LPU School of Architecture and Design in association with IIA organising International Conference

  • Speakers from Iran, Algeria, Mauritius, and Turkey are participating in the conference.
  • NICHE -2014 is being organized from October 31 to Nov 2, 2014.
Lovely Professional University in collaboration with The Indian Institute of Architects is organising the first International Conference in the state of Punjab titled “Neo-International Conference on Habitable Environments” NICHE-2014 from 31st Oct. to 2nd Nov, 2014 dealing with Architecture, Planning and Design. The Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) is the national body of Architects in the country. The conference will draw upon National and International professionals, academicians, developers, contractors, builders, environmentalists, students and policy makers from all related fields. The keynote speakers for the conference will be Ar. Krishnarao Jaisim from Jaisim-Fountain Head, Bengaluru, Ar. Anil Laul CEO & Principal Architect from Anangpur Building Centre, Faridabad, Ar. Namita Singh from Satnam Namita & Associates, Dr. Mustafa VAR from Karadeniz Technical University Turkey, Dr Hassib Rehailia from Badji Mokhtar University, Algeria, Dr. Khosro Afzali from Azad University, Iran and Y. Baguant-Moonshiram from Mauritius.

Head of School and Chief Architect LPU, Ar. Atul Singla, said that the Lovely School of Architecture and Design emphasizes wholesome design education with its variety of programmes, fulfilling the growing industry demand and fostering a productive, sustainable, and creative built environment. Earth is our niche and the conference theme endeavours to deal with both external (planning & architecture) and internal (interior and design) aspects affecting our planet through exchange of ideas and interaction at various levels.

This event is poised to attract wide range of cross disciplinary professionals dealing with built environment. The term NICHE embraces the expert’s entire approach to their respective line of work- their profession. NICHE 2014 comprises of series of events with a strong global inclination devoted to pioneering technologies and expertise from conservation to green initiatives, from urbanism to design, from habitat challenges to research. The principle aim of this conference is to examine and observe how we can shift towards welfare and equity within the development of a habitable environment for all. To achieve this aim, the conference will concentrate on all those primary themes that correlate closely to the focal notion of ‘a habitable environment’.


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