LPU Scientists developed Herbal-Formula for treatment of Diabetes

•    This oral intake will benefit those who cannot afford regular& costly Insulin injections
•    Treatment from formulation will bring remarkable change in present day anti-diabetic treatment

A group of scientists from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Lovely Professional University have developed herbal formula for treatment of diabetes. This formula, in the form of polypeptide-k, is to work like insulin but will be taken orally instead of being injected. For the last five years there has been a regular search for this herbal preparation for easy and cheap treatment of Diabetes.  In near future, patients suffering from diabetes mellitus (both Type I and Type II) will get an alternative for insulin prepared with the efforts of LPU Scientists. Now the formulation is ready for its safety and efficacy evaluation. On successful outcomes, the treatment is anticipated to bring a revolutionary change in the present day anti-diabetic course of therapy.
Work on this formula was initiated at LPU in the year 2009 by Sr. Dean Dr Monica Gulati and her teammates. The anti-diabetic ‘Polypeptide k’ is present in the seeds of easily available Momordica charantia (Karela-Bitter Gourd). Working on this project, LPU team has been successful to convert the above said peptide in an oral dosage form, and is ready to take research to the bedside of the diabetic-patients in place of insulin.
The main objective of research is to give an extra advantage to the poor population who cannot afford insulin or, other regular anti-hyperglycemic treatment. In this context, Department of Science and Technology (Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi) has sanctioned Rs 2.5 million to LPU team members under SERB (Science & Research Board) Fast Track Research Scheme. The sanction is to develop a novel oral nano-architecture of Polypeptide-k to be used for treatment of diabetes.
Congratulating LPU scientists for their successful research work against fast spreading diabetes, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “I am very happy to see the illustrious success in preparation of herbal formula for the treatment of diabetes.  It is a stark reality that India houses many million diabetic patients, and the forecast is that there will be about 100 million diabetics by 2030. But with timely intervention and care, the disease can be kept under check. At this juncture the formula developed by LPU team is going to serve as a great ray of hope to curb this disease. The most obvious reason for diabetes is easy going lifestyle which leads to long-term expenditure. Poor people are seen spending much of their income on such a cure. This herbal formula will also control this factor as it will be replacement of costly insulin treatment.”


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