Three Day Neo-International Conference of Habitable Environments (‘NICHE-2014’) concluded at LPU

  • “Residential houses can be solution to present day architectural issues”: Prof Khosro Afzali from University of Iran 
  • “False ceilings are the breeding spaces for germs, and should be avoided”: Prof Ar Krishnarao Jaisim  
  • International speakers from Iran, Algeria, Mauritius, Turkey and other countries presented thoughtful discussions on architecture & design  
  • First of its kind in the Punjab state, the conference dealt with different valuable aspects of architecture, planning & design

Prof Khosro Afzali and Prof Kaveh Afzali from Islamic Azad University Iran forwarded solution to all the present day architectural problems of the world. Occasion was the conclusion of 3-Day Neo-International Conference of Habitable Environments (‘NICHE-2014’) at Lovely Professional University. Both of the Iranian professors presented that as residential houses are conceptualized covering all facilities so should be other architectural designs and planning in the world. A home is always based on concepts including security, environment, technology, culture, identity, fixation, approach, tranquility and more.  So are to be other architectural units with proper sense of belongingness and intimacy for perfect usage.

Guest of Honour of the conclusive day, Prof. Ar. Krishnarao Jaisim presented his iconoclastic views. Focusing on conceptual clarity and sustainable architecture, former chairman of IIA Karnataka Chapter, said: “In modern architecture, false ceilings are the breeding space for germs, and should be altogether avoided. Space is not only a tangible place to live in but also accelerates thought process and develops emotions.” Creator of innumerable architectural set-ups, Ar. Rao is also winner of President’s nomination for Small Industries Pavilion. 

First of its kind in the Punjab state, the conference was organized in collaboration with Indian Institute of Architects (IIA)- a national body of architects in India. International speakers & audience from Iran, Algeria, Mauritius, Turkey and other countries attended the conference. The aim of the conference was to deal with both external (planning & architecture) and internal (interior and design) architectural aspects. It was thoroughly fulfilled under six technical sessions comprising near 70 thoughtful presentations from eminent international and national speakers. During closing ceremony, Head of the School of Architecture & Design Ar Atul Singla thanked all for successful outcome of the conference. It is being anticipated that conference will bring attractive and coherent development in the country.

Illustrative, six technical sessions were titled as:  ‘Urbanism as a Way of Life’; ‘Sustainable and Green Houses’; ‘Conservation’; ‘Architecture, Planning and Design’; Futuristic and Innovative initiatives’; and, ‘Challenges in Architectural Education and Professional Practice’. Elite international and national presenters included Ms Elif Berna Var from Istanbul Technical University Turkey;  Ms Y Baguant-Moonshiram from University of Mauritius; Dr Hassib Rehailia from Badji Mokhtar University of Algeria;  Ar Tara Sharma Singla; Dr. Mamatha P Raj; Prof Abhiram; Ar Arshia K. Hazarika and many others.


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