricken student himself is resolute enough to help the needy and the poor? Yes, you will when you hear about the unlimited humane endeavours of Ganesh Saki, who is an MBA International Business Program student at Lovely Professional University student. India Book of Records has acknowledged his social feel when he organized 12 social awareness events in a single day in his home town-Maadanapalle, Chittor (Andhra Pradesh). Studying under university scholarship scheme-LPU TFA, Ganesh is also good at studies with good grades in his hitherto semesters. Ganesh got his name registered in India Book of Records for his social awakening project. Twelve events of Ganesh’s project aimed at addressing 12 different areas of social life thus making thousands of people awakened and socially responsible. These events included awareness for eyes donation, road safety, blood donation, plantation, self-defense for girls, clothes distribution to orphans, note-books giving out to poor school children, sports, how to help needy ones, dance show, traditional dance-Kolatam, and a play against drugs/drinking. Congratulating the socially awakened Ganesh, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “I feel proud and happy on seeing the remarkable achievements of the students like Ganesh. Our aim is to make students not only professional global citizens but also to bring forth people who can contribute to the society.”

The only earning member in Ganesh’s family is his mother- a poor flowers selling woman who has also to look after her handicapped husband. Ganesh’s mother has big dreams to see her son on to a high position after completing his higher education at LPU. Single man army- Ganesh shares: “The objective of my doings is to make people confident that a single person can initiate a chain of revolution. I could never think of helping others but my bringing up has brought me more close to the stark realities of life. I always used to be devoid of small things and my wants made me cry within hundreds of time. So, I formed a group of helping hands and started organizing small events to distribute note-books, pencils, slates, toffees to poor children of my area.”
 Ganesh further added: “I wanted good education and commanding communication, so I preferred MBA International Business program at LPU. I am thankful to LPU that accommodated me under university scholarship scheme. On my being an NSS volunteer at LPU, I have been greatly inspired to always be a helping hand. Here at LPU I learnt how to come on fore-fronts to help others massively, I tried it recently in my own home town.”
 Illustrative, India book of records is a collection of national records in the field which mostly is not included in an organized sport. If one makes a landmark achievement then the best way to get more encouragement and success is to be acknowledged by “India Book of Records”.
 India Book of Records maintains record for all the amazing facts and feats. From silver screen to appalling stunts, business to books, the best, the most, the longest, the shortest, the highest, the lowest….the most extraordinary.


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